SDN48-Sarang wo Kudasai

The PV for SDN48’s 2nd single Ai Juseyo was just released.

When the PV preview for this song was released, I voiced my dislike of both the song and PV. But after watching the PV the song has grown on me, the PV not so much. I understand that SDN48’s whole them and appeal is that they are an adult idol group. And even though this PV is sexy, it’s not sexy in the right way. It seems like SDN48 is trying to hard to be sexy in this PV. What made the GAGAGA PV sexy and alluring was that they only had one sexy outfit and basically 1 sexy scene. Which was sort of a tease for the fans. Which in turn made the PV effortlessly sexy. In this PV they are going out of their way too be overly sexualized, and have as much sexy scenes as possible. Which is too much. It makes the PV be in bad taste and almost too much.
Am I the only one who sees that this is supposed to emulate some wota’s rape fantasy. I don’t really approve of that. XD
Of course Japanese men wouldn’t find it as appealing if there wasn’t a least one panty shot.
The English is almost perfect. If they just rid of the second you and the word enough, it would be perfect. I wonder if it’s just in English because they know of all the foreign fans they have?
It’s totally for the foreign fans. I spot Ai Juseyo written in Japanese, Korean, English, German, French, and i think Russian.
The dance is way too simple.
What’s with the horns all of a sudden?
All these “alluring” dance moves are pretty lame.
Of course they have to have nude scenes. Granted AKB48 did these same scenes in Heavy Rotation.
I actually really like the dresses. They are sexy without being obviously sexy.
Wow, these scenes are so unnecessary.

NYC hatch their dreams

After JE has successfully teased us with this song, having it performed live 4 times and given us 2 previews of the PV, the full PV for NYC’s Yume Tamago was released yesterday. With only 4 days until the release date I might add. Which is cutting it extremely close. Also, the PV and caps are pretty low quality, but I did not want to wait to make this post in hopes that a few days from now someone will upload a high quality version to youtube.

The PV pretty much is pretty much what we’ve already seen in the Zoom In preview. There’s only 1 extra scene that we’ve haven’t seen. The very childish dollhouse in the beginning. But the dollhouse and the various outfits fit with the lyrics of the song. Following your dreams and being whatever you want to become. So, the whole aspect of them as dolls as their dreaming of what to become makes perfect sense. A childish interpretation of the lyrics, for a childish song. But I actually don’t mind that the song and PV is for children. They are both absolutely adorable. And even though I did like Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe more because it was the most mature sounding NYC single, this single is my second favorite. And of course my favorite part of the PV is when the dress up as different occupations. Because it’s just down right adorable.

The dollhouse actually makes me feel oddly nostalgic. XD

Ryosuke is so adorable.

I love Chinen’s outfit. And the thing behind him totally looks like the pringles guy!

I though this background was supposed to represent childrens’ drawings. But that castle was outside the window of the dollhouse, so idk. XD

Look at Chinen’s girl hair. Lol.

It’s cute that they are little teapots teacups.

Right here the CG looks terrible. :/

Is Ryosuke ever not adorable?

The answer is obviously no.

How cute.

The dream cloud, it must time to dress up. XD

Cunductor of the philharmonic ochestra, good luck with that one maestro. XD

Somehow, this just fits Chinen.

It’s annoying how NYC has to make everything about New York City in their PVs. I mean, that is obviously supposed to be the New York Yankee’s pin stripes. Yuma’s name is even written in red, white, and blue. :/


Chinen actually looks pretty cute as a pilot.

Ok, the egg is bursting with dreams. But I don’t undersatnd, why an egg? Is an egg supposed to represent a heart or something? In  Buono’s song the Egg was supposed to be in your heart, that marked you as good or bad, or something. And in Shugo Chara Egg’s song the egg in your heart was supposed to define you. But that never made sense to me either. Maybe it’s just like a saying in Japanese? I honestly have no idea though.

I don’t understand why Ryosuke always makes this intense face when he is singing or lip synching. XD

I have not yet been unimpressed with Not Yet

Even though the PV preview for Not Yet’s debut single was just released a few days ago, the PV is already out. Which is obnoxiously fast. I’ve actually been waiting for a decent quality version of the PV to be uploaded anywhere. Which it hasn’t. So, I’m left with less than perfect quality. Sorry in advance for the quality of the caps.

The PV is extremely simple. I mean this PV is exactly like the PVs H!P makes. But I hear many AKB48 fans complaining. I know that I don’t mind in the very least. You can have a low budget and still make an awesome PV. I think this PV did just that. This PV is so adorable and in such high spirits that I just love it! I just love every minute of it. The PV is vivid, super energetic, and completely engaging. Yes, it is the typical H!P close-up and dance shot format. Actually there are hardly any close-up shots. But I could honestly care less. The dance is amazing, I don’t mind watching it for nearly 5 minutes. I don’t even mind that the PV reminds me of a lot of other idol PVs.

The set is cute, but it reminds me of a lot of other idol sets.

The colorful blocks remind me of Buono’s Our Song PV. Keep in mind I said reminds. Because the backgrounds aren’t that similar. It’s just the first thing that popped in my head. Well actually an LM.C PV popped in my head first. But this is an idol blog, not a Jrock blog. XD

It also has the puffy material from Morning Musume’s Onna to Otoko Lullaby Game PV.

And more recently C-ute’s Kiss Me Aishiteru PV. XD

These outfits are a little weird, but at the same time incredibly adorable.

Of course the cheerleader dancers remind me of another PV too. XD

And that PV is Buono’s Bravo Bravo.

I can’t get over how energetic the dance is.

Yuko is really pretty.

I really need to follow AKB48 better. Since Yui was recently added I didn’t even know she was a member of AKB48. XD

I’m sorry but this whole body wave move is so 1980’s.

I never really noticed Rino before, but she’s a realy stand out. She’s gorgeous.

I really love this dance.

But sometimes it reminds me too much of Hey! Say! JUMP’s Time dance.


All eyes on me, in the center of the ring.

Super cute.

What’s with the Tokkaiko Junjou chest popping?

I really need to stop pointing out similarities. O_O

I think I’m in love. *O*

no3b are less than works of art

The PV for no3b’s 6th single Answer was just released.

I have to say I am pretty disappointed by the PV. Besides a scene or two, the PV is exactly the same as what we saw the preview. I was hoping when the full PV was released there would be more of a story line then we saw in the preview. But sadly that’s not the case. And because of that the PV is absolutely boring with hardly anything happening. There’s pretty much only 4 different scenes to the entire PV. White outfits and spinning, black outfits and spinning, dance scenes, and picture frame scenes. I feel so uninspired by it. :/

When I first saw this this mean the PV was going to have a cool storyline of them stuck in the frames or something. 

Unnecessary intense mouth close up.
So maybe they are trapped afterall?
Simple dance is simple.
That hair doesn’t really suit Minami.
Haruna is super cute.
I’m sorry but I can’t be the only one who thinks Minami looks like a pumpkin.
Haruna looks gorgeous with that hair.

Berryz Koubou-Lady Gaga ni Narou ka?

The PV for Berryz Koubou’s upcoming single, Heroine ni Narou ka, has just been uploaded to their official youtube channel.

This PV is actually really awesome. It’s a lot more visually creative then your average Berryz PV. Despite this PV being basically the H!P standard dance shot and close up formula, but they’ve still managed to make this PV really interesting to watch. Maybe it’s the Lady Gaga wigs or maybe it’s the facts that there’s a least an effort made to have some sort of storyline. Nah, it’s probably the Lady Gaga wigs. XD But I bet Ai-chan is probably really upset though. She’d probably kill to rip off Lady Gaga’s style in a PV. I actually don’t really mind them getting inspiration from Lady Gaga. American and Korean artists have been copying her style for a while now. But I don’t know, for that reason the PV comes off as being artsy, high quality, and cutting edge. The only complaint I really has is, I wish they focused less on the Lady Gaga outfits and more on the regular ones. The regular ones are really amazing and all the girls look super incredible in them. Especially Chinami and Yurina.

