AKB48-Chance no Junban PV preview

With less than a month until the release date of AKB48’s 19th single, Chance no Junban, morning news shows are starting to preview the PV.

The PV is significantly toned down compared to the weirdness of Beginner, and the heavy fanserice of Heavy Rotation and Ponytail to Shuuhu. The PV is also a lot simpler than I was expecting. A majority of the PV is focusing on the dance scenes, mixed with close-ups. Which is a completely boring formula. The PV also features the Janken competition, and shows Uchida Mayumi’s nerves beforehand. So, it looks like the PV will focus on Mayumi’s road to becoming the center girl of this single/PV. I can’t say it’s a theme I am extremely excited over, but I’m sure Mayumi was thrilled about it. To only be a Theater Girl and then thrown into the center is quite a feat. But I have to say the scenes with her riding the horse are completely random and stupid. But at least it’s a real horse. Not the fake stuffed horses from S/mileage’s Asu wa Date na no ni, Imasugu Koe ga Kikitai.

AKB48-Chance no Junban preview

With less than a month until the release date a radio preview for AKB48’s 19th single, Chance no Junban is out.

I usually have a love hate relationship with AKB48 singles. Or I should say it takes me a while to like a majority of AKB48’s singles. Their are hardly any songs I like instantly. But after a couple of weeks I’m usually in love with the song. Like Beginner for example. I hated the song when I first heard it because it was too heavy and not cutesy enough. But now I am in love with the song. Mostly because I read a translation of the lyrics and they are great. Or Oogoe Diamond as another example. I heard Oogoe Diamond for the first time and was annoyed by the music. It took me a couple of months before I actually started to love the song. And know it’s one of my favorite singles.

I’m sure you’re wondering what all of that has to do with Chance to Junban. But I’m getting to that! XD
I wanted to merely show by basis of how I judge AKB48 songs, and how critical I am of their songs even if they are great. Mostly because I am instantly in love with Chance no Junban. That’s right instantly in love. I love how the song is all sparkly, upbeat, and adorable. This is pretty much how I like all my idols to sounds. Of course their are some exceptions like the lyrics and if the different sound is a good thing. I am actually pleasantly by how good the song is. In all honestly, I didn’t expect to like this song. I don’t even know why, I just didn’t. And now I am actually looking forward to the PV. Let’s hope it’s better than Beginner, and less fanservicy as Heavy Rotation.

On another note, personally, I am extremely sad that me beloved Mayu isn’t part of the A-side. However, I am excited that girls I have never heard of will be featured in this single’s A-side. (Since, I only care about the A-side. I’m not a big enough AKB48 fan, yet, to care about Under Girls and Theater Girls. So, sue me!) It will help a lot for me to remember their names, and have them burned into my memory once and for all. Since I only know a handful of girls featured in Chance no Junban. (If you at all care here are the girls I know of: Kojima Haruna, Nakagawa Haruka, Maeda Ami, Takajo Aik, Kuramochi Asuka, Kasai Tomomi, and Maeda Atsuko. Which is less than half. XD)

Sorry about the long post. Here’s what you came for, the preview.

Daigo: Maeda Atsuko’s biggest fanboy

I remember back in the day Daigo Stardust used to just be that one lucky guy that Miyavi kissed. Since then he’s changed to be Daigo the super sexy lead singer of BREAKERZ. And also an AKB48 fanboy. Here’s a clip of him singing Aitakatta by AKB48.

It seems Daigo has outdone himself this time. During their performance at the Halloween Party 2010 Daigo and his BREAKERZ band mates dressed up as AKB48.
But according to them they were BRZ48. Which I think is incredibly hilarious and awesome. Ever since I saw that clip of him singing Aitakatta I always wondered who his favorite member was.

By the looks of his costume, I’m guessing he’s a huge Maeda Atsuko fan.

Which is lame, there are tons of way prettier AKB48 members, Mayu for instance.

AKB48-Beginner PV preview

A 30 second commercial for AKB48’s 18th single beginner was just released. Giving us a nice preview of the PV. But this isn’t really the first preview for the PV we’re getting. About a week or more ago extremely low quality PV previews were floating around the net. But I decided to wait until more high quality previews to come out before making this post.

After watching the commercial I gotta say I am less then impressed. Which makes me sad for 2 reasons. 1. After reading the translated lyrics to the song I just started to really like the song. 2. After losing the jankan tournament this is the last AKB48 PV that Mayu will be in. Of course until the next senbatsu election or jankan election. And of course she’ll be in the Under Girls PV, but I never pay attention to them. Which is a bad habit I should eventually get out of.

