Itano Tomomi-Fui Ni PV preview

A PV preview for Itano Tomomi’s 2nd single, Fui Ni, has been released.

This PV seems to have a higher budget than Dear J did. Dear J was pretty much just a dance PV. Which I guess worked because it was a dance song. The Fui Ni PV on the other hand seems to have an actual storyline.
The whole storyline of this PV seems to be that Tomomi is some sort of socialite. She’s dressed high end while being driven around, and they make point of flashes her diamond earings. And besides that she’s shoving her Juicy Couture bag in our face. I’m only 80% sure it’s a Juicy bag. It has the charm that they’re known for, and it looks like the charm is their label. You have no idea how much it’s eating me up that I’m not 100% sure what bag that is. XD
Besides that socilaite aspect of the PV, the PV is filled with a lot of fanservice. Tomomi’s laying in a bed with her cleavage emphasized, suggestivly eating a strawberry, and with wet hair that eludes to her have taken a shower.

The PV looks pretty mediocre to me. I’m actually only looking forward to it for the fashion aspect.

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  1. This feels like it's aimed at teenage girls. And i imagine Tomomi probably has a lot of female fans.
    The parts where she's with wet hair look SO COOL. I loved it when she bites on whatever that is.
    Looking forward to this.
    BTW, I read somewhere on the internet that fans were angry at Tomomi's speech at the Sebatsu, apparently because she said something like being on a lower position than last year. Anybody knows anything about that?? The blog didn't explain it at all, I don't even know if that's what it meant.

  2. @Anonymous: I guess some of the aspects of the PV were aimed at teenage girls. I'm sure she has a lot of female fans. AKB48 has a lot of teenage fans. However, I don't think the whole fanservice parts where meant for teenage girls. XD
    Lol. I thought it was a stawberry, but I think it might actually be an apple.
    All she said is that she went from 5 to 4th last year, and now she went down 4 places. And since there's fans who support her she'll work hard. I'm not sure why fans would be angry by that. Obviously Tomomi was a little upset to losing her 4th position. Which is pretty much expected.
    I didn't really do a person by person review of the senbatsu elections. Since I don't really know enough about AKB48 yet to do something like that.

    Another blog did however. This post, and this blog in general, is amazing. This post should give you a better feel of the election:

  3. @Nana: I know that the PV is released. I wasn't really impressed with it. So, I'm not sure when I will do my review of it. :/

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