I was actually really impressed by this. It’s an awesome effect.


Despite it being similar to effects Perfume uses.

I doubt the Lady Gagaish style was done by accident.

I mean a lighting bolt on the face, where have I seen that before?

Oh yeah that’s right, Lady Gaga started that.

Lady Gaga never actually wore this makeup, but it does remind me of Poker Face. And by the way look how fierce Miaybi looks. *O*

Wow, Chinami’s makeup is incredible.

Risako’s makeup is way too big and too close to her eye, that it just comes off as awkward.

I really like the dance for this song. There are a lot of intense and exciting moves.


Awesome effect!

Ok, this move sucks. XD

Look at Risako looking all sultry and hot. I just wish the video quality was better. :/

I love this part of the dance. It reminds me of Kimagure Princess.

Momoko’s the only member who looks adorable in her makeup instead of high fashion. XD

Woah, look at Saki bringing it.

And now everyone is sad for some reason.

Even acting sad Chinami looks gorgeous.

This dance moves always impresses me. I think Berryz has done this before, but I can’t remember. I know NEWS has. XD

Arashi become Lotus-Eaters

The PV for Arashi’s upcoming new single, Lotus, has just been released. In it what seems like a millennia to wait. Johnny’s loves to cut it close and make fans wait an unnecessarily long amount of time for the release of their PVs. Well it’s actually not that close to the release date. Since a lot of JE PVs are released with like 3 weeks until the release date. But when you take into consideration the first time you heard this song through a PV preview was over a month ago. That’s way too long to wait.

I didn’t really plan on reviewing this PV, because I don’t really have anything exciting or interesting to say about it. But I just realized, despite Arashi releasing 6 singles in 2010 I’ve only done like 2 Arashi reviews. 2/7 isn’t really a good statistic in my book. And not even that I’m thinking of doing a review of every idol PV that comes out from now on. Because if I’m not impressed with the song and/or PV I usually don’t review it, and that gives me a huge gap in between PV reviews. A couple of years back when this was just an H!P blog I used to review every single PV that came out whether I liked it or not, because I knew people would be interested in that. Lately I’ve been a little lazy when it comes to blogging. I haven’t been posting CMs, live performances, and still haven’t fixed up the appearance of my blog yet. Well, this has gone way off track. But I just wanted to let readers know what I intend to do from now on, now that I’m on the subject. XD

But anyway, back to the topic at hand: Arashi. The PV is nearly identical to the PV preview we saw nearly a month ago. Just like I feared would happened this PV has become nothing more than a giant dance shot. But Arashi only really has interesting PVs every once in a blue moon. That’s why I called them Lotus-eaters. Because apparently if you eat from the Lotus tree it causes drowsiness. And since they are drowsy, their PV sucks. Get it? Whatever, I just didn’t want my joke to be wasted because it’s a pretty obscure reference. XD
There are a couple of scenes that drift away from the dance scenes. Which makes it only 80% dance shot. But they aren’t really doing anything interesting in those scenes either. It’s just basically them standing in front of, what I’m going to assume is a lotus tree, and just standing in front of a wall. And despite this pretty average PV this single will probably sell a million copies. But the song is good, so I don’t mind too much.

If this was practically the only scene in the PV anyone was going to see, I don’t think I’d make the backdrop a giant half made wooden eagle. XD

Take a good look because this is basically the whole PV. Nice to see Aiba in the center of the dance though. But by the next single he’ll be on the side.

Oh my god, the whole PV is a dance shot and the dance isn’t even very good. O_O

Zombie move! But I’m sure the dance will eventually get better.

Or not. Lol.

I might be used to MatsuJun’s hair, but I still don’t like it.

For some reason I really like this random box dance move.

I literally cracked up during Nino’s ah~ line. It just sounded so girly and unexpected. How did I miss that during the radio rip?

Nino’s overall adorableness makes this PV a lot more watchable.

Arashi keeps doing all these overly girly female idol dance moves.

Nino is love.

Aiba looks less ugly in this PV for some reason.

Is this a lotus tree? They don’t look like the lotus flowers I’m familiar with.

Having a double of yourself in a PV, where have I seen this before?

Maybe it was a NEWS PV.

Or it could have been a Berryz Koubou PV.

Nino’s intense face is pretty hot.

See, Aiba almost looks attractive.

Obvious Nino bias is obvious.

Lol antler dance move.

I suggest you watch the PV before it gets taken down. :/

MomoClo are Bowling for the future

The PV for Momoiro Clover’s upcoming single, and last single with Akari, Mirai Bowl was just released. This PV is another short version, because the PV on the limited version is a whopping 9 minutes and 45 seconds.

The PV is pretty much what Momoiro Clover usually releases. It’s completely upbeat and adorable. The PV is cute but it seems to be all over the place at times. But the PV seems to be following a rivalry between Akari, Reni, and Ayaka over Kanako. And of course because it is called Mirai Bowl, they have a bowling match. But the PV also reminds me a lot of Morning Musume’s Mr. Moonlight PV. The whole dressing up as a guy and falling in love with one of the members aspect.

I absolutely love these outfits!

The dance is insanely simple. But they are so cute I can’t help but like it. Momoka, Kanako, and Ayaka catch my attention the most!

This is cute and all, but it’s way too similiar to Morning Musume’s Mr. Moonlight PV. Akari is Yossie and Kanako is Makoto.

Look how similiar Mako’s scenes are. The both have a flower covered swing!

Shiori looks cute dressed like this. She kinda looks like a hobo though. XD

Momoka looks super adorable.

But woah, she looks like little Orpahn Annie here. XD

I hate Ayaka’s hair like this.

I’m not sure I’m following this PV so well. Shiori and Momoka are dressed like homeless people or painters. But at the same time Kanako and Akari are in love.

They are all wearing outfits that don’t mix together.

Ok I’m even more confused then before. But I just realzied that Akari looks a lot like Cry-baby Walker!


Nice creepers. XD

The bowling dance move is really cute.

But I can’t get how stupid this one is.

Oh ok, they hate Akari because they want Kanako. It makes sense now.

What luck that her bowling hand wasn’t broken. XD

WTF is a Danny Team? A Danny Zuko team? Lol.

Isn’t two against one a little unfair? XD


Somehow I think Akari is going to win. But I don’t know what’s telling me that. XD

Teogmass leaves their love on a Blue Bench

The PV for Tegomass’s upcoming new single, Aoi Bench, was just released. Now the PV says short version but it’s only about 30 less length than the original song. So I’m going to do the preview of the short version. I’m going to guess that the long version is either being released on the DVD or if an official long version is released a few days later it will most likely just be an extension of the story line. And I most likely won’t do a separate review of that. Mostly because there might be dialogue and I can’t speak Japanese. But if something super incredible happens I might add to my review in another post.

