Meet the S/mileage 2nd gen!

After months of waiting, and a hands on audition experience, the new S/mileage 2nd generation members were finally announced at the Hello! Project 2011 Summer ~Nippon no Mirai wa Wow Wow Live~ concert.

The 5 members who were selected are:

Katsuta Rina

Rina is 13 years old and her nickname for the group is Rinapuu. I have to say I am completely excited that Rina passed the auditions. She was one of my favorites and I was rooting for her. She has a cute voice, and seriously is mini Nono to me. A lot of people seem to think she’s ugly. My poor Rinapuu is getting haters already.

Kosuga Fukuya

Fukuya is 13 years old and her nickname for the group is Fuu-chan. Now, I’m not really the biggest fan of Fukuya. I didn’t like her voice in the auditions. And it wasn’t bad or anything, it just lacked energy. That’s something she really needs to work on.

Nakanishi Kana

Kana is 14 years old and her nickname in the group is Kanana. I am actually at lose for words about Kana joining the group. I absolutely did not like her one bit. She had the worst voice in the entire audition. I can’t fathom why she joined. Her personality didn’t pop to me, like Zukki’s did. Zukki was the worst singer in the 9th gen but her energetic personality sold her to me. Kana did seem to smile a lot suring the auditions but she didn’t seem to burst with energy to me. It seems she was only picked because she’s pretty. And she is, she’s absolutely adorable. Hopefully, her personality makes up for the things she lacks. Because right now a KonKon moment happened with her.

Tamura Meimi

Meimi is 12 years old her her nickname for the group is MeiMei. I am ecstatic that 13 made it! She was an obvious fan favorite, and was one of my personal favorites. Her voice was so cute and kind of strong. Her whole image just fit S/mileage perfectly. I couldn’t be happier that Meimi was picked. The only real draw back for Meimi is she isn’t that great at dancing. Hopefully, something like that won’t effect her chances of joining.

Takeuchi Akari

Akari is 13 years old and her nickname for the group is Take-chan. And Maimi’s cousin passes the audition. I wonder if things like that helped her pass? Maybe I’m just being cynical. And if it did she probably would have debuted a while age. Akari wasn’t really my favorite auditioner. But her years of Egg training has put Akari at such a high level of singing and dancing that she deserved to join the group.

Even though these girls were announced as the winners of the auditions they are not out of the woods yet. Every single girl, yes every single one of them, are not official members of the group yet, instead they are all sub-members. They will appear in the S/mileage’s upcoming 7th single and will take part in S/mileage’s fall concert. And their performance in the concert will determine their permanence. Apparently the new members have the chances becoming a full member, entering the Eggs, making a new unit, or being dropped completely. Which is a complete 180 from what Tsunku had originally said. He said that if 6 members joined 2 would become members, and the other 4 would become trainee members. It seems Tsunku (or conceivably who ever is really in control of H!P) changed his mind and decided to have the new members tackle yet another hurdle. At first I thought this was a bit harsh, and even a slap in the face. But after I think about it more it almost seems fitting. S/mileage themselves had to get 10,000 smiles just to be able to make their major debut. So, why not make the new members go through a similar ritual? And besides that, it’s even more press for S/mileage. Regardless of the outcome, you can be sure it’s going to be mentioned somewhere in the media if the members are becoming permanent or not. Which just shows how Tsunku is handling the auditions perfectly to give S/mileage maximum exposure.
As for my reactions to the winners themselves, am I 100% happy? Of course I’m not. I wanted first and foremost, the lovely Miyamoto Karin to win. That girl seriously had everything. She was the best singer, the best dancer, and she is absolutely adorable. I am completely devastated that Karin didn’t win. But there’s nothing I can really do about it. As a fan, you can’t expect to have your favorites picked every single time. Anyone who watched the Morning Musume 8th gen auditions knows that. I am honestly lucky that Suzuki Kanon got picked at all. Having my favorite picked again would obviously be incredible, but obviously incredibly unlikely.
After Karin my favorites were: Miyazaki, Yamaga, Rina, and Meimi. So, I actually didn’t make out too bad. Since there were so many good singers in the auditions I secretly hoped that they would add 5 members, and I am actually thrilled they did. I can also hold out the hope that my other favorites auditioned for both the S/mileage 2nd gen and the Morning Musume 10th gen. Karin was talented enough to make it to the finals of both. Despite the general consesus of the fans, I actually don’t think she would work that well for Morning Musume. She just fits S/mileage better. But that ship has sailed, and I’d rather have her in Morning Musume than not in a group at all.

And here’s a completely unpopular opinion, but a part of me actually wants all the girls to get kicked out. Not for any malicious reason. I am actually really excited by the possibility of another group being formed. Ever since S/mileage first formed I’ve always wanted S/mileage to be in a Berryz Koubou and C-ute type of situation. Where the groups were formed a year apart and are pretty similar to each other. However, as time keeps passing that possibility gets further and further away.

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  1. I cant believe Karin didn't make it. I hope Tsunku's planning a solo career for her or something, or she has something bigger in her future. Seriously, the girl's so cute! How can you not pass her?
    Happy for Akari though. Loved her voice.

    I think the Meimi girl was in H!P's Shugo Chara musical with Ayaka, Kanon, Yuuka and Saho Akari. She played Yaya (the cutest / youngest character). Kinda like Riho's connection with Momusu. Do you think that might help here here?

  2. I can't either! Karin was my absolute favorite! She's most likely going to be added to the 10the gen of Morning Musume. Since you could audition for both, but obviously only join one. And if she's not in Momusu, then I'll be extremely angry! XD
    Akari has never wowed me personality wise. But her singing is amazing. She's at such a high level of singing and dancing.

