Berryz Koubou’s elegant new PV

The full PV for Berryz Koubou’s upcoming single, Aa, yo ga Akeru, has been released.

I am absolutely in love with the PV. Finally it’s a video that’s not the same standard idol formula! After I saw the PV preview I had some fears that the entire PV was going to be nothing but them singing on the stairs. But there’s actually a lot of elements in this PV. The video is filmed in this beautiful castle, and they actually make use of it. It seems like you get to see a nice chunk of the castle. Some of the girl’s walk around, and each girl is in a seperate room for their close-up shots. They are also sitting on the stairs for the group singing parts, and the dance scene also has its own seperate room. Which makes the video pretty interesting because you never really see the same setting for that long. The only real fault you could find with this particular video is there’s not actually a storyline. But I’m completely fine with that because there’s so many different scenes in this PV you don’t even notice that.
The PV really has everything going for it, it’s interesting and the girls look gorgeous. Much like Buono’s Natus Dakara PV, this PV seems to be one giant beauty shot. Which is an obvious plus.
This video as a whole just has a elegant, classy, and highend. It just has this sort of princess feel to it. The kind of vibe I wanted the Kimagure Princess PV to have.

This castle is beautiful.

Risako’s room is gorgeous.

It sucks that Miyabi has to sit by the front door though. Lol.

Yurina looks gorgeous here.

This room is beautiful.

The contrast is so high you can’t even see half of Risako’s nose. XD

Yurina looks so amazing! *O*

Why does Chinami look so sad?

Risako’s looks sad and pretty at the same time.

I love how Massa looks angry. Lol.

Yurina! There are no words! *O*

And all that jazz! XD The dance is actually a little awkward.

Momoko looks really pretty.

Hot! Is she wearing green contacts?

I love this hair on Saki.

Creepy face.

Everyone looks gorgeous here.

But it stil reminds me too much of their Very Beauty PV.

Gorgeous Risako.

I can’t get over how super pretty Momoko looks in this PV.

Wow, Miyabi looks amazing.


Chinami looks pretty.

Look at Risako’s legs. They go on for weeks!

Simple dance is simple.

Yurina just looks incredible in this PV.

And so does Miyabi.

My god! *O*