I’m not into the overall plugged in video game/futuristic/matrix theme going on. Mixed with the random killing shots. The PV reminds me of Michael and Janet Jacksons’ Scream video, and Koda Kumi and Misonos’ It’s All Love PV. I also really hate the amount of latex they are wearing.
I don’t know as of yet, I’m really not feeling the overall PV. But as always I’ll have a more in dept review of the PV once it’s released.


AKB48’s Beginner preview

AKB48’s 18th single, Beginner, will be released on October 27th. With a little over a month until the release date we of course now have a preview of the song. But the quality is less than prefect. I’m not exactly sure where the rip came from, but it’s obviously not a radio rip.

After listening to the preview I am extremely surprised, and not in a good way. Compared to the singles AKB48 usually releases the music and song sounds completely bland. There’s not really anything about it that draws you in. To me it sounds like a song that Kitade Nana would release. And it is the tiniest bit reminiscent of Arashi’s Monster. It seems like AKB48 was trying to do a rock type song. But it turned out to be too dark and too serious. They should have mixed rock and cute, like Buono and Moon Kana do. Personally I would have liked the song better if they did. And I was completely thrown off by the random screams in the middle. AKB48 seems so out of place trying to do something more serious and aggressive. But I’m sure this single will still sell like 600,000 copies just because they are AKB48. But in all honesty if Morning Musume was doing a single like this I could see Morning Musume fans, and AKB48 fans that hate Morning Musume, complaining about it.

AKB48 dating sim game: creepy or the greatest thing ever?

AKB48 announced that they will be releasing their first ever video game. But this is not just any old video game. It’s not even anything like Morning Musume’s first video game Space Venus. No, instead AKB48 continues to cater to their wota, and turns the fanservice meter to 11. And that’s because AKB48 will be releasing their very own dating sim game. It will be called AKB 1/48 Idol to Ai Shitara or in English AKB 1/48 If I Were to Love an Idol… “ultimate dating fantasy game.”
I’m pretty sure this is the first time a dating sim game has ever used real people as opposed to animated ones. And because of that and AKB48’s overall popularity, this is probably going to be the biggest dating sim game in Japan ever. I think this also means Sal9000 might end up having an affair.

I gotta say this is probably one of the coolest most unique piece of merchandise an idol group has ever released. I mean, I’m not into girls, have zero interest in dating sim games, and even I want it! And why is that so then? To answer it simply, I want it for what it is. This game comes in 4 versions: normal version, time limited edition, first press limited edition, and premier special pack.

The premier special pack included the following: the game, the UMD, a 2 disc 240 minute making-of DVD, 10 pictures, set of kiss mark stickers (48), selectable jackets for the game’s case (48 variations), a special box, a special PSP-3000 unit, and a set of 48 kiss mark battery covers.

I want this game simply for collection purposes. And I’m obviously not the only one. The things you get in the premier special pack are amazing. They are so cool that I kind of hate that I don’t have $300 to spend on this. And I would proudly walk around using a PSP with Mayu’s name and lips on the battery cover.

Now, on the completely opposite spectrum of this news a lot of people seem to be reacting negatively to this. No doubt 95% of them aren’t actual AKB48 fans. There’s a lot of talk that this game is creepy, and is basically promoting stalking. Which isn’t really true at all. Idol fans in general are aggressive and overly obsessed with their idols. They’re called wota, and are perfectly harmless. They were overly into AKB48 long before this game and will be overly into AKB48 long after the game. Even if people do stalk AKB48 after the game gets released it will have nothing to do with the game. Because their are always crazy fans out there. I mean some random chick killed herself because she loved Paula Abdul. Some random guy tried to kill Ronald Regan to impress Jodie Foster!
As for the creepy aspect I don’t find it that creepy. It’s no more creepy than a regular dating sim game. And besides that AKB48 already has videos of the confessing their love to fans, so why don’t put it in a dating sim gam and make even more money?

