S/mileage-Tachiagaaru 2nd PV preview

A commercial for S/mileage’s upcoming single, Tachiagaaru, has been released. Giving us fans a second sneek peak of the PV.

There isn’t really anything new in this PV preiview. If anything this PV preview actually shows less than the first PV preview did. The only thing that we haven’t seen before is the random crashed UFO in the background. Which explains why they are dancing in the desert. I guess to give the PV a Roswell theme. But I don’t like that they aren’t playing off the whole UFO thing more. They could have made S/mileage Aliens that crashed their UFO on Earth. And why not? If they have a UFO in the PV anyway, why not take it one step further? That would have probably made the PV a lot more interesting than it seems to be now.