Now I was very impressed with this song, even though it’s a cover song. I think the song is absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking. I just love bitter sweet songs about lost love. Now I wasn’t really expecting a whole lot from the PV because the original was so simple. But I figured since this was JE we’d be getting something a little more impressive. It is too an extent, but it’s still pretty simple. The PV is basically Tegoshi and Massu walking around taking pictures of their hometown and old high school. Which works for the simplicity of the song, but does help make the PV memorable. The PV is a little too boring for me to usually make a PV about. But I love the song so much, I had too.
 A sad and somber view of a city. If this is how the whole PV is, I’ll probably get teary. Also I’m not sure where this is filmed because it doesn’t look like Tokyo to me.
Ok, this is already too bright and happy for a sad song.
 I don’t get the reason they keep taking pictures. I guess to have memories of their hometown? Still, I got a wicked flashback of Mirai from Dareka ga Watashi ni Kiss wo Shita. Lol.
 If only Massu did anything for me. I could make a thousand caps of how sexy or cute he looks.
 Wow, for once Tegoshi actually looks manly in a Tegomass PV or pretty much in general. But I have to admit, I do have soft spot for Tegoshi with dark hair.
 See with dark hair Tegoshi manages to look adorable without looking so girly.
 Wow, these are some cutting edge close ups. :/
 I wish I could read what this says. But I think it’s pretty universal. It probably says some random girl’s name or like Tegoshi and Mariko forever. It might even say his name. XD
 He looks so adorable because he looks sad.
 This is way too hot an outfit for Tegoshi to wear. I’d rather see it on Ryo-chan or Yuto.
 So they’re making a hometown collage or something? It makes me imediately think of Berryz Koubou’s picture that sends friends at the end of their Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda PV.
 I’m not feeling Tegoshi’s yellow pants or Massu’s American flag shirt. XD
 This picture is supposed to make it obvious what they are doing on the wall. But I’m still not getting it.
 Oh man it’s the Aoi Bench!
 If waving goodbye on the blue bench was so painful, why is he smiling at a picture of it? It makes no sense!
 So, it’s a mosaic of the park and the bench. But that just personifies that this bench was a happy place or memory! Which it wasn’t! XD

Watarirouka Hashiritai7 fills your sweet tooth

The PV for Watarirouka Hashiritai 7’s new single, Valentine Kiss, was just released. This si the first, and most likely only, PV with 7 members instead of 5.

After being utterly impressed with the radio rip, I’ve been really excited to see the PV. And I am happy to say that it hasn’t disappointed. The PV is really simple, but because it’s Watarirouka Hashiritai it’s really adorable. The PV itself is just the girls working in a factory making Valentine chocolates. Of course with the standard dance and close-ups. But because the song is about love there are some adorable close-ups of each member. It makes for one of the cutest idol PVs in a while.
What I am sad about is Misaki is supposed to be an amazing singer. So I watched the PV to see when she sang and she got one lines and a few on babys. So I’ll have to wait to hear her voice. XD

I’m not really sure why they need a conductor or operator.


Or cogs for that matter.

It looks so weird for them to dance in front of the cogs. Also I hate the fabric of their outfits. It’s actual costume fabric! :/

And it suddenly makes sense. They’re making chocolate hearts, of course. XD

Mayu is super adorable.

The dance is pretty simple and a little weird looking at points.

At least you know it’s made with love. That’s just a horrible pun. XD

I love the pink background. XD

I hate how they shove Mika and Misaki together because they were recently added.

Aika looks adorable with this hair.


I’m not sure why people always flip out when idols eat. A lot of fans must have food fetishes. Lol.

Cute. But I still think Natsumi is weird looking. XD

Ayaka is really pretty. But her contacts give her this almost creepy look.


Lame dance move.


I don’t like the whole working at the factory aspect.

They focus too much on the chocolate as well. :/

Gosh, I love Mayu.

I never noticed but Misaki is really pretty. However, I can’t say the same for Mika. XD

Ok, this part is actually really cute.

I love their decorated chocolates. Haruka’s is the prettiest though.

This is like the perfect ending.

If only French Kiss could find love

AKB48 sub-group French Kiss released the PV for their 2nd single, If, a couple of days ago. I’m a little less than a week late to make this post. But there’s nothing that says I absolutely have to make the review the day the PV comes out. XD

I’ve been really impressed with this song since I first heard it. So, I’ve been super excited to see the PV. Mostly because I love school themed PVs. I think they always come out cuter. The PV is apparently based off a drama that’s included in some versions of the single. But I didn’t bother watching the drama. Obviously since I can’t speak Japanese there’d but no point. But because of that the PV doesn’t make 100% sence. I am it’s simple enough for you to know the main storyline. Yuki’s guy treats her bad, Asuka is too afraid to confess, and Aki has unrequited love. But the PV also throws other random clips throughout the PV that you realize you’re not getting the whole story/big picture.

  Yuki is super pretty.

  I am in love with these outfits. They remind me of C-ute’s Aitai Lonely Christmas outfits.

  All for one and one for all! I don’t know, I just thought this was really cute.

  Look how Aki looks.

  I’m sorry, but I’d kill for those boots. But not Aki’s, they’re hideous. XD

  Asuka looks gorgeous.

  Seriously? In the preview he looked kinda cute. He’s maybe a 3. :/

  But the guy sitting next to Asuka is completely cute! D:

  But she likes him? Seriously, the casting director is blind!

  It is just me or, does anyone else notice that sometimes Asuka looks very cat like. She’s still super pretty though.

  Woah, I just got a wicked flashback of Morning Musume’s Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago PV.

  Apparently he was just making weird before because he’s totally a 6. *O*


  Yeah, don’t leave mildly attractive love interest. XD

  It totally looked like they were randomly going to make out here. Lolz.

  That’s funny, I’ve never once feed food to a female friend. XD Cute scene though.

  Asuka’s about to make some Morning Coffee. Come on it’s the same outfit from the PV! Yes, I realize that, that’s a common outfit to wear. But whatever. By the way, for some reason Asuka looks 100 times prettier with glasses.

  Lolz. Yea, that always cheers me up too. XD

  Aww they all got to confess their feelings.

(PV) French Kiss – If (1280×720 H.264)

Yamapi bares his naked soul

The PV for Yamapi’s 4th solo single, Hadakanbo, was just released.

And I gotta say for a song called naked figure I was expecting a slightly hotter PV. Instead the PV follows the style of the song, which I guess makes it a better PV. I do really like the old 1930s jazz club/cabaret setting it has. It makes the PV actually really classy. Which is something new for Yamapi. He seems to be really showing variety lately. But the PV also has a clubbing storyline to keep it youthful. But I absolutley hate that the whole magic sunglasses part is a rip off of Mike Posner’s Cooler Than Me music video. How unoriginal. :/

Horrible outfit choice.

  Why do the lights say KDVEN?

  I was actually kinda mesmerized by this. Mostly because of how bright the lights are and they way his outfit glitters. XD

  How in the world does he manage to look so charming in such a ridiculous outfit?

  Fist pumping? He was around Jin too long. XD

  Yamapi must think he’s cooler than me.

  Well, actually cooler than Mike Posner because he uses almost the same effect.

  I actually think Yamapi looks gross in sunglasses.


  This fast picture changing part made my head hurt a little.

  Look at that, it says naked not KDVEN. Lol.

  Lol at the geisha dancers.

  Hot. The black glove makes me think of Byou from ScReW.

Yamapi looks so hot in that outfit.

Wow. So sexy.

Magic sunglasses really? So now it’s just a full on Mike Posner rip off.

Yamapi’s magic naked sunglasses.

VS Mike Posner’s underwear sunglasses.

I love this part. But it reminds me of NEWS’s Live Diamond concert.

Awesome! But I wish it wasn’t in the shadows. XD

I hate how everyone looks Lady Gaga like. :/

Cool effect!

ManoEri’s Seishun no Lullaby

I try to follow H!P as closely as possible. But there is one artist I always neglect, and the is Mano Erina. Most of the time it’s done unintentionally, because of my love hate relationship with ManoEri. But with her new single Seishun no Serenade, I kept putting off posting about it until here we are now. The PV has just been released and I have literally never heard the song before.

