Buono-Natsu Dakara PV preview

The PV preview for Buono’s upcoming 12th single, Natsu Dakara, has just been released. Actually a full radio rip of the song has been released too, but I can’t find it on youtube. So, I’ve yet to hear the full song. Mostly because I don’t like donwloading things.

Coming after their last single, Zassou no Uta, which had some pretty rockish songs and awesome PVs this single is a little more tame. Both the song and the PV. Buono hasn’t released as song this clam since Take It Easy. Which was my least favorite Buono A-side to date. However, this song is a bit more upbeat than Take It Easy. Thank god. It actually has a more co.no.mi.chi feel. Where the song wasn’t 100% rock, but it wasn’t too soft. Natsu Dakara has a much lighter and softer feel than co.no.mi.chi though, but it’s similar to it in that sense. And also because of that I’m not that thrilled with the song. It’s not bad, but Buono has definitely done better.

While on the other side, I am completely in love with the PV. Because the PV is shot outside/by an open door, the girls are shot in this beautiful soft, natural lighting. Making them look absolutely gorgeous. And making the PV almost like one giant beauty shot. Other than the girls looking stunning, the PV itself is pretty simple. So far there doesn’t seem to be any dance shots. So the whole PV preivew is filled with the girls close-ups, standing in front of a door, and sitting on a couch. Which doesn’t really make for the most exciting PV ever. But my girls look amazing, and that’s really all I can ask for from an H!P, or pretty much any PV in general. If the PV was nothing but them fighting giant octopi, but they looked flawless doing it, I won’t really mind.

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  1. Did Buono lose their dance-instructor or something? Their last single didn't have a dance either.

  2. Lol. I think it all has to do with the fact that before Zassou no Uta was released they switched from Pony Canyon to Zetima. Which is a UFA label. That's the label Morning Musume has been on for years.
    But I don't care that their PVs don't have dances. I was more concerned about their sound and music being effected. But thankfully they still have the same awesome Buono sound. Mostly because the songs still aren't written by Tsunku. And the Zassou no Uta PVs were actually kind of expensive. So, I guess the change didn't really effect them. ><

    Sorry for such a long reply.m(__)m Buono is one of my favorite H!P groups. XD

  3. Ahh, they switched? I didn't notice at all XD I'm just thankful they're still here after Shugo Chara ended. Buono has to be one of the better things that happened to H!P. Long live Buono! XD

  4. Yup, they switched. Yeah, thankfully the switch was hardly noticeable.
    I'm glad they are still here too. Buono was too good, and popular, to disband. They are one of the best things to come uout of H!P in a while. That's why I named my blog after one of their songs. Lol. Yes, long live Buono! XD

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