Kanjani8 to release yet another single

It was announced that Kanjani8 will be releasing yet another single. The single is entitled Tsubusa ni Koi and will be released on August 17th. The song will be used as the ending theme for Nishikido Ryo’s drama Zenkai Girl. This wil also be Kanjani8’s 4th single this year.

Geez 4 singles and it’s only July. At this rate they could squeeze out another single or 2 before the year ends. However, that would be extreme overkill. Since one of those 4 singles was a double A-side, ot already feels like this will be their 5th single this year. But more power to them I guess. But I guess this means there’s absolutely no hope for NEWS to release a single this year. Unless they pull another Fighting Man and release something in November again.

I’m not really the biggest Kanjani8 fan. I’m trying to get into them more. But as of right now, I’m not super interested in them. But my readers seem to like when I cover Kanjani8, so here we are.

Of course you can order this single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

Kanjani8 – Tsubusa ni Koi [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]

Kanjani8 – Tsubusa ni Koi [Regular Edition]

2 thoughts on “Kanjani8 to release yet another single”

  1. It's really obvious from this message how little you enjoy writing about Kanjani8. I love your blog, but I don't like it when it sounds forced. Please only write about the things you love; I love Kanjani8, but your writing is so much better reading when you truely believe what you are writing. Even I'm annoyed at this single release, and I'd rather you were annoyed than just completely uninterested; but if you really don't have any interest in Eito, don't write about them. It makes me sad to think you feel like you have to when I like this blog and them so much. This is no personal attack on you, rather me being selfish, so feel free to ignore this.

  2. It's not that I don't enjoy writing about Kanjani8. I only really enjoy writing about their PVs. Mostly because I don't know really anything about Kanjani8's music or personality to write about them. And since I know so little about them it makes me uniterested to write about them. Since there's not really anything Kanjani8 related I can reference in their posts, like I can with other idol groups. Which is why I hardly ever feature Kanjani8 on my blog. I have never hard any Kanjani8 song besides their A-sides. That's why I said I'm trying to get into them more. The only reason I really don't listen to Kanjani8, and write about them more, is because they are always super active and NEWS isn't. And since I'm a NEWS fan it makes me angry and I kinda take it out on Kanjani8. I've been trying to fix how I feel about them, because it's silly to dislike them because of NEWS. But as of yet, I haven't really been able to get past the NEWS thing. Which is pretty sad. XD

    And it also takes a while to learn everything about a new group, so I've been hesitant for that aspect to. I have like hours of Kanjani8 things to catch up on. It's the same thing with Arashi. Which is why I don't feature Arashi all that often either. And why most of my AKB48 posts sound awkward compared to my other posts. XD

    It's not that I feel I have to write about them. But people usually request me to review Kanjani8 PVs. And honestly it makes me feel happy that people enjoy my opinions so much that they request me to review things I normally don't review.

    I didn't even realize that this post made it seem like I was forcing myself to blog about Kanjani8. Because I'm not. Every single post I write is because I want to write about the subject. I've never written a post I didn't want to. I might be a little unsure, and therefore discouraged and uniterested, what to write about Kanjnai8's music, but when the PV comes out you can bet I'll be pretty inspired to write a review. Since Kanjani8 makes the weirdest, loltastic PVs in all of JE. XD But if the PV is a normal PV like My Home or 365 Nichi Kazoku I most likely won't review it. Just like I didn't review Itano Tomomi's Fui Ni PV because it was boring in my opinion. ><

    I am glad that you support this blog so much, that you don't want my posts to sound forced. I didn't realize people cared that much about my blog. I do apperciate that a lot. :]

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