And even not even because her outfit looks like a more wholesome version of a race queen outfit, or I dislike the song. I actually do like the song. It’s not my favorite, but it is catchy. And it’s not even because I lack the interest in witting about her. I do a little, but I write about her anyway. But her video is so boring, uninteresting, and uneventful I have no idea what to write about it. I just reviews S/mileage’s boring Short Cut PV, but I did so for 2 reasons. 1. I love S/mileage and could always find things to say about them and 2. There was actually something to mention of why I disliked it. Like the random moon dance and hideous haircuts. But with Seishun no Serenade there’s basically 3 scenes repeated over and over.
Scene 1: dancing

And yet still the entire dance scene all I kept thinking was, “Oh, cool she got new backup dancers.”
Scene 2: Close up shot

Every PV has one.
Scene 3: Random walking

In which she just walks around. But check out the Love Machine poster behind her!
Scene 4: Close up shot part deux

Apparently everyone has 2. XD
Scene 5: The only exciting part

This is seriously the only cool part of her whole PV. It’s cute, it’s fun, and it looks awesome. Too bad it only lasts for 20 seconds.
And there you have it, that’s the whole PV. It seems like you watched the whole thing, right? I just saved you 4:40 minutes.
Now, I’m not making this post to diss ManoEri at all because it’s not her fault. And I’m not saying H!P releases such great PVs either. Because this is pretty much their wash, rinse, repeat PV formula. I just made this post out of frustration. I hate boring, simple, cheap, uneventful PVs. A PV is what you remember the song by, and if the PV sucks it takes the song down a notch. I also made this post to show why I don’t do a review of every single PV that gets released. A PV has to have a certain spark to make a review. Whether it’s a good or bad spark, doesn’t matter.

S/mileage gets the short end of the stick

Sorry to all my readers for being MIA from blogging recently. It’s only been 4 days but I know that’s ages in blog years. But I always think it’s ironic, when I really feel like blogging it’s a slow news day and nothing happens. But when I’m not in the mood to blog a million things happen. The universe just obviously loves to kick me when I’m down. So, basically I haven’t been in the mood to blog because lately my personal life has pretty much been in shambles. The whole situation can be explained as boy trouble. But have no fear, I’ve been listening to female idol music that has been capturing the very girly emotions I’m feeling. I swear they make a song about every emotion a girl could possibly feel.

But enough about my boring personal life, and more about S/mileage. Over a week ago S/mileage released the full PV for their 4th single, Short Cut, on their official youtube channel. Since I have proclaimed my love for this song as soon as the preview was out, I was super excited to finally see the PV.

The PV is a extremely boring. Since the song is so upbeat and catchy I was expecting something a lot cuter and more playful. But when the song is called Short Cut I guess you should just expect a salon themed PV. But the PV is basically just dance shots and close ups. There is actually hardly any hair cutting going on. I think they should have made a PV that showed girl’s with Short Cuts were cuter, more playful, and more appealing then girls with long hair. Maybe that wouldn’t have made sense with the song. But does dancing on the moon actually have anything to do with the lyrics? I’m just really dissapointed because S/mileage’s PVs are always the cutest and some of the best in H!P. Even when they have a low budget they’re great. They just really dropped the ball on this one.
What I also think is really funny is after Yuuka and Ayaka were sporting short haircuts all the fans said it was because their new single was called Short Cut. I remember thinking how stupid that was and they wouldn’t change their hair for one single. But look how has egg on their face now. XD

  I actually got sad when I saw this, because it became obvious what the PV was going to be like.

  One of the last times me see Yuuka’s gorgeous locks. I’m sorry but I don’t like her with short hair. Just like I don’t like it on my beloved Kanon.

  She looks like a little boy now. :/

  Super adorable outfits though.

  Aww, how cute.

  Reminds me of the times before they debuted.

  Oh, nostalgia.

  Wow, Saki looks super gorgeous.

  Ayaka does too. Too bad those dresses are hideous.

  I don’th think anyone really realized how serious these scenes are. They literally only have one chance to film these parts.

  Why exactly are they dancing on the moon?

  What is this, The Manpower? Yes, I realized they are dancing on the Earth here and not the moon. But it’s basically the same thing.

  I don’t even mind that the dance is simple. I think it’s refreshing and fits the song perfectly.

  I’m going to assume this says, “Never cut my hair again!”

  And this undoubtingly says, “My short hair looks the best!”

  This probably says, “I only came along because I was promised free food!”

  And this most likely says, “Hey, let’s all go dance on the moon!”

  I heard this is the real footage from the moon landing.

  I just can’t stop focusing on Saki.

  I’m pretty sure you can’t play volleyball with moon rocks.

"Thanks" ~Where ever HSJ is in the world~

The PV for Hey! Say! JUMP’s new single, “Arigatou” ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~, has been out for 2 or 3 days now. But it was in super low quality, and I completely refused to watch or review it until a high quality one was available. You can’t imagine how hard it has been to not watch the PV.

But I can rejoice because a high quality version is finally available. But I’m surprised. Have HSJ fans not met KAT-TUN fans? According to them you’re not supposed to post the video anywhere until the release date. I guess HSJ fans didn’t get the memo about this unofficial rule. 😛
And I know I said before how I was really impressed by the song. But it’s actually growing on me. Mostly because of the 8 or 9 different performances of this song I watched. However, this song will never be my favorite. Right now it’s only my 3rd or 4th favorite JUMP single.

The PV is a little weird. It honestly looks like the whole theme for the PV is for it to be the sequel to Ultra Music Power. A majority of the PV is CG, which isn’t really a problem for me. The problem is that it goes from really expensive and impressive looking CG shots, to ones that look like some HSJ fan put it together on their computer. There are also these really scense where they are just sitting around that are hilarious because of how serious they look and how serious they are supposed to be taken.

  Oh dramatic entrance only showing their legs.

  Most fans hate them, but I LOVE their outfits.

  However, I HATE these ones.

  Woah, I just got a flashback of the Now and Forever PV.

  The Now and Forever PV.


  Ryosuke looks so hot.

  Words cannot describe how sexy Ryosuke looks here.

  Oh my god, look how ridiculous Chinen’s hair is!

  In my spare time I moonlight as HSJ’s background graphics maker. I mean seriously, this looks terribly cheap.

  I guess it is kinda cool to have all the foreign thank yous hover around.

  Oh my beloved Yuto, how I wish you’d cut those long ulgy strands of hair.

  Have I mentioned lately how sexy Yabu looks with dark hair?

  I am not feeling Keito’s hair.

  Ryosuke is just so hot!

  Now this is some impressive CGI.

  Strike a pose! This just looks way too girly.

  Aww Yuto.

  Why so serious?

  Keito looks a little shocked and Inoo looks bored.

  Yabu is love.

  This reminds me of their Tengoku concert pamphlet.
Here’s the PV. It’s not in high quality, but I thought most readers would care more about the facts that it’s subbed and less about the quality.

KAT-TUN Changed MY World

The PV for KAT-TUN’s new single, Change UR World, was just released. Oh, I’m sorry it wasn’t just released. The PV was actually released a couple of days ago, but for some reason KAT-TUN fans would not let the PV be uploaded in HQ. Hell, they didn’t even want it posted in LQ. I couldn’t even download the PV! Every video that was posted on youtube had pages of Japanese, and international, KAT-TUN fans crying over the video being posted. Saying things like the “Please delete the video, it’s being released on November 17th wait until then,” or “If you share this stuff Johnny won’t release it early in the future.”

I would just like to know, what in the world is wrong with KAT-TUN fans? Why are they so anti uploading. When Arashi’s and NEWS’s new PVs were released they were upload in HD quality the date the videos aired in Japan. So, are they horrible fans? Are they breaking some sort of unofficial Johnny’s rule? Absolutely not. And I did I hear once any fan saying to take down a video or delete a link, until the single was released? Of, course not! So, why are KAT-TUN fans doing this? Don’t they realize that the only people that are getting jipped are the foreign fans? PVs air in Japan days before the release date. And all the Japanese KAT-TUN fan can simply turn on their TVs and watch the new PV when it airs. I don’t see them covering their eyes and ears until the release date. And why’s that? Because it would be absolutely stupid to do so. That would defeat the entire purpose of a PV. They are PVs, promotional videos! What promotion are they getting if you’re not allowed to watch them until the release date?
Anyway, that’s about enough angry fangirl ranting. Time to talk about the actual PV.