    Indeed she was. I didn't watch the musical myself though. I probably should one of these days. ><
    She's exactly like Riho! It's funny actually.
    I'm sure it would help her. But Meimi is already a fan favorite. Probably a mix because of being in the Shugo Chara musical and being absolutely adorable. Her voice is pretty cute and stable as well. I love Meimi already. So happy she made it! Lol.

  3. I am furious about this!! First of, like everyone says, Karin defiantly deserved to win! She has the total package, and she even said she wanted to join because she actually liked S/mileage.

    I agree that Rina is good, but she's a bit boring to me. She doesn't wow me in any way. Same with Kana. I don't think she was the WORSE, but she was down there. There's Meimi, the fan favorite. She REALLY annoys me for some reason! I don't like her voice at all. It's really fake , and so is her personality. I knew right away that she would be picked, and that really made me mad. She's gonna be just like Riho, (whom I also dislike for her lake of singing skills and over-promotion.) and will probably be the center and be on the cover of everything and blah, blah, With Akari, I'm just upset that she won instead of Karin, because they're at the same level, but Akari is a bit boring…

    Now for the girl I may actually hate, Fuyuka! For one, she CANNOT sing!!! Her voice sounds like a baby, and pronunciation is HORRIBLE!!! Second, she is kinda ugly. Like really ugly. Her face is kinda off. (I'm sure make-up might fix that, though…) Third, the singing coach actually said that she's really bad, and she'd never win the audition with her bad rhythm and HORRIBLE pronouciation! I know this sounds really mean, and I know it is, but I really think Tsunku made a mistake in picking her. I think he also made a mistake in doing this audition.

  4. Honestly, Nakanishi Kana is the luckiest idol alive, because I don't think she did a SINGLE thing to deserve admission. She was at the very bottom of my list of candidates.

    I have no problems with the other four, and I think Akari and Meimi were two of the best choices.

    Also, I'd be pretty shocked if Karin didn't get into Momusu. To be honest, I think Riho needs some competition on the talent front, and Karin can provide it. Tsunku likes rivalries, and a Riho-Karin rivalry would make Momusu exciting again.

  5. @fureshu: Karin did deserve to win. She completely is 100% talented. So, I don't think her not joining S/mileage has anything to do with her losing. Tsunku makes bad decisions sometimes, but he's not out and out stupid. Either Karin is going to join Momusu or there's something else planned for her. Remember girls could audition for both. And if they made it to both they then had to decide which group to join. Maybe Karin did win both, and ultimately picked Morning Musume. I am pretty upset about Karin too, but don't just write her joining Momusu off. If the 10th gen comes around and she's a no show, then you can be angry. And I'll be anry right with you. Lol.

    I actually couldn't get that much of a personality reading from them, since I can't speak Japanese. So, I can't honestly judge personality just yet. And I actually think Kana was the worst, at everything. XD I like Meimi, she seems cute and approachable. I have some animosity towards Riho for that reason. And I honestly don't think she's that great of a singer just yet. But, Riho and Meimi have the potential to be vocal power houses. All they really need is some fine tuning. Riho proved that in Moonlight Night ~Tsukiyo Ban da yo~ at their debut concert. As, for Meimi being in the center. Maybe she wil. But you can't hate her because she's going to be a front girl. There are always girls pushed more than others, and that will always happen. I mean, Riho gets pushed more than Aika, my favorite! But I brush it off because I realize that every single person can't be in the front. And that bothers me, but it's something I can't change. I don't think Akari will be the center anytime soon. She's too softspoken it seems. And she's going to get swallowed up in the already existing huge personalities in S/mileage.

    I actually don't really remember Fukuya all that well, because she didn't stand out to me. I just remember her voice lacked energy. And yeah she is kinda ugly. But you can't just judge an idol on looks. Yasuda Kei isn't the prettiest idol ever, but I simply adore her because she's hilarious. I had no idea the coach actually said that. But you have to realize Tsunku LOVES to pick bad singers. Nono, KonKon, Sayumi, and Koharu. Were all picked despite their voices. Yet he picked them because not only did the have the potential to blossom and grow as an idol, they possessed something Tsunku knew he could markert and sell well. He obviously seems something in Fukuya.

    I'm going to disagree with the auditions being a mistake. Because honestly they were the right move. Once everyone can get over the shock, and past that they didn't want new members, they'll see how added members does nothing but benefits S/mileage in the long run. If they keep adding new members S/mileage can last for as long as Morning Musume has. Now they don't have to suffer the same inevitable fate of Berryz Koubou, C-ute, and Mano Erina. That once they are "too old" to be idols, they have to break up.

  6. @Roddy Reta: I agree with you. Kana was a horrible singer, and terrible dancer. She was at the very bottom of my list as well. However, she seemed to be doing it all with a smile. Which is the same reason iffy singers Konno Asami and Suzuki Kanon got to join Morning Musume. Tsunku sees there could be a good personality there.

    I don't have a problem with the other 4 either. Meimi and Akari were some of the best singers there. And so was Rina. But the fan responce to her so far, isn't that good. Lol.

    I would be shocked too. But it seems impossible that she won't. Karin is overflowing with talent. There's no way Tsunku missed it. You know, I never thought of a Riho/Karin rivalry. It would be pretty interesting to see. And honestly, I think Riho and Karin would have completely different fanbases. Riho seems she would take more of Ai-chan's fans. And it seems like Karin would take more of Sayumi's or Eri's fans. I really look forward to not knowing who's going to lead the next single. Instead of the current singles that are obvious. Unless it become the Riho and Karin show. Which would be as boring as the current line distribution. :/

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