By the way, I actually have no idea where this video, the happy birthday one, etc are even from or even for. So if anyone could clear this up that would be great. XD

AKB48 is lingerie heavy

Just when I thought AKB48 wasn’t wota friendly enough, with their bikini themed PVs, they go and make something like Heavy Rotation. Even though they are scantily clad and fulfilling every man’s fantasy of pillow fighting in lingerie. I can’t seem to hate the PV or even find anything remotely wrong with it. They take even the most wota themed PV and make it absolutely adorable and not overly sexy at all. Just like Baby! Baby! Baby was still cute under all the bikniness of it. It’s mind boggling how AKB48 can keep that balance. They can roll around in lingerie and not look slutty at all! And I also don’t feel awkward watching it either. Unless someone saw me watching it of course. Then it would be pretty hard to explain that AKB48 looks cute and hot in this PV, but I’m not attracted to them at all. XD

So yeah onto the review. Because you’re only reading this post to get to the AKB48 screencap spam.

A Yuko peephole, I feel dirty already. ;]

I kinda wish Yuko didn’t get voted as the number 1 girl, I don’t really think she’s the prettiest AKB48 member. They should just make Mayu number 1 already. 😀

I absolutely love the outfits. Marching band on top, insanly colorful skirt on the bottom.
Pillow fight!
But it reminds me of this. Even thought they never pillow fight in S.O.W.
Dog pile on Tomomi and Yuko. At least I think. XD It was way too quick to be 100% sure which girls it was. But I think it’s Kasai Tomomi and Oshima Yuko under Mariko.
WTF is Achan doing? It’s so random. Someone should make a gif of her rubbing her rabbit. That sounds a little bit like a euphemism. XD
During this scene I am literally trying to figure out which girl has prettiest lingerie set, and which one I wish I owned. XD
I love the heart dance move.
Adorable screencap. And the 3 best lingerie sets. XD
I spot a Mayu!
But Yuko does look gorgeous in her close up shots.
But it reminds me of this. And also a peroformance of Shanimuni Paradise. But I’m too lazy to get a picture of that.
Wow, Achan looks super amazing.
Mayu! My god she looks breathtaking!
The head bopping makes them look like creepy dolls. XD
I always thought Yuki was ugly because of her obvious potato nose. But she actually looks pretty cute here.
Apparently they’re supposed to be laying on an oversized bed. But to me it looked like they’ve been laying on the floor.
I really wish Jurina would stay out of AKB48 PVs. SKE48 have their own Pvs!
Lolz. What a lame dance move.
My first reaction to this was, dude if they’re asleep they’ll be easier to rape. O_O
Walk like an Egyptian.
Ummm what? I’m trying to make sense of this, but I can’t.

So cute! But Mayu could sneeze and it would be cute.


I like this scene more than the lingerie scene.

I don’t think Achan can get anymore gorgeous.

Wow Yuko looks amazing.

Feed me!

Stole Mayu’s cooklie!

Kiss! I’m not really impressed with it though. XD

Ok this is hot.

Here’s the video. If you want to see it without downloading it, I suggest you do it fast. Youtube is taking down this video right and left already. :/

Road to becoming an AKB48 fangirl part 2.5: SONGS

Ok, so I’m not even close to knowing all of AKB48’s songs, let alone SKE48 and SDN48s’ songs. Well actually they seem to all share songs for Stages. I’m not even sure what that’s about. XD
I still have pretty much just heard the singles. But in my defense AKB48 has a lot of songs. Besides I have to learn to crawl in the AKB48 fandom before I can run. So why am I witting about learning AKB48 songs now, when I haven’t actually learned them all yet? Well, there’s two reason for that. Reason one: It would probably take me a couple months to learn every single song from AKB48. Considering I still have to follow my JE and H!P fandom. Stop neglecting my Perfume and Scandal fandom. (Which I’ve been doing. I haven’t even heard Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku Story yet! :/) And I still have to learn about Idolling!!!, Momoiro Clover, YuiKaori, and Canary Club. Not to mention every other fandom I have. (Jrock,Kpop,American fandoms) Plus my real life outside of idol music. XD Reason 2: I wanted to make a quick update on this so people didn’t think I was abandoning everything AKB48 related. Because as of right now my blog is still heavily H!P and JE related. Though I’m trying to fix that. But it’s going to take some time.

Recently I did watch Team A’s first stage. And I gotta say I loved what I heard. The songs are pretty much standard happy idol music, which is expected. Party ga hajimaru yo, Dear My Teacher, and Sakura no hanabiratachi are my favorites so far though. Even though the lyrics too Dear My Teacher are a little much, it’s so catchy I can’t help but like it! XD
I am pretty excited to watch Team B’s first stage. Of course mostly because of Mayu. But also because I’m excited to hear more songs from AKB48.