I actually think the PV is pretty cool, there’s a lot going on. There are 3 different dance scenes, close-ups, breaking through the wall, and whatever is up with that random kid watching them throughout the PV. Even though I do think the PV is pretty cool, I was expecting something a little more. It’s a little reminiscent of No More Pain and Rescue. Just because the entire PV is very dark. Sometime it’s so dark, it’s annoying though.

I don’t get what random kid, or his magical box have to do with KAT-TUN.

Magic explosion?

Apparently it was Pandora’s Box because he was magically transported to where KAT-TUN is.

However, Kame is much better looking than Pinhead.


God, Kame looks good.

WTF is up with Taguchi’s hair?

I love Koki. Even if he’s making stupid face here.

Kame breaking through anything is hilarious. He’s too much of a pretty boy.

Um…liquid embryo?

They’re the kings of the world! XD

I know it’s all CG, but that’s beautiful.

I’m sorry but Taguchi looks stupid. He was probably going for old school 1950’s hair, but it’s juts bad.

Koki looks great.

KAT-TUN envy.

I always knew Maru was Bruce Wayne.


No, just no.

I know he most likely said you can test (trust?) your world, but to me it sounded like you can dust your world.


So why exactly is Koki chained up? Not that I mind. XD




SUPER GIRLS are miracles that don’t stop

SUPER GIRLS released their debut PV, Miracle ga Tommanai, through their USTREAM account. Since this song isn’t a single, and is coming straight off their debut album Chouzetsu Shoujou, I wonder if this means some other songs will get PVs too? I would love for that to happen, but honestly I doubt it will.

A lot of people were expecting another completely unique idol group. Since Avex usually makes out of the ordinary idol groups like Hinoi Team and AAA. But honestly I am really excited to another SweetS type idol group from Avex.
The song and PV are pretty much carbon copies of every other idol group that’s out there. Which is completely expected. It’s hard to make an idol group now a days, that’s actually original. The PV is pretty simple, almost boring. But since it’s their first PV you have to cut them some slack.

I absolutely love the outfits.

  This chick looks like a mix between Ariyasu Momoka and Watanabe Mayu. And I hate the super low quality. XD

  Well, she’s cute.

  Wow, this girl is the prettiest.

  Look, it’s Tsuji Nozomi mixed with Tanaka Reina.

  Super pretty.


Oh man, she has a cute voice to match.

  She totally looks like Hayami Akari mixed with Akimoto Sayaka.

  Group hug!

  The random hearts reminds me of Ice Creamusume’s debut PV, but I’m too lazy to go make a cap. XD

  Haato! She has Arihara Kanan ears, except more intense.

  I really need to stop making caps of this girl. But she’s just so pretty.

Oh man, it’s just like Perfume’s Baby Cruising Love. Too lazy to make a cap of that too. XD



  The cutest girls in one line.

All I want for Christmas is C-ute

The PV for C-ute’s 14th single, Aitai Lonely Christmas, has just been released. Well, not just. But this is certainty the first time I’m watching it.

Some people could argue that this PV is boring. And I can understand why they would think that. I mean it basically is H!P’s go to formula. Except since it’s a slow song there’s not even a dance this time. But honestly, I absolutely love the PV. I love that it’s simple and elegant, without being overly simple. I also love the PV because it’s exactly how I expected it to be. So I pretty much couldn’t have asked for a better PV. It’s Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru meets Shiroi Tokyo. (Which I think I might have mentioned 3 times now. XD)

  How cheap, that’s obviously a dollhouse.

  Airi is the only one who actually looks lonely.

  This angle is really awesome.

  Chisa looks super pretty.

  And so does  Mai.

  This PV is so much like

Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru.

  These closeups reminds me of

  Shiroi Tokyo.


  Hmm this looks familiar somehow.

Of course it does!

I love these scenes.

  There are so many angles/scenes in this PV, it’s no where near being boring.

  Airi looks adorable in that hat.

  I’m such an idiot, I didn’t even realzie they were sitting in a sleigh the whole time.

  I wish I knew what this said. Because this, あいたい, is aitai.

Has Momoiro Clover gone too far?

It seems controversy has struck the girls of Momoiro Clover. Since the release of the PV for their C-side Kimi to Sekai off their new single Pinky Jones, a lot of fans wonder if the PV itself is too sexy.

Let’s start off by showing the root of the controversy, the PV.

The PV shows the girls wearing sexy, skin tight biker outfits sitting on top of motorcycles.

However, one of the main problems most of the fans and non fans seem to have is with how heavy their makeup is.

Saying the girls are too young to wear such thick makeup. Personally to me the makeup seems to fulfill some wota’s Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby fantasy.

And of course the absolute main problem people have with the PV is the ice cream.

Of course people are outraged because the girl’s are too young and the PV consists of them doing nothing but eating ice cream.

That and the ridiculous amount of sexual innuendos.

It obviously means she’s just a messy eater.

Clearly this is only to show she’s eating a drumstick.

So the obvious question is then: has Momoiro Clover done something wrong, and have they gone too far? And my answer to that is absloutely not. Now I know what you’re all thinking. And I’m sure many people reading this are scratching their heads and have come to screeching halt. But hear me out.
Do I think this PV is too sexual? Yes, for my taste of course. Should they set this PV on fire and never dare to do this kind of thing again? No, no, and a hundred times no.
Whenever I see contoversy among fans like this, it feels like I’m the only person who knows they are watching a female idol group and not a Church choir.

But I should probably start from the very begining. I first started to listen to Momoiro Clover because a big fuss was being made about them. But after listening I fell in love with them. They were sugary sweet and had a unique kimono theme going on. Since fans have gotten so used to that from MomoClo of course it’s quite a shock when you’re thrown a curve ball like the Kimi to Sekai PV. But like all the contoversy about sexy idol PVs the people who seem to have the problem are the foreign fans. I have yet to hear Japanese fans, once complain that a PV is too sexy or has too much fan service. And you know what? They never will! Heck, AKB48 had more of a contoversy with the Beginner PV because it had too much gore. Yet, absolutely nothing was said about the Heavy Rotation PV. Only the foreign fans complained. I guess most of it stems from some foreign fans not fully understanding that’s what female, and sometimes male, idols do. And probably always will do. And stuff like this is what wota expect. They would probably get bored of a group if they weren’t thrown some sort of fanservice every now and then.

As always the main factor is age. Momoiro Clovers’ age range is from 14-17. However, in idol years that’s pretty much the age to do these kinds of things. Not to mention a lot of idols were doing fanservice when they were younger then MomoClo are.

Here are some examples:

Let’s look at Massara Blue Jeans famous Love me Love me Love me dance parts.

When this single was released C-ute was 10-15. Don’t you think 10 year old Mai Mai was a little young to do such a suggestive dance move?

What about AKB48’s Baby! Baby! Baby! PV?

When this single was released AKB48 was 14-21. Don’t you think Mayuyu at 14 was too young to be running around in a bikini?

What about Sugaya Risako’s 1st photobook Risako?

Sugaya Risako released her first photobook at just 12 years old. Isn’t it a little too sexy for a 12 year old?

