AKB48-Kaze wa Fuiteiru song and PV preview

A PV preview for AKB48’s upcoming 23rd single, Kaze ga Fuiteiru, has just been released. The preview is abut 30 seconds long which is just long enough to get a taste of the PV without actually ruining it.

I don’t even know what to say about this right now. Unimpressed isn’t a strong enough word for how I feel about this PV and song. I am so dissapointed with everything I see and hear. For starters the song is so lackluster. The verse, or what I assume is the verse, is kind of interesting. It has this sort of Spanish sounding music with horns. But even though that part sounds nice it’s still boring. It feels bland and completely toned down. They could have gone much bigger with that music. And the music during the bridge and chorus doesn’t get much better. The music in that section of the song is basically just the same clapping sound repeated over and over. It’s the same kind on constant beat they do in club music, except the music isn’t as exciting or over the top as club music. And the singing doesn’t even complement the song. In the very beginning of this song it doesn’t even sound like AKB48. I can’t even tell which member(s) is singing that part. There’s just this weird tone in the singing, that I’m just completely not feeling it. Throughout the rest of the song the singing is pretty monotone. There seems to be hardly any emotion or energy in the singing. Even without understanding the lyrics I can tell that this song is meant to be more serious. But just because a song has a serious message doesn’t mean it can’t be catchy. Beginner was completely serious but also completely serious. All of Morning Musume’s “emo Musume era” songs were 100 times catchier than this. It honestly feels like they aren’t even trying with this single. It’s like they know they are going to sell at least a million by their name alone, so they aren’t putting as much effort into it. It’s the same thing Arashi has done with some of their singles.

Sadly, the PV is just as bland as the song. In this short PV we see AKB48 dancing on a desolate road, in gloomy bland peasant dresses. The whole PV just has this somber and depressing atmosphere. And I’m sorry absolutely everything about this scream Morning Musume’s “Emo Musume” style. Even the outfits! I know I’m not the only one who sees that AKB48 are styled nearly identical to the way Morning Musume was in the Nanchatte Renai PV. If the dresses weren’t that hideous bland seafoam green color, but black instead, you wouldn’t really be able to tell the difference. AKB48 fans were quick to say how much AKB48 was better than Morning Musume’s sad/emo phase. But now that AKB48 is a releasing song like this, I’m sure the AKB48 fans will eat this up anyway. Now, I’m not saying this because I like Morning Musume more. Even though  I do. My personal perfeerance has nothing to do with the statement I just made. I’m saying this because I never understood the, pretty much, fan wars between AKB48 and Morning Musume/H!P. Both idol groups release almost exactly the same music, and have almost exactly the same dances. Which is why I never understood how you could hate one but love the other. It’s just extremely petty. Both groups are the same, it seems like fans are doing it feel elitist. Like my group is the top female idol group, and yours isn’t. I hope AKB48 fans are enjoying their moment on the top. Because it is fleeting. Just ask Morning Musume. Despite what fans want to believe, eventually AKB48 will have their fall from grace. It could honestly be any day know the way their sister groups and sub-groups are oversaturating the market. I honestly wish their fall would happen soon. But not for any selfish reasons. Once AKB48 isn’t the top idol group anymore, I think there will be less drama between fans.

I’m sure I’ll get a lot of backlash from this post. I seem to always get backlash when I dare say anything negative about AKB48. But that’s what I do on this blog, I post my honest opinions. On pretty much every post I make I’m complaining about something. XD

Well, this is getting extremely off subject. Here’s the preview for you to form your own opinion.

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  1. Just wanted to point out that this might have something to do with the Japanese’ natural disasters in the 1st quarter of this year hence the emo…ing … (since this is a ‘messeejisongu’) …
    That said why wait 2 full quarters before the release? Maybe we are seeing the production timeline of new singles …

    1. I honestly don’t think so. AKB48 released an updated version of their song Dareka no tame ni ~What can I do for someone~ as a charity single for Japan because of the earthquake. The earthquake was in March, and they released Everyday Kachuusha and Flying Get after that. If the emo sounding song was supposed to be a message song, wouldn’t it make more sense to release it as the absolute next single? And not 2 singles later after a charity song was already released? I honestly don’t think they would wait that long. So, I don’t think for a minute it has anything to do with the natural disasters in Japan. It doesn’t take that long to make and record songs. They probably record the next single maybe a month or 2 after the release date, if not sooner. Which would have been enough time to hold off on Flying Get and release a song like this. But they were more worried about doing the senbatsu election and single. I’m sure fans would have understood if that was pushed back a bit.