So yeah that’s pretty much my short update on all AKB48/SKE48/SDN48 related things. The next time I update about AKB48 it will be when I actually learn all their songs. XD

Idol World Cup 2010~!

CDevil‘s Idol World Cup 2010 has officially begun. So I thought it would be the perfect time to announce my team. If you’re not sure what the Idol World Cup is you can read more about it at his blog here.

So here’s my team 5nin Idol Revolution! (picture made by

Team anthem: Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsuzuku you na Mirai de Are

Captain: Watanabe Mayu
Striker:Kojima Haruna
Goalkeeper: Mitsui Aika

4th player: Tsugunaga Momoko
5thplayer: LinLin

The countries were also announced and my teams are the Ivory Coast and Serbia. Which is great and all, but I have no idea if my teams suck or not. The only thing I actually know about soccer is the following: Brazil is really great at soccer, England goes nuts over it, and the United States could care less about it.

I probably don’t have a chance in hell to actually win this, but at least it makes the World Cup more interesting than it normally is. I entered far to late too actually get a good country, but somehow I still managed to get Watanabe Mayu as my captain! And that’s pretty much all that matters to me.

So wish mw luck everyone. Or I should say wish the Ivory Coast and Serbia good luck. And I guess all I can say now is srećno and bonne chance!

Road to becoming an AKB48 fangirl part 2: Putting a face to the name

I have finally finished what I thought I could never do. Yes, I have finally memorized all the members of SKK48, SKE48, and SDN48. And it surprisingly only took me 2 days. If you broke into hours it took me, probably, only 4-5 hours. Which is a lot quicker then I thought it would take. I thought I’d be there for days.

My method for remembering everyone’s name was pretty simple. First I broke it down to groups, AKB48, then SKE48, and then SDN48. And because AKB48 is so large I broke it down to teams. I then listed each girl with a picture and then her name. I then went down the list and repeated every girls names. I then went over and over the list until I could remember each girl’s name from memory. It’s a pretty long and drawn out process, but it works. I used the same technique back in the day to remember Morning Musume’s names.

I actually feel really accomplished to finally learn all their names. Well all of them minus Research Students. I don’t really feel the need to learn trainees names. I don’t really care about a member until they debut. Much like I don’t pay attention to Hello!Project Eggs or Johnny’s Juniors.

Also when I went through the list I marked down the girls I was interested in. Basically the girls I thought were cute or pretty. Here are my favorite girls so far, if anyone cares. Nakagawa Haruka, Iwasa Misaki, Kuramochi Asuka, Nonaka Misato, Umeda Ayaka, Miyazawa Sae, Masuda Yuka, Ishida Haruka, Watanabe Mayu(of course!), Miyazaki Miho, Kashiwagi Yuki, Hirajima Natsumi, Sato Natsuyaki, Mukaida Munatsu, Kito Momona, Imade Mai, Hanada Ayane, Uchiyama Mikoto, Sato Yukari, Umeda Haruka, Kohara Haruka, and Okochi Misa.

Yeah I know that’s a lot of girls. XD But the one girl that was my absolute favorite and struck out the most for me was Kuramochi Asuka. She was incredibly adorable and gorgeous. She might actually rival Mayu for the top spot. But who knows. I’m still know to the fandom. I might find someone with an amazing personality that trumps everyone else.
And also, I was really surprised by how many ugly girls are in AKB48. And I’m sorry to all the AKB48 fans out there, but its true. A majority of them aren’t exactly easy on the eyes. But that’s expected with a agency so large. H!P and JE hardly has an ugly members because they don’t have that many debut artists. Again Eggs and Juniors don’t count. Or for that matter I don’t even pay attention to older JE artists like SMAP and V6. XD

So this officially makes me 1/4 of the way into the AKB48 fandom. Now all I have to do is learn the music, learn the history of AKB48, and watch AKBINGO/learn about the girls. I’m extremely excited, especially since the hardest part, learning their names, is out of the way. Though because I’m a loser I’ll probably repeat the girls names over for about a week or so to make sure I don’t forget them.

By the way, to any AKB48 fans reading this, are the new team line ups the official team line ups from now on? I mean are they going to be this permanently or are they going back to the original team line up a few months down the road? And feel free to laugh away at my noobish question.

