Buono to release 13th single

It was announced recently that Buono will be releasing their 13th single. The single is entitled Deep Mind, and the release date is currently unknown. The song is going to be used as the theme for Buono’s upcoming moving Gomen Nasai.

After only releasing one single last year, I’m glad to see that Buono is being extremely active this year. This year Buono has released 3, soon to be 4, singles, a mini album, are staring in an upcoming movie, and are doing concerts. All while Berryz Koubou and C-ute remain as active as ever. I don’t understand how the members of Buono haven’t died of exhaustion yet.

As to what this single is going to be like is anyone’s guess. The title seems to have a dark feel to it. So, maybe will get a song along the lines of My Boy again, because I seriously doubt Buono will ever release anything heavier than that.