  2. (this comment is going to be too long most likely because I’m actually creating a comment with deep thought LOL)
    I agree. AKB48 is pretty much what Morning Musume was popularity and sales wise. Sooner or later, a favorite member will leave, causing a possibly tiny portion of the fans to leave. Then, later on, when all the favorite, talented, cute, etc members in some wota’s eyes leave, they’re going to drop like a rock.

    It’s only a preview, but I get the feeling they’re riding on the fame wave with this PV.
    The outfits do look like Nanchatte Renai, or if anything, a re-make of the outfits. And from the preview, I’m reminded of Resonant Blue because of the never ending dance shot haha (but that’s not me saying that they ripped off RB too. It just reminds me of it :L)

    I don’t understand how the fans can hate each other either tbh. I like AKB48, and love Morning Musume. They’re the same. Just one group is the size of an army. The so called “reasons” most fans have are really stupid. For example, the one that’s most used against AKB is “They’re sluts. Look at Heavy Rotation. They only dance in bikinis. This whole group is nothing but wota bait.” or “They never sing live. They can’t sing. They’re fake.”
    1. Morning Musume has done it too. Look at Genki Pika Pika. Look at the photobooks.
    2. They do sing live. You’re just too lazy to actually search.

    & for MM, it’s usually:
    “Old Hags. They’re only existing because of their past.”
    – The only way Morning Musume could still exist because of their past right now is because 5th Generation & 6th Generation are in it. Reina may be a fan favorite, but look in the past. All the members deemed “amazing” have left, and they’re in Dream Morning Musume. The past is currently a new group, and I don’t see them beating Morning Musume on the charts. (but I do see them beating them at promotion/cough/cough)

    okay long comment that is long is over hahaxD

    1. (Lol I don’t mind long comments. I actually love long comments. I love discussing this stuff with people. XD)

      AKB48 and Morning Musume are pretty much the same, except AKB48 sells better. Favorite members are going to start leaving soon. Some of the older members are getting old now. And Shinoda Mariko is 25 already, she’s gonna leave anyday now. That’s totally going to happen. A lot of the popular AKB48 members are close in age, so they will probably all graduate around the same time. Which won’t really be good for the group. But I don’t see that as their downfall. The oversaturation of the market is going to ruin them. They have 3, soon to be 4 sister groups within Japan, soon to be 2 overseas, and they have 5 sub-groups. Not to mention all the past one shot groups they had. Eventually Japan is going to say enough is enough. Because too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

      It completely seems like they are riding the fame wave. And apparently they are donating some procedes of this single to charity, which I didn’t know at the time of writing this post. But that doesn’t really make me change my opinion of the song. You can make an encouraging song, that’s not sad. Aozora ga Itsumade mo Tsuzuku You na Mirai de Are and Dekkai Uchuu ni Ai ga Aru are both encouraging and upbeat at the same time.
      They completely look like a remake of the Nanchatte Renai outfits! That’s just lazy designing on their part. I actually don’t get Resonant Blue for the preview. A lot of idol groups have released PVs they are just dance shots.

      I don’t get the fan hate either. Both groups are nearly identical to each other song wise. Yeah, those are usually the arguments. But every idol group besides H!P has been relasing bikini PVs. It’s not really a big deal, and seems more like a thing idol groups do then something that makes them sluts. And obviously photobooks and such are a big money maker. I haven’t actually ever seen AKB48 sing live. But it’s cool if they do sometimes. The whole lip synching never bothered me. The amount of concerts and stages they do won’t allow them to sing live everytime. And if they did, their voices would be shot by now. XD

      Lol. I enjoyed your long comment. Feel free to comment at that length anytime. :]

      I hate the reason among Momusu haters. Morning Musume aren’t old by any means. Since they are a smaller idol group, of course the old are going to outway the new. Since the older members get more attention because they are senpais, and Momusu only gets fresh blood when too many old members have left. With AKB48 they are constantly adding new members. And if you didn’t want to watch old members, you could just focus on the younger ones since they are so large. It’s harder to do that with Momusu. That’s also true about Dream Morning Musume. I remember people said that Dream Morning Musume would destroy Momusu in sales. And that hasn’t really happened. That pretty much proves the fans aren’t as clung to the past as it seems.

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