New AKB48 sub-group announced

It was announced that AKB48 members Nakaya Sayaka and Tanabe Miku will be forming a new unit called Baby Gamba. The group is based off the children’s book Boukenshatachi: Gamba to 15 hiki no Nakama. Their debut single Ee Janai ka will be released on September 14th.

Since this is a unit for children I can’t really say that I’m too excited for this new group. However, you seem to make a pretty penny off of children’s songs, so more power to them.
The some itself seems pretty cute, so does the PV. It’s just obviously far too childish for me to overly care about this group.

Here’s a PV preview of their debut single.

2 thoughts on “New AKB48 sub-group announced”

  1. To me, it reminds me of a new imitation of what Mini Moni were, but that is my opinion

    OOOOOH they're releasing the day that MoMosu's new single is being released – interesting… considering it's Ai-chan's bday too! XD

  2. Yeah, it pretty much is what Mini Moni was. But I only really like half of Mini Moni's songs. All the ones that are overly childish or about counting or something, aren't really my favorites.

    Wow, I didn't even realize they were releasing the same day. XD But other idol groups seem to always release the same day as H!P groups. Lol.

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