The list could go on and on with photobooks alone. Fans need to take all of this into consideration, and remember that this is what female idols do. Do I condone all of it, not always no. As a straight girl I hardly let fanservice phase me. And everyone out there needs to realize if they have a problem with fanservice it’s probably because it’s not meant for them. Yes, I know actual fans, or even wota, may complain about fanservice. I heard one AKB48 fan complain that Heavy Rotation was too much fanservice at once. Which is hilarious, because on the other side I’m sure fans complain when there isn’t enough.
I guess my main point in all of this is that people shouldn’t be so outraged over fanservice. It’s basically like going wine tasting and then flipping out that they are serving cheese with it. It goes hand and hand, and to complain about it is ridiculous. As for them being too young, you should realize that Japanese men are obssesed with youth. Hence why idols start out so young and stop when they are “too old” at about 24. It’s why lolita fashion exists. And why older Japanese women try to act as cute and youthful as possible. So, if you have a problem with it go to Japan and change the society there. Or until then I suggest you get some other interests, maybe you should try male idols. Their fanservice is less frequent and less intense. (Which is ridiculous if you ask me. I’d chop my own leg off to see Yamapi and Ryo-chan kiss. ;]) Fanservice will exist for as long as their are wota willing to pay for it.

Also, until female idols fanservice gets anywhere near Jrock’s you can’t really complain.

And finally here’s the PV for Kimi to Sekai in case you want to watch it.

Morning Musume no Lovely Game

The PV for Morning Musume’s 44th single, Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game, has finally been released in high quality! It’s been floating around the internet for nearly a week in low quality. But I refused to even watch the PV, let alone do a review of it, until it was in high quality. Do you know how extremely difficult that was?

I am just super impressed with this single. To me it hardly has any flaws. The A-side is amazing, the B-side Aisaresugiru Koto wa nai no yo is so strong it could have been an A-side, and the PV is amazing. This single is the best single Morning Musume has released in a while. I could definitely see this song making it to number one on the Oricon charts. However, that will be the hardest feat ever. Apparently, November 17th must be official idol day because there is 4 different idol groups releasing their single on that day. Morning Musume, SKE48, KAT-TUN, and AAA. It’s pretty obvious Morning Musume isn’t going to top the charts.

That aside, I still think the PV is great. The only real fault of the PV are the horrendous dancing outfits they wear, but I just pretend they don’t exist. The girls look absolutely gorgeous in the princess dresses. And I am completely thrilled to see Morning Musume to finally release a PV that is more than just dance scenes and close ups. But all of this is of course bitter sweet. It’s still incredibly difficult to know that this is Eri, JunJun, and LinLins’ last single/PV.

I hate how simple this dance floor is. Call me crazy, but do you know what irks me the most about these dresses? Everyone is wearing their group color, except Ai-chan and LinLin. It just throws everything off!

Worst dance move ever!

Ok, this dance is just filled with horrible moves.

OMFG! It’s the Safety Dance!

The Safety Dance!

Ai-chan is so beautiful! The falling petal scenes are my favorite.

I was blown away by Reina. She’s hardly my favorite member, but she looks the absolute best.

Ai is so pretty, I could probably make an entire post just about her.

And you can act real rude and totally removed. And I can act like an imbecile. XD

 This PV is the only time I actually love Risa’ short hair.
 My god Reina looks incredible!
 Of course Ai-chan does too.
 This hair does nothing for my beloved Mittsi.
 Sayumi looking as adorable as ever.
 This is the best LinLin has ever looked.
 Risa’s dress is hideous!
 WTF kind of dance move is this?
 Or this for that manner.
 Gosh, everyone just looks gorgeous in this PV.
 LinLin, just wow.

Aika has the worst dress.

It looks like they are walking through inflated trash bags, but at least it’s a different scene/background.


LinLin is so cute.


Eri looks amazing. But I really hate her dress. XD

Limitless Arashi

With just for days until the release date of Arashi’s new single, Hatenai Sora, the PV is finally released. And honestly it’s about time. I think this is the longest we’ve had to wait for a Johnny’s PV. But don’t quote me on that, I don’t really keep a close track on when JE PVs come out.

I’ve already expressed in previous posts how much I absolutely love this song, and I do. I’m not so sure the same can be said about the PV. I mean I like it, it’s definitely better than Dear Snow. It’s a lot more dynamic and has a lot more different scenes. But there’s not really much going on in the PV. They are still just standing there and then just mixed with close ups. I mean where’s the amazing Arashi dance like in the Crazy Moon ~Kimi wa Muteki~ PV? Or the over the top crazyness and gay of the Kitto Daijoubu PV? I mean you don’t need an overly upbeat song, or even dnce, to have an interesting PV. Look at Troublemaker, One Love, Beautiful Days, Sakura Sake. Ok, Sakura Sake was upbeat but the PV was simple and still cool. Like I said before this basically just comes down to Arashi being spread too thin this year.
But I decided to review the PV because I haven’t done a review in ages. Because of that I’m thinking of going back and doing Berryz’s Shining Power PV and maybe even Lilpri’s.

Everyone look sad and longing at the camera now.

Aiba’s is the best.

Ohno’s is the worst. His face is unchanged.

For some reason the backdroop reminds me of

the Believe PV.

However, this scene reminds me of

the Tayiou no Namida PV

Oh look, it’s Dear Snow again!

MatsuJun does look pretty cute though.

I gotta admit, the transparent scenes are pretty cool.

I don’t get what the whole dramatic standing up from a chair bit is all about.

God, Nino is so adorable!

Umm WTF, are Aiba’s teeth capped? They are starting to look like John Cleese’s. XD

If Nino is the only one to get a solo in the entire song, why do they keep following Aiba around?

Hot! I’m such a creep. XD

His face is too intense for such a slow song. I could see if he was holding a note or something, but he’s not.

Of course the backdrop opens to reveal a blue sky, that’s such an Arashi thing to do. XD

I love how he’s singing with a half smirk.

I love how Nino is the only one actually trying to dance here. Everyone else is just moving their arms because there’s no actual steps. 

Be sure to watch this PV before Johnny’s takes it down.

Perfume-Nee PV preview

With two weeks until the release of Perfume’s new single Nee a PV preview has been released.

I was a little bit upset that the PV is just basically the commercial mixed with a dance scene and close ups. It’s a little bit unoriginal. But Perfume seems to do that when their songs are used for commercials. There is honestly nothing really going on in the PV, so I’m sorry I have nothing witty to say about it. Honestly the best part of the whole PV is how cute A-chan and Nocchi look. And that’s honestly it.
Though I am pretty excited to finally here more of the song then just Nee. The song is actually really great. I love the distorted music sequences throughout the song. And of course the Nee parts are absolutely adorable.

NEWS are Fighting Men

Words cannot describe how excited I have been for NEWS’s new PV to be released. And now that it has I feel like I can die happy. Mostly because the PV is amazing. I saw the first 10 seconds and I was in love already. Yeah that might have been a little premature, but after watching the whole PV the early reaction was justified. Just like I said a few days ago, this looks like NEWS’s most expensive PV ever. There is just so much going on in the PV. Two different group dances sequences, each members solo dance, their story line, their singing close ups, the walking part in the beginning. I mean this video is just far from boring. And it’s probably hands down my favorite, and the best, NEWS PV pretty much ever. I can’t even express into words how much I love this PV. It’s just fantastic. It’s PVs like this that makes fangirling NEWS easier.
By the way, I am a RABID NEWS fan so be prepeared for an overdose of screencaps. 😀

I hate the blur scenes. They’re such a tease.

Intense! No, seriously. After this flew by I was ready to kick things into high gear. Maybe I’m just a little too excited. XD

This PV has just gotten significantly sexier.

Sometimes Kei-chan is super adorable.

Is there ever a time Yamapi doesn’t look hot? Let me rephrase that, is there ever a time Yamapi doesn’t look hot when his hair isn’t ugly? XD

Shige always has to thrown in some weirdness.

My god Ryo looks bangin’.

Scenes like this will never not C-ute’s Forever Love PV. I know this has been done a million times before Forever Love and will be done a million times after it. But it will just always remind me of Forever Love.

