Hey! Say! JUMP don’t go overboard enough

After waiting for what seems like an eternity, the full PV for Hey! Say! JUMP’s new single, Over, has finally been released. With only 3 days until the single is released! That’s some brilliant marketing right there. XD

Over the past 2 weeks we’ve been pretty much bombarded with PV previews, 3 in total. So, it felt like we saw a good chunk of the PV. And it turns out that we actually did see most of it, because there’s really not much going on in the PV. The PV is 6 minutes long, you’d think that they would do something exciting with the extra minute and a half. However, the entire time before the song starts is spent on the phone. I mean, I know the whole song is like a phone conversation, but the talking in the beginning was actually a little boring. What I did understand of it was, apparently Rysouke was dumped and the members are trying to cheer him up. Which actually fits perfectly with the song. But I honestly could have done with out. It’s just like when AKB48 adds like 4 minutes to their PVs to add talking and a storyline. IBut I find it  completely boring and I usually just skip it. XD
Off subject, but I understood like 90% of what they were saying, so yay for me. I understood pretty much everything except for Hikaru, the last thing Daiki said, and the last bit of what Ryutaro and Yabu said. No one cares though, so, I digress.
The rest of the PV are dance scenese and then their close up shots. Over the past few weeks I’ve gotten over the ugly dance set, and it doesn’t really botther me so much anymore. It’s not spectacular, but it could have been much worse. The close-ups are what I have a problem with. The whole PV is filmed in a school. Mostly the hallways and common area. Didn’t we just have a JE PV insanely similar to this one? Or are we supposed to forget that KAT-TUN’s White PV exists? And then the rest of the close-ups/group shots are in slow motion with random objects flying around. Which is what they did in their last PV for Arigatout ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo. But in this PV they did do it a lot more and in a more artistic way to make the PV more interesting. But it is still completely redundant.
You would think with all this scrutiny and harsh criticism that I hate the PV, but I don’t really. But I don’t love it either. It’s somewhere more in the middle for me. The guys look super cute, they are wearing normal clothes instead of ridiculous costumes, and the overall look is 100 times better than their last PV. Yuto. Especailly since he looked super adorable. Much like any PV, there’s obvious pros and cons. This PV is probably at about a 6 for me. And is probably their 2nd best PV. However, this PV needed more

Ryosuke looks gorgeous, as usual.

Has anyone else noticed that Daiki has been getting extra attention lately? He’s the 2nd main focus in this PV after Ryosuke.

Hikaru’s hair is pretty unfortunate in this PV.

Ashita wa ashita no kaze yo fuke~ Yuto’s adorable and said the most adorable line of encouragement.

The face Ryosuke has to make to show that he’s being cheered up is so stupid and obviously fake.

Hot. Ryosuke looks innocent and sexy at the same time.

Can I just point out how hilarious it is that Ryosuke is wearing a hair clip? Johnny’s: making your favorite idols act effeminate since the 1960’s. XD

Yesh, head on this isn’t really a good hairstyle.

I still don’t understand the random obelisks. But whatever.

Yabu looks hot, but Keito is all derp in the background. Lolz.

I really need to stop making caps of just Ryosuke. But he looks so good in this PV.

Yuto, why so serious apathetic?

I love how Daiki is the only member to not make the same exact expression during this random epileptic montage.

Just incredible. *O* No other member is trying half as hard as Ryosuke is too look hot. I kinda wish they were.

Takaki actually looks pretty cute with this hair.

There’s just no words.

Rabbit face.

How adorable.

I don’t really like that my favorite are shoved to the back.

Random floating objects, where have I seen that before?

Oh yeah that’s right, the Arigatou PV.


I love how Inoo is trying to look cool here. It’s not really working for him though. XD


Adorable! This post has become so Ryosuke biased, but I don’t even care. H’es shown the most and looks the best. What do you want from me?

Of course it ends with a random Ryosuke butt shot. I mean, can you think of another way to end it? But seriously lolz.

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  1. You know, I really like seeing how the group has developed since their debut. While Ryosuke was obviously one of the main guys since the beginning, he seems to be getting more attention than ever in recent releases (not that I'm complaining. He is absolutely gorgeous in this PV, I agree with you). HSJ was one of the only groups I've followed since their debut (I got into JE fandom in 2007). Personally I really like this PV (I wasn't keeping up with the previews, so seeing the PV fresh probably helped). While the beginning isn't as well executed as it could have been, with a lot of the lines feeling a little forced, I agree that I really liked that they wore normal clothes.
    Also, I actually liked the dance set. The couple of shots with the dance reflected were pretty cool visually too.
    Anyway, I'm really enjoying this blog ^^ keep up the good work!

  2. I like seeing how much they developed too. They've come a long way since Ulta Music Power. That's true, but most JE groups tend to focus on the most popular members. But since they only have 5 or 6 members it's not as obvious. While Over and Hitomi no Screen are nothing but Ryosuke. The other releases tend to focus a lot on Ryosuke, Chinen, Yabu, Hiakaru, and sometimes Yuto. (Ryosuke always look gorgeous. XD)
    That's awesome. There's not really any idol group out there I've followed since the beginning. Except for like ManoEri and S/mileage. XD (I got into NEWS mid 2008, and starting following HSJ and the rest of JE early 2009.)
    I like the PV too. Right now it's about a 6 for me, but I'm sure it will grow on me later. I'm hadly ever 100% in love with PVs when I first see them.
    I didn't see the lines being forced, they where more of just a little awkward. XD And normal clothes in a JE PV is always a bonus. :]
    I didn't care for the dance set too much. It was a little cheap and the random obelisks were distracting. The reflection was pretty cool at times though.
    Thanks so much! I am so glad you enjoy reading it! <3

  3. Are these boys??? Seriously???

    I just stumbled across this blog, I kinda enjoy reading music reviews for genres that I don't even listen or plan to listen in future. Somehow I ended up on this post, and I see you writing "he" for what appears to me as girls, right?

    Okay these are boys, but seriously the one in pink shirt… nah I choose to believe that is NOT male species!

    Help me out here?!

  4. i'm glad Daiki is getting more main attention. What I noticed when I was first learning about this group, aside from Yamada of course, is Daiki. He's got the swag, moves, confidence and stage presence that Yamada has. Do you notice the extra moves he does even when he was just standing? (part where 2 members stand behind him). the way he also flirt at the camera, this guy is a pro, that's why I'm happy he gets deserved screentime.

  5. @Anonymous: I take it you haven't heard Japanese or Asian music before. I assure you all of the people in this group are in fact men.

    That seems like an odd hobby. Lol. But more power to you.

    Of course Ryosuke, the one in pink, is a boy. They are idol singers in Japan. Japanese male singers, and Asian male singers in general, all pretty much look like this. As do young Asian actors. It's the aesthetics of Asia. Obviously Asia has a completely different aesthetic then Western countries. Even though the aesthetics are different then what you are used to, I don't think you should judge them off the bat, or call them girls. There's a whole world out there with different opinions of beauty and gender roles.

  6. @Reimin: I'm also glad Daiki is getting more attention. He's one of my favorite members. Daiki certainly does have a good stage presence. He is always very interesting to watