AKB48 to hold 2nd Janken Tournament

It was just announced that AKB48 will be golding their 2nd Janken Tounament. The Tournament will take place at the Budokan on September 20th. All AKB48 members and Research Students, as well as 5 SKE48 members and 5 NMB48 members, will take part in the Tournament. There will also be a  preliminary round to determine which SKE48 and NMB48 members will be in the Janken Tournament.

Maybe it’s because I don’t follow AKB48 as close as other fans, or as close as I’d like to, but I actually wasn’t expecting this at all. Not to say that I wasn’t expecting another Janken Tournament, because I was. But I wasn’t really expected them to do one so soon. I mean, they just finished the Senbatsu Election. I guess I shouldn’t really be that surprised, because last year the Senbatsu Election results, and the announcement for the Janken Tournament, all happened at pretty much the exact same time as this years. Both Senbatsu Elections ended on June 9th. The only real differnces are, the Janken Tournament was announced last year on June 11th, and took place on September 21st. Which means, I guess both are going to be a yearly events.

I am actually really excited for another Janken tournament. I didn’t really pay that close attention to the first Janken Tournament. Mostly because I had pretty much just started to follow AKB48. But that’s only half of why I’m excited. The real reason I’m excited is because while the Senbatsu is nothing but a popularity contest the Janken is completely random. And therefore it evens the playing field and absolutely everyone has a chance. It was nice to have  relatively unknown, or less popular members, featured in the A-side. And I’m not sure if most people know this about me, but I absolutely love rooting for the underdog. It’s one of the reasons why I love Mitsui Aika so much. (That and the fact that she’s incredibly sweet and gets mountains of hate for no reason.)

I would absolutely love for the results to be so far from what anyone is expecting. I want to be thrown a curveball and have the center be a pretty obscure member. It would be ideal for a Team 4 member or NMB48 member to win and become center. Mostly because both are fairly new (obviosly Team 4 is newer) and haven’t really done that much so far. All NBM48 has done is release a single. Yamamoto Sayaka was in Everyday Kachuusha and is part of the Under Girls for Flying Get. But besides Sayaka, the other girls are pretty obscure. 

All I really ask from this Janken, is that the 24th single turns out better than last year’s Janken single. Chance no Junban was a pretty terrible song and PV. AKB48 can do a lot better than that.

4 thoughts on “AKB48 to hold 2nd Janken Tournament”

  1. I'm beyond confused. What does Janken tournaments decide? Is it any different from the Senbatsus?

  2. The Janken is exactly the same as the senbatsu. The Tournament decides which girl is going to the center, who's going to be in the A-side, and who's going to be part of the Under Girls and Theater Girls for AKB48's 24th single.
    And I personally think the Janken Tournament is a lot more exciting than the Senbatsu Elections.

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