Yamapi looks hot and slightly girly at the same time. Nice all seeing eye logo on the flyers  in the background. XD

Woah unflattering extreme close up.

Wow, is every member really going to watch themselves on some sort of device?

No, seriously every member. Here’s the Yamapi cap I didn’t bother taking before.

Come on this makes 4!

Stupid dance move is stupid.

Lolz they’re all singing along to themselves dancing. Of course I had to use Ryo for the cap. At least that’s a completely unique way to do the close up singing parts.

For some reason Massu actually looks hot in this PV. O_O

Massu kinda looks like Naruto when he does that. But look at Shige next to him all sexy. XD

Awesome! I totally wasn’t expecting the megaphone. And Shige looks way too happy to be using it. His eyes are like bulging  out.

I guess I should have at least one picture of Tegoshi.

I hate how cute this was.

Rip off! He has the same phone as Massu.

Or maybe he doesn’t. XD


I love how Ryo has to be the last one to leave.

How cute.

NEWS-Fighting Man PV preview

With less than 2 weeks until NEWS’s new single,Fighting Man, is released we finally have a preview for the PV. Since this preview was on some morning news shows its a very decent 1:30 preview.

I am absolutely impressed with how the PV looks. I mean this looks like it was the most expensive NEWS PV ever filmed. From some reason NEWS always gets extremely cheap PVs. And the best always go to KAT-TUN and some times Arashi. Actually everything from Weeeek on isn’t really cheap looking. But it’s not expensive looking either. This PV isn’t expensive looking but it does seem like it cost more to make.

Even though a majority of the PV is just dancing I still think it’s pretty awesome looking. The dance scenes look really energetic and fun to watch. The dance in the PV looks like it uses more punch moves than in the Music Station performance, which is weird. But whatever. It’s also really awesome that every NEWS member gets 3 different outfit. And then each member has their little close up/story like they did in Sakura Girl.
And of course Ryo looks the best in the PV.

Play well with NYC

When I first saw previews for NYC’s Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe PV I didn’t expect to really like it at all. Since it looked like a majority of it was filmed at ShopRite some random grocery store. But after watching the PV I really do like it. I love the whole tourists running around New York City theme it has. It reminds me a lot of Puffy AmiYumi’s Kore ga Watashi no Ikirumichi PV. The whole thing ends up being super adorable. My personal favorite part of the PV is all the NYC signs the show throughout the PV. Though every time the signs are shown it kinda seems like they are saying look how many times we are personally mentioned in NYC. I think I’m probably the only one that thinks that way. XD

And of course you know I have to do an actual review of the PV.

Oh man Coney Island! Too bad they don’t actually go inside. But I don’t blame them it is freezing outside. Unless it was filmed those days a few weeks back when it was randomly 80 degrees again over here. O_O

They didn’t really have to track the trip this closely. XD

Every New York filmed PV needs a random shot of the Statue of Liberty.

It’s so weird for NYC to stand with those kids for a couple reasons. They don’t know them and those kids have no idea what’s going on. But the main reason is those kids are way younger then NYC is and you can barely tell. LOL.

I love how this doorman looks like a Buckingham Palace guard.

Or maybe they do go inside Coney Island. XD

Perhaps Chinen will grow taller now. Get it? Because in the movie Big Tom Hanks wishes to become big in a fortune telling machine, then it happens. And Chinen is always whining about being short. XD

Chinen looks so disgusting it’s hiliarious.

Ryosuke looks adorable.

Umm… what?


WTF is Zap Daisy City?

Why does Ryosuke always make stupid faces in every PV he’s in?

Oh man American Idiot.

Adorable hat and glasses combo.

I hate that just about everyone from Japan that goes to NYC always makes sure they get a hotdog. They’re not even that great.

Natural History Musuem! XD


Ryosuke is so cute.

Arashi’s Dear Snooze

I’ve been debating over wether or not to make a post about the Dear Snow PV since it was first releases. I usually only make posts about PVs that are either so incredible I can’t contain myself from witting about the, PVs that are so disappointing I feel the need to rant about them. Which is why I don’t make posts about every single PV that comes out. And more recently why I didn’t make reviews of SCANDAL’S SCANDL Nanka Buttobase or Momoiro Clover’s Pinky Jones PVs. (I’m actually really waiting for the awesomeness that will be the Koko Natsu PV. It’s a lot better then MomoClo running around in random Native American outfits. XD) And actually that’s where most PVs sit, smack dab in the middle.

But Dear Snow is far beyond even average, or disappointing, it’s just plain boring. There is absolutely nothing to comment about. Not bad costumes, a bad set, or anything because nothing happens.

All you basically have to do is look at this picture, and it feels like you’ve watched the entire PV.

Oh wait, you might want to see it from a different angle. There, now you’ve seen the entire PV.

Because that’s all their is to it. This takes PV simplicity to a whole new level. The entire PV consists of them just standing there and close ups of them singing. And that’s it. H!P fans, myself included, cry when the PV is dance and close up. Yet I bet the legions of Japanese and international Arashi fans don’t even care, because the video is simple and elegant. The song is so beautiful that the PV doesn’t need to be flashy. And to that I completely disagree. I’m all for simplicity and elegance, when necessary, but I know the difference between simple and boring. But again that’s just my personal opinion. Honestly it feels like a waste, because the song is actually really pretty.

I guess I’m mostly so unimpressed by this PV because it’s the 3rd Arashi PV that’s done nothing for me. Don’t get me wrong I think Love Rainbow and To Be Free were great songs, but they were boring uninspiring PVs. But that’s what happens when you release 5 singles in one year, with 6 on the way. Arashi has been completely stretched too thin this year. They comes out with 2 of the best songs and PVs Arashi has released in a long time, Troublemaker and Monster. Then the next singles quality suffers greatly because of it. There’s no doubt JE didn’t expect to release all these singles, because if he did he would have spread the budget a little more. And by the way Troublemaker looked like it was pretty cheap to make, and look how it turned out.

Ogamana My Dream!

Now I haven’t been following Canary Club, nor Ogawa Mana like I’ve been meaning to. I only know about her recent single since it’s a joint single with Sugaya Risako. But who cares about tha? None of that is remotely important! But, do you wanna know what is important? How incredibly amazing Kitagami Mimi with MM Gakuen Gasshoubu’s new single Oshare My Dream is!

I heard a few days ago that the PV was released, so I decided on a whim why not just check it out. And I am incredibly happy that I did. The song is everything I was upset that Elegant Girl isn’t. The song is happy, upbeat, cute, and so sugary sweet it’s almost unimaginable. It also makes me like Elegant Girl more. The intentionally contrasts actually work nicely together.

The PV itself is pretty simple. It literally only has 3 scenes it repeats over and over. Ogamana standing by the school bus, Ogamana inside the school bus, and washing the school bus. But that doesn’t really bother me. I also can’t seem to hate this PV at all. I am far too enthralled with Ogawa Mana!


This outfit is absolutely adorable

Cuteness overdose!
My god, Mana is simply gorgeous.
The inside of the bus does remind me a lot of AKB48’s 10nen Zakura, and Berryz Koubou’s Piriri to Yukou.
I am officially in love with Ogawa Mana.
So sweet.

Okashiimono de Ikou

Mano Erina’s 8th single, Genkimono de Ikou, was released today. So naturally the PV has been out for a while. But you can chalk this review up to things I have missed while I was away. I’m still caching up here. ._. When I heard the song title it immediately reminded me of Buono’s Gachinko de Ikou. And honestly who didn’t think of that? While the song isn’t really up to the incredible standard we’ve come to love about Buono, the song is really good by ManoEri standard. I should really stop ragging on Erina so much especially since I actually really do like a majority of her music. I’m even starting to like her indie singles. Well Lucky Aura anyway. Wow, if some one told me when Mano Piano was released I’d grow to like ManoEri I would have laughed at them. XD

Since I always find similarities in idol PVs, no exception with this one. I thought I’d point out all the things I find similar first.

