Will Yukki really go bald?

During Passpo’s live at Shibuya-AX Passpo held a press conference and said that if their second single, ViVi Natsu, doesn’t go to number 1 member Fujimoto Yukimi will go bald.

Now, when I first heard this I was immediately suprised. I wasn’t shocked actually, I was more intrigued by the whole situation. For an idol to go bald is a completely shocking idea. And for a publicity stunt, I think it might actually be on par with something AKB48 would pull. It’s interesting. Completely stupid, but interesting nonetheless. However, it will never in a million years work. I love Passpo and all, but they are obviosuly never going to win. ViVi Natsu is releasing on the same day that AKB48 is releasing their Flying Get single. It would take a lot more than saying Yukimi will go bald to beat AKB48. A miracle perhaps? But certainly not this. There are several reasons I don’t think this will happen.
First off, Yukimi is the Cheif Purser of Passpo. That title alone must make her a fairly popular member. But something like having her go bald would completely make her lose fans. I mean, I start to lose all faith when my favorite member has a bad haircut. But having no hair at all? I’d probably flip out. There’s no way managment will ever let this happen. From a business stand point it’s ridiculous.
Another reason is,  this was never officially announced. It was more of said on a whim. One of the member’s blurted it out during the heat of the moment during a press conference. And because of that I then have to call the legitimacy of this into question. It really just seems like one of those things you say that sounds good at the time but you never actually intend to do it.
The last reason it most likely won’t happen is they said if they don’t go to number 1 Yukimi will go bald. But what exactly does number 1 really mean. Is it number one for the week or for the day? You can’t just assume the week, even though that’s usually what number 1 is. However, for a group that has no chance of making it to the number weekly spot, I feel that they would say that to weasel out of it. They having a far better chance of beating AKB48 for the day than for the week.

There is still one aspect of this that really bothers me. Why would they say Yukimi is going to do this? Why isn’t Ai going to do this? As the Captain of Passpo shouldn’t she be doing this? As the Captain it’s her responsability to take the brunt of it if they fail. It only seems logical. And yet Aipon wasn’t mentioned at all. Which doesn’t really help the credability of this.

Since this would be a completely stupid move on Passpo’s part I doubt it will happen. I am 100% sure Passpo will never beat AKB48. At most, when they lose I see Yukimi coming out in a bald cap, causing fans to have a mini  heart attack, before taking it off to reveal her hair. I mean, that is technically going bald, or sporting the bald style. I think that’s probably the extent of what we’ll see. Anything more than that would just ultimately hurt Passpo. Besides if they do that, fans would probably love it. And laugh that Passpo pulled a fast one on them.

2 thoughts on “Will Yukki really go bald?”

  1. Yukimi regularly gets teased by the other members of the group. She usually takes it all in stride and sometimes plays along. It's pretty much her gimmick of the group.

    Most likely, it's all a joke and a fake gimmick to grab attention. All idols groups are searching for new sales gimmicks these days.

    That said, I think a bald idol would be a good thing. I never, ever expect it to happen, at least not from a group that is signed to a major label. It would be such a departure from the typical idol image and it would instantly grab attention (positive and negative). ICONIQ, who isn't an idol, debuted with a buzz cut hair style and gained a lot of publicity as a result of it. Furthermore, it was presented as as a very strong and positive image. There are very few idols and idol groups (brand-new idol society) that stray from the image of the ideal, but it would be quite refreshing to see it happen.

  2. It seems like a joke. If it was really going to happen, I'm sure they would have mentioned it more than once.

    You know that is true. I never really thought of it like that. It would be refreshing to see something so off the beaten path of idol groups. But I don't really see it helping them. Even though this would get them a lot of publicity, but would it be enough to help their sales? I'm sure hardcore Passpo fans wouldn't really like this too much if it happened. And it would most likely effect the sales in a negative way. If they are lucky it would only effect them breifly, but I'm willing to bet it would be much longer. And pretty much the only people that follow Passpo are wota. If they had more fans they wouldn't have set the record for worst drop in oricon weekly history.
    I don't know anything about Brand-New Idol Society, so I can't really comment on them or their fanbase. XD

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