The black haired girls are no longer extinct!

After releasing their first PV preview just yesterday, the full PV for NMB48’s debut single, Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo has been released.

I know I complained a lot about this PV yesterday. Well, I tend to complain a lot in generally. I’m very critical, and full of opinions, when it comes to idol music. Hence why this blog exists in the first place. But anyway, in my post about the PV preview my only really fault about it was that it wasn’t Japanese enough. Well, who ever directed this PV must be a dedicated reader of this blog, because the actual PV is everything I hoped it would be! The PV is bursting with Japanese references. Okay maybe bursting is an exaggeration, but there are quite a few. The opening of the PV starts off with one of the girls walking in front of a rice paper screen and shamisen music is playing. From then on out I knew the PV was going to have more Japanese elements. And I was pretty excited about it. However, most of the references are in the second half of the PV. Which isn’t actually that big of a deal. It would have nice to have them more spread out through the entire PV. But that’s a tiny flaw. The Japanese elements throughout are calligraphy, traditionally drinking tea, karate, using a katana, focusing on the girl’s kanzashi, wearing kimonos, and even falling cherry blossom petals.
I loved this PV from start to finish. I like how it wasn’t an average PV with just close-up shots and dance scenes because it could have been. SKE48’s and SDN48’s debut PVs were basically just that. I love that it had a clear storyline, and stuck with it. Even if it was relatively simple, and nothing more than a few random shots edited together.  People might brush this PV off as being too gimmicky, or a tad underwhelming. But I actually don’t think it’s either of those. There was a perfect balance of the standard PV formula and sticking to a theme. Besides, this is idol music there’s a certain cheese factor in pretty much every release. I actually still would have liked to have seen a little more from the dance. But that’s a tiny flaw as well.

To me this embodies Japan. It has that standard Japanese art feel to it.

Cheap effect but still pretty cool.

This effect is awesome too. It takes so little to impress me. XD

This dance move is a litte awkward, and would honestly only work for Passpo.

This girl is cute. Too bad I don’t know any NMB48 members name. Expect for Nana of course.

The snake seriously? That move is so 90’s. XD

The dance is just too easy to poke fun at.

It’s a hair flip, it’s whatever. Chris Crocker reference FTW? I’m suck a loser. XD

Nana looks really cute in this PV. However, I can’t get a good cap of her.

This is a really beautiful kimono and kanzashi.

Ok, this is an adorable dance move.

GURIIN TII no otenami wo haiken shite~ That’s Seriously the first thing I though of. XD Also, really pretty kimonos.

I’ve been paying attention to this girl throughout the PV. She’s a cutie.

At fist I thought this said love. But I realized two things. It obviously doesn’t and I can’t read Japanese. XD

She’s so pretty. *O*


Cool effect! XD

Apparently nothing’s more Japanese than skimpy outfits. Lol.

I love the falling cherry blossom petals.

It reminds me of the Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game PV.

The girl on the right is super pretty.

Vogue, strike a pose.

This angle isn’t really the most flattering. From this angle she looks like a young Kitagawa Keiko.


Am I the only one who thinks this girl looks a bit like Ogawa Saki?

Bowing was the absolute perfect way to end the PV.

Since you can’t embed this video from vimeo you have to click here to watch the PV.

4 thoughts on “The black haired girls are no longer extinct!”

  1. At the same time I was wishing for something like a simple video with school girls on a grass field and closeup shots (Love me some idols on a windy field) I liked this one.
    I also liked the girl you pointed out. Her close up when she kind of looks down is pretty cool. I went to their page and her name is Mayu. She kind of reminds me of Sudou Maasa. The fish lips I think (lol with all due respect. Reina has said that to her face on a concert.)
    I think I'm leaning towards the pushed member, Sayaka. I always fall for the center girl, can't help it. And after you mentioned, I can see the resemblance with Saki. It's the eyes maybe. I have to admit I saw this footage of NMB48 introducing themselves and Sayaka didn't look so cute from some angles. She's probably my favorite though.
    I like the Kabuki inspired dance moves though. Many things don't look so awkward when it's done by an idol I guess. (Momoiro Clover anyone?)

  2. Really. That wouldn't have really fit with the theme of the songs though. Not only that, I think it sounds a bit too similar to Aitakatta. But that's just my opinion.
    Yeah she's really cute. Thanks so letting me know her name.<3 No, I totally get what you mean. And she does look quite a bit like Maasa.
    I'm actually not really sure how I feel about Sayaka. I rewatched the Everyday Kachuusha PV again, and she has potential to be awesome. But she hasn't wowed me yet. Yeah, her eyes are a little weird looking. XD
    I didn't get kabuki from the dance at all. Maybe I'm just too unfamilair with kabuki. XD Sure, it does. A lot of idol dances are completely awkward. And I always love pointing it out in my PV reviews. XD MomoClo is like the only exception. But that's because they are supposed to have an awkward, dorky theme. XD

  3. @AimxAim Yeah, I was actually going to write that I was wishing for something like Aitakatta. They could make it fit somehow, I don't know. It's just so cool when they're all out on the wind. (bingo, iiwake maybe, ponytail, etc etc)
    I know you make your personal remarks on your reviews, and that's exactly why I love your blog so much. I like your sense of humor and the way you write. It feels like having a conversation with a friend. I'd say that's the strong point of Janakya Mottainai.
    As the amount of western blogs about Idols increase, it's so refreshing to find the ones that stand out for something.
    I'm so grateful to all of you idol bloggers.

    PS: the dance move from the screen cap on your post is the kabuki inspired one. At least, every video game with a kabuki character in it has him doing that move.

  4. Yeah I get what you mean about having them out in the wind. I also think that's a cool effect. But they've been doing outside PVs a lot lately. Everyday Kachuusha, Naminori Kakigoori, and Pareo wa Emerald. I think another outisde PV would have been overkill. I really like the way that they did this PV.
    Thanks so much. I'm glad that you enjoy reading my posts. I always like to add humor into my PV reviews because I don't really see too many other bloggers doing that. I sometimes think I add too much personal remarks on things that people might not care about, but I'm glad to see that there are people out there that do care. :]
    I always like to see the amount of blogs increase. When I first started blogging there were only a few dozen. And now there's dozens and dozens. It's nice to see the number of idol fans increase in size. And most idol readers are grateful to their readers. I know I am. My Readers are pretty much what keep me motivated to blog. To which I am completely grateful.

    Huh, really? I had no idea. I've only ever seen 1 kabuki dance. But that was a while ago, I guess I'm just not remembering correctly. Lol. XD

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