AKB48 according to me

I’m a horrible liar. I mentioned a few posts back how I was enthusiastic about getting into the AKB48. But I haven’t searched anything AKB48 related since then. Mostly because I’ve been to lazy to. I’ve been spending most of my time watching Alex Jones’s movies and various other conspiracy theory movies. XD But at least that gives me time to makes this post, AKB48 according to me.

And what does that mean exactly? It’s simple. Whenever I get into a new fandom and can’t remember or can’t be bothered to learn their names I come up with my own names for them, so I can remember who is who. I usually do this with Kpop since I can’t pronounce Korean at all. This is the first time I’ve ever had to do it with a Japanese group. Stupid AKB48 with their unnecessarily large amount of girls. These are the nicknames I have for some of the girls so far. Keep in mind these aren’t exactly the nicest names to remember them by. But this is how I see the girls as of yet.

Watanabe Mayu becomes

the adorable one

Maeda Atsuko becomes

the chick that’s always up front

Takahashi Minami becomes

deep voice

Kojima Haruna becomes

weird ears

Minegishi Minami becomes

pumpkin face

Matsui Jurina becomes

the one the always looks sad and/or confused in PVs

Shinoda Mariko becomes

the girl that always looks stuck up

Ono Erena becomes

the one who looks like she’s 8

Oshima Yuko becomes

the one who looks like she’s 30

Akimoto Sayaka becomes

the one that looks like a man

Sato Amina becomes

the one that looks like a Chihuahua

By the way it took me like 45 minutes to find out all these girls names. ._.

Idols win big at the Japan Gold Disc Awards

The 24th Japan Gold Disc Awards were held in Japan on the 24th. And a good chunk of the awards were given to idols.

KAT-TUN’s Rescue single won for the totally Johnny’s dominated category of 5 Best Singles. Even though this was KAT-TUN’s only win for the night, it’s still pretty exciting. I love Rescue but I had no idea it was popular enough to win for best single. Shows what I know.

AKB48 also won a special award. I’m not exactly sure what the special award pertains to, or even if AKB48 deserved it. But they won it regardless.

And the most undeserving award goes to Mano Erina. She won for 5 best new artists at this years award. This is exciting news for ManoEri to be really popular and being recognized in Japan. But I gotta say I don’t think she deserves this at all. Some of her songs are catchy and are growing on me, so I get the hype. But Erina isn’t exactly the best singer in the world. In fact she can barely sing at all. It’s cool that an H!P artist is getting this award, but it would be cooler if it was an H!P artist who deserved it. I know this awards are based on sales and she only won because she sells well. I don’t know, it just doesn’t sit right with me.

But the overall winners of these awards was Arashi. The won an astonishing 10 awards! Best new artist, Album of the year: All the best! 1999-2009, Single of the year: Believe/Kumorinochi, Kaisei, 5 Best Albums : All the Best! 1999-2009, 5 Best Singles: Ashita no Kioku/Crazy Moon ~Kimi wa Muteki~, 5 Best Singles: Everything, 5 Best Singles: Believe/Kumorinochi, Kaisei, 5 Best Singles: My Girl, Best DVD: Arashi Around Asia 2008 in Tokyo, Best DVD: 5×10 All the Best! CLlips 1999-2009.
It is absolutely incredible that Arashi won 4/5 of the years best singles. Japan’s love for Arashi never ceases to amaze me. Believe and Crazy Moon were really great songs, totally deserving of being part of the best singles.

Road to becoming an AKB48 fangirl

Even though I have said a couple of times before in previous posts on my blog that AKB48 fails to compare to Hello!Project, I finally give up. I have finally succumbed to the awesomeness that is AKB48. And I gotta say, I’m actually kind of excited. I’m filled with all these fresh in the fandom feelings. Where everything is shiny and new. Though it’s not all 100% new to me. As a H!P fan intrigued by AKB48 I dabbled in them a little. I know a few odd girl’s names and I’ve heard most of the singles. But that’s really about it.

Since I am relatively new to everything AKB48 related, I wonder which is the best way to go about learning about AKB48. When I first started to listen to Morning Musume I learned all their names first and then worried about the music after that. But when I first started listening to NEWS I made music my first priority. And shockingly I didn’t know all the NEWS members names until 3 or 4 months after discovering them. So I’m pretty torn. AKB48’s sheer size alone will make getting into the fandom a challenge. I’m going to have a super hard time remembering group line ups and names. Morning Musume generation 1-8 have only had 24 members. And in the beginning I thought I’d never remember them all. Let alone tell them apart. The only plus is AKB48 is fairly new, so learning all the songs will be easy.

