S/mileage to release yet another single

It was announced a few days ago that S/mileage will be releasing their 7th single. The single wil be entitled Tachiagaaru and will be released on September 28th. One month and 25 days after the release of their 8th single, Uchouten Love. This will also be the first single to feature the new 2nd gen member or members.

I am actually really surprised that S/mileage is releasing another single so soon after their last. And a single featured new and untrained members to boot! The new members will be announced on August 14th, giving them only a few weeks to train and prepare for their debut. Morning Musume’s 9th gen was announced in January and their debut single came out in April. That’s a good 3 months more time the 9th gen will get to prepare compared to the 2nd gen. I sure hope Tsunku knows what he’s doing. This all seems a little premature. I understand they have to be thrown into the new S/mileage concert, but a new single as well. Talk about pressure. I wish I could say I have high hopes for this single, but I don’t. I don’t think the new member or members will be anywhere near ready for this. Could you imagine what Zukki would have done if she only had weeks to learn the Maji Desu ka Ska dance?