Passpo-ViVi Natsu PV preview

Universal Music Japan posted a 30 commercial for Passpo’s upcoming 2nd single ViVi Natsu. After what felt like an eternity to wait, we finally get a sneak peak at the PV.

When I saw the PV for Shoujo Hikou I wondered what Passpo was going to do in their next PV. Since Shoujo Hikou was nothing but their flight attendant theme. Because of that I wondered what direction the next PV was going to be. Was it going to be their group theme again, or something completely different?
Well, I can honestly say that the ViVi Natsu PV is so far from what I was expecting.
Half of the PV shows them dancing in their flight attendant inspired outfits and the other half of the PV shows them lounging around a pool and I think in a bathtub. Even though this song is about summer I was not expecting Passpo to be bikinis at all. It seems like ever idol group thinks they have to do a bikini PV just to keep up with AKB48. SUPER GIRLS just had their bikini PV recently. I don’t know, when I think of Passpo I just don’t think of bikinis. But I guess not all idol groups can have summer themed PVs without bikinis like Momoiro Clover did with their Coco Natsu PV.
But I’m pretty ok with the whole theme because it’s just like SUPER GIRLS’s Max! Otome Gokoro, where it was all done in a playful manner. And besides that, Natsumi and Mio look amazing in their bikinis.

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  1. When I saw the preview and saw the bikinis I did think AKB, but actually not all groups do the bikini shots… try 9nine's Natsu Wanna Say Love U, that's a summery, bright song and there are no bikini shots at all.

    Oh… hint hint, I would like you to begin reviewing 9nine too >3< I love them a lot (haha) erm… pretty please? With Vivi Natsu on top? ;D

    It's because I love your honest opinion on PVs :3

  2. I like PASSPO a lot; I just really hope that the bikini shots don't take up the whole entire PV. But from the looks of the preview, the only time they're fully clothed seems to only be during the dance shot. But then again, previews can be misleading.

  3. @Kerrichama: Of course, I think every thought AKB48. They're like the queens of bikini PVs. Lol.

    That 9nine PV is cute. But it barely has a summer theme at all. Beside the small portion of the set, you can't even tell it's supposed to be set in the summer. :/

    Yeah of course not all idol groups released bikini PVs. H!P has never, despite having a lot of summer themed singles. It's just that a lot of new idol groups think they have to have a certain sex appeal to keep up with AKB48. Momoiro Clover, SUPER GIRLS, and now Passpo are doing it. XD

    You know, I've heard of 9nine but just never listened to them. Natsu Wanna Say Love U is actually a pretty good song. It has a completely different sound then other idol groups. And since their discography is quite small it won't be that hard to get into them and incorporate them in my blog. :]

    Thanks. I'm glad you like them. :] <3

  4. @hellomadie: I like Passpo too. I doubt the entire PV will be nothing but bikini shots. If you look at the PV preview you can see a scene with them sitting on a bed, and a scene with them running on grass. So, it'll probably about half the PV or less. :]

    But you know you're completely right about previews being misleading. The PV preview for SUPER GIRLS's Max! Otome Gokoro PV seemed like it was nothing but bikinis. But then the whole PV came out and boom there was random yukata scenes thrown in. XD

  5. @AimxAim Yeah, I'm back it seems… xD I should really log in… >.>

    Hello! Pro have had one bikini PV and that is Genki Pika Pika, but that's it pretty much – they leave the bikini shots to their PB's really, and that's it. I like that about H!P though – they keep their innocence.

    And about 9nine's Natsu wanna say Love U – it's the sound I find summery, but if you really listen to it and watch the dance, it's extremely K-pop inspired, which is what might get them that little bit more popular :3

  6. @Kerrichama: Lol. XD

    Morning Musume's Genki Pika Pika doesn't really count as a PV, because it wasn't official. It was just a bonus on their Alo-Hello DVD. Same thing with the bikini version of Berryz Koubou's Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda. I like that about H!P too. It just proves that you don't have to make bikini PVs.

    When I heard the music and saw the dance I thought it was really American inspired. But that's the same thing really. The Kpop sound and look everyone loves so much is the style Kpop stole from American music. XD Hopefully it will, because they seem pretty obscure right now. ><

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