Her outfit is pretty similar to things Buono have worn before.

See, the styling of Momoko’s outfit is nearly the same.

The dance scenes remind me of AKB48.

The way that a lot of people are dancing on a stage reminds me of Oogoe Diamond.

And also 10nin Matsuri’s Dancing Natus Matsuri because of the festival lanterns and the red and white background.

The red suited guy reminds me of Masuda Takahisa.

Note the black suited kid in Massuperman.

Onto the PV itself.

ManoEri looks super cute.

I don’t understand what this whole business meeting scene is about. XD

For some reason this guy reminds me of Nakamaru Yuichi. WTF! o_O

Lolz unflattering ManoEri shot.

Try ManoEri’s new Genkimono brand iced tea.

And they love him why?

I do really love Erina’s ring master outfit.


*insert something witty about whips here*

Akari! I wish I could get a better cap of her. :/

Whoa, wait. Is that Kikkawa Yuu? I don’t remember her back up dacning for ManoEri before.

Why do they keep slapping people?

Ok, now everyone fall in love with your bipolar boss.

Ok, there is officially too much written Japanese in this PV. And way to pimp the ipad. XD

She just wore a Chinese themed outfit in the Onegai Dakara PV. They must be trying too keep any Chinese fans they’ll lose with LinJun going.


Dance de LED

When the preview for Dance de Bakoon came out I fell in love with the song. I just completely thought it was super fun and cute. Like the music C-ute used to make. Because honestly their last 5 singles weren’t really all that spectacular. With the exception of Shock of course. And Bye Bye Bye has been growing on my recently.
That being said I had extremely high hopes for the PV. And the PV didn’t disappoint me. I actually think it’s a decent PV, with some good aspects to it. The dance is really cool, the girls look absolutely incredible, and the PV itself is a colorful explosion. But I don’t think it’s just not energetic enough. Their energy is at like a 60 or 70. But I want to see it at 100%! The dance is really the only super energetic part of the PV. Some of the close ups fall a little bit flat. Maybe I’m just being too picky about it. Still I think the PV is about a 6/10. Campus life was about a 3. It wasn’t even eventful to make a post about. So that tells you something is definitely right about this PV.

Well onto the PV.

When I first saw this is was like, “Oh no. This is going to be a mix of Dakishimete Dakishimete and Onna ge Medatte Naze Ikenai.”

Unnecessary boot close up. I don’t understand why PVs do pointless close ups of shoes. XD

That had does nothing for Chisa. It actually makes her look rather homesly. o_O

WTF are these abominations disguising themselves as PV oufits?

Ok, the ride em cowboy dance move is a little loltastic.

The worst Airi has ever looked. XD

Waracchaou yo Boyfriend! I just had to. XD

Maimi looks super pretty.

This is how Chisato should always look. Gorgeous!

Maimi’s cuteness in this PV is killing me. And lolz at Airi’s eyes closed.

Even Mai is looking cute. And she hardly ever stands out to me.


Woah, some of these close ups are down right scary.

Wait, wait. So it’s really Dance de Bacoon?

Cute x2!

I cannot stop looking at Maimi during the PV!

And then Airi steals my heart!

Airi is love!

Reminds me of the Honto no Jibun dance.

Kinda creepy, but still kinda cute. XD

OMG! They did copy off Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai!

AKB48 is lingerie heavy

Just when I thought AKB48 wasn’t wota friendly enough, with their bikini themed PVs, they go and make something like Heavy Rotation. Even though they are scantily clad and fulfilling every man’s fantasy of pillow fighting in lingerie. I can’t seem to hate the PV or even find anything remotely wrong with it. They take even the most wota themed PV and make it absolutely adorable and not overly sexy at all. Just like Baby! Baby! Baby was still cute under all the bikniness of it. It’s mind boggling how AKB48 can keep that balance. They can roll around in lingerie and not look slutty at all! And I also don’t feel awkward watching it either. Unless someone saw me watching it of course. Then it would be pretty hard to explain that AKB48 looks cute and hot in this PV, but I’m not attracted to them at all. XD

So yeah onto the review. Because you’re only reading this post to get to the AKB48 screencap spam.

A Yuko peephole, I feel dirty already. ;]

I kinda wish Yuko didn’t get voted as the number 1 girl, I don’t really think she’s the prettiest AKB48 member. They should just make Mayu number 1 already. 😀

I absolutely love the outfits. Marching band on top, insanly colorful skirt on the bottom.
Pillow fight!
But it reminds me of this. Even thought they never pillow fight in S.O.W.
Dog pile on Tomomi and Yuko. At least I think. XD It was way too quick to be 100% sure which girls it was. But I think it’s Kasai Tomomi and Oshima Yuko under Mariko.
WTF is Achan doing? It’s so random. Someone should make a gif of her rubbing her rabbit. That sounds a little bit like a euphemism. XD
During this scene I am literally trying to figure out which girl has prettiest lingerie set, and which one I wish I owned. XD
I love the heart dance move.
Adorable screencap. And the 3 best lingerie sets. XD
I spot a Mayu!
But Yuko does look gorgeous in her close up shots.
But it reminds me of this. And also a peroformance of Shanimuni Paradise. But I’m too lazy to get a picture of that.
Wow, Achan looks super amazing.
Mayu! My god she looks breathtaking!
The head bopping makes them look like creepy dolls. XD
I always thought Yuki was ugly because of her obvious potato nose. But she actually looks pretty cute here.
Apparently they’re supposed to be laying on an oversized bed. But to me it looked like they’ve been laying on the floor.
I really wish Jurina would stay out of AKB48 PVs. SKE48 have their own Pvs!
Lolz. What a lame dance move.
My first reaction to this was, dude if they’re asleep they’ll be easier to rape. O_O
Walk like an Egyptian.
Ummm what? I’m trying to make sense of this, but I can’t.

So cute! But Mayu could sneeze and it would be cute.


I like this scene more than the lingerie scene.

I don’t think Achan can get anymore gorgeous.

Wow Yuko looks amazing.

Feed me!

Stole Mayu’s cooklie!

Kiss! I’m not really impressed with it though. XD

Ok this is hot.

Here’s the video. If you want to see it without downloading it, I suggest you do it fast. Youtube is taking down this video right and left already. :/

YuiKaori throws a vivid party

It’s finally out! The PV for YuiKaori’s second single, Vivivid Party, is finally out! I’ve been checking youtube everyday obsessively for a month waiting for the full PV to be released. I am completely excited to finally have the full version.

Also am I the only one bothered by the fact that their song has an extra vi? It should be Vivid Party. But I guess it was added for cuteness, just Kusumi Koharu’s Papancake single. Either that or someone really sucks at English.

I completely love their outfits.

Some parts of the dance are just a little bit awkward.

Yui is so adorable!

But Kaori is miles cuter.

Definitely awkward dance. XD

I officially need to become a dancer. Look at all the random foreign dancers in this PV.

I’m more impressed with this then I should be.

The cute screen caps of Yui could be endless.

Kaori looks gorgeous. The curly hair really suits her. She should seriously always have her hair like this.

Kaori bias. Though I’m not 199% sure what her hat is supposed to be.

Lolz at weird dance move.

Simple dance move, but it’s actually really cute.

Extreme leg close up.

Insert perverted comment here. XD

Reminds me of Dakishimete Dakishimete.




I love Kaori.


That’s kinda creepy. Someone lurking in the mirror.

I knew he wasn’t dead!


This part of the dance is really awesome.


Gosh Kaori is so cute.

Gotta end it big.