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About JM:

I basically started Janakya Mottainai on a whim. I’ve been listening to Japanese music for years, but I didn’t have anyone to directly talk about Jmusic with. When I started listening to Jmusic I was a complete Jrock purist. Listening to only a handful of Jpop artists, and very little H!P. But over the years my Jrock obsession was put on the back burner to focus on my new H!P obsession.

As I started following H!P more closely, and joined H!P forums, I started to develop lots of opinions about the music/girls. I wanted a place to talk about what I thought of the music, and get out all my fangirlish feelings. However, when I started JM I had every intention of making this a Jpop blog. But my love for H!P kind of ruined that. I found myself more focused on H!P, and only posted other Jpop related news every once in a blue moon.

Since I made JM I was exposed to a lot of other idol groups. The first idol group I got exposed to was NEWS. Which I actually didn’t find out about through blogging. Rather, I foud it through a dubbing group I was in. I immediately fell in love with them. And in turn fell in love with Johnny’s Entertainment. I found out about JE about 1 year after I found out about H!P. So, obviously H!P and JE are my favorite idol agencies, and have some of my favorite idol groups. And I might have some slight biases for them.

And through blogging about idols, and reading other blog about idols, I found out about more idol groups then I even realized existed. I was a little reluctant at first, but I gradually did realize the idol groups outside of H!P and JE are just as amazing as the groups within them. Which made me expand the content of JM beyond a H!P and JE centric blog, to one that covers idols in general. However, I would also love to expand JM ever more. So, feel free to suggest any group you would like me to cover. But keep in mind, I prefer to only cover major idols. There are just too many indie idols to cover and worry about. Unless they are Afillia Saga East, I don’t think anyone can ignore this group.

About AimxAim:

I’m the writer of this blog Amy, or more commonly known on the internet as Aim Aim. I’m pretty much an average 20 year old girl living in New Jersey, who just happens to love Japan and Japanese music. Aside from Japanese music I love all foreign music in general. I listen to music in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. And I listen to pretty much every genre of music that exists.
In my free time I like to spend endless hours on the computer, write, listen to music, watch movies, sing, and go out with friends. I’m also in the process of teaching myself to speak German and Japanese, as well as trying to learn the overall pronunciation of Chinese and Korean.

And just for fun here’s a picture of me. :]

(I swear, I will eventually update this picture)

19 thoughts on “About me”

  1. I hope you got my PM from Pure Idol Heart about me not trying to personally attack you for not proofreading your threads. I guess I just wanted your threads to be as correct and informative as possible, so people who are looking for a well-written thread can read and enjoy it. Copy and pasting wikis isn’t really a great idea, since anyone can edit a wiki, and they aren’t always the best writers either. They can get “facts” wrong just like anyone. It’s best to use common sense and check your facts.
    I feel sorry for you not wanting to cover indie idols because there are “too many to cover and worry about”. I guess that’s where my blog comes in. I feel that it is more important to cover these lesser known groups because they need more publicity than the major groups who we hear about all the time. You really don’t feel anyone can ignore Afilia Saga East? That’s strange. I haven’t heard one song from these girls! I guess I’m too busy supporting the groups that REALLY need support to care about some “major indie”. Sorry!

    1. Yes, I did get your message on Pure Idol Heart, and I replied to it already. It did feel like a personal attack, not so much for pointing out errors, because obviously that my was my own error. I do appreciate you pointhing them out. Truthfully I do. However, the way you went about it was pretty domineering. Even now you are implying that my threads weren’t well written because they had simple gramatical errors such as accidentally forgetting one of the u’s in August or referring to the Eggs as Hello!Project Eggs instead of Hello!Pro Eggs. Which I have have been doing for about 5 years now, since most fans do this despite them really being called Hello!Pro Eggs. I do not copy or paste my information from wikis, most of your posts have been doing that not mine. I do get my information from them but I write them in my own words. Since I’ve haven’t been a fan of H!P since they formed I obviously don’t know absolutely every single detail about it and and I remember ever small detail such as exact dates and store them in my memory forever. I doubt any fan can do that, no matter how hardcore they are. I do use common sense as I write, to imply otherwise is a complete and utter inslut. Which is so petty and uncalled for.

      The reason I said that about indie idols is because right now Janakya Mottainai covers about 30 or more idol groups, including sub-groups of course. And that is a lot on my plate already. And there are probably tons of indie idol groups out there. I do not have the time or energy to cover about 60 idol groups on this blog. I’d have to blog every single day for about 15 hours a day. I love idols, but they don’t consume my entire life. Though they are a big part of it. Lol. I guess this is where your blog and other indie idol blogs come in. You want to follow indie groups more power to you. But I personally don’t have the time to. (Or money for that matter) It’s good that you want to support groups that you feel need the support. Indie idols definitely need fans like you. But on the same hand this paragraph makes it seem like you feel like you’re a better fan because you only like indie groups instead of major groups. Elitism like that is a big reason that I never fit in the Jrock fandom. They take indie groups are better than major groups to an extremely high level. They usually bash fans or say fans that like major groups have no taste. As for Afilia Saga East, they are simply amazing. And are well worth giving them a shot. By the way, “I’m too busy supporting the groups that REALLY need support to care about some “major indie”. Sorry!” That sentence is EXTREMELY elitist! Just because a group is major or “indie major” that suddenly means they don’t really need support. That doesn’t even begin to make sense. How do you feel about Passpo and Momoiro Clover Z? Did you put on hipster shades when they went major and say, “I knew about these groups before they were famous.” Or did you just stop supporting them because other groups need your support more now? It’s just silly. I like the groups I like. And I support them because I love them not because I feel sorry for them. That they really need my support so I should just love them regardless. Which kind of seems like what you’re doing.

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