I’m sure I’m unaware of a lot of things that seem to be common knowledge to most AKB48 fans. Like what’s the difference between AKB48 and SKE48? What is the format for AKBINGO? What does Team A 1st Stage even mean? I’m sure there are a lot more question that I just can’t think of now.

I’m most likely going to make this a series on my blog. To show how my AKB48 fandom is going. And so I can look back and remember all my AKB48 noobness on a later day. Just like how it was when I first listened to H!P and JE, there were a lot of things I was way off about. And even stupier things I used to actually believe. Such as Aibon and Nono were twins. Not to mention it took like a year before I knew why Uchi and Kusano left NEWS.
So everyone in blog land wish me luck. I won’t be satsified until I know as much about ABK48 that I do about H!P. This could take a while. XD

Wota Wonderings 4- Just how shallow are you?

Welcome to Wota Wonderings! We are a group of english-speaking Japanese music bloggers brought together once a month to answer questions posed by johpan. We strive to be creative and entertaining, and we may even shed a bit of new light on interesting musical and cultural topics. Any questions about how we work should be directed to johpan. Don’t forget to check out the other posts from this month at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

The topic this time around is:

Hoping we’re not all shallow wotas, imagine your favourite idol (or musical personality) switched bodies with someone you don’t find “visually pleasing”, would it affect your love for that idol in any way/shape/form?

So this question is a little hard to answer, mostly because I don’t want to come off as being shallow. When in real life looks don’t matter to me at all. But, I’m not going to lie to seem like a better person. The honest truth is looks matter, and probably a lot. I guess because that kind of thinking is so common among lots of wotas out there, I don’t really feel that bad for thinking that way. In the world of idols you learn that looks and personality trump vocal ability. When I first got into idols, there was a time when I wouldn’t bother learning an idol’s name if they weren’t pretty or hot enough. But since than I realized that’s really stupid.

Kusumi Koharu:

I think Koharu is the only idol out there I legitimately like for personality and vocals. Most people say she can’t sing, but I really love her voice. I really love Koha’s energetic and over the top personality. It’s what drew me to her in the first place. And the fact that she’s too cute for words is just a bonus.


NEWS has been my favorite JE group, since I got into JE almost a year ago. They became my favorite mostly because of their cute and catchy Jpop songs. But they remained my favorite and closest followed JE group because I find all 6 of the members attractive on some level. I can honestly say I do know a lot about NEWS. But I also probably wouldn’t know as much as I do if they were ugly. Sorry, it’s the truth.

Nishikido Ryo:

But my favorite NEWS member and favorite JE member is Ryo-chan. I first started to like Ryo because he looked really hot in a suit in the Weeeek PV. I mostly like Ryo because he’s hot. Hot face and hot body. His face might wrinkle and look ugly when he smiles but that’s ok. Even though Ryo has a husky and unique voice I still think he is #5 vocally within NEWS. He’s not that bad of a singer, it’s just that the rest of NEWS outshines him. Except Shige. XD But I do really like Ryo’s sinister, I’m better than everyone else personality. Cause it’s hot. X_X


I first heard about AK48 a few years back. I was really interested in hearing their songs because they were similar to H!P’s songs. Before I actually listened to their songs I decided to see what they looked like first. After I saw a picture of them I remember thinking that they were really ugly. So instead of listening to them anyway, I decided not to based on their looks. But recently I started to listen to a few of their songs and realized they’re actually not that bad. I’m still not a full blown AKB48 fan though, because honestly I’d rather listen to the prettier girls of H!P. I would.

Hey! Say! JUMP:

HSJ is a pretty decent idol group. They have a few good songs like Mayonaka no Shadow Boy, Brave Story, etc. And yet as much as I want to become a HSJ fan, something is always stopping me. Even though I hate to admit it’s looks that are stopping me. Hey! Say! JUMP is currently the largest JE group out there, with 10 members. And yet out of the 10 I only think Yuto, Yamada, and Yabu are attractive. Inoo is mediocre looking. And Chinen might be hot in like 2 or 3 years. ._.

So yeah I guess looks are really important to me. And I guess that makes me shallow. I don’t really know what else to say. I guess with celebrities I feel I can judge them all I want. That’s essentially what everyone does anyway. When they say this singer is hotter than that singer.