DiVA holding auditions for new member

AKB48 sub-group DiVA, announced they will be holding auditions to add a new member to the group. The auditioners must be between the ages of 18 and 23 and have dance experience. Applications are due by August 20th. The winner or winners will be signed to Office48 and join DiVA.

I remember DiVA mentioning auditions a while ago, but I actualy haven’t given it much though since. It’s nice to see that we are finally getting some information about it. I still don’t really understand why DiVA is auditioning for new members. Couldn’t they have just added more girls from AKB48? It honestly seems a little unfair to them. And obviously the winners will only be added to DiVA and not AKB48 as well. Which also seems a little pointless to me. It reminds me of the whole Super Junior and Super Junior M situation. I’m just not to thrilled with the whole idea, it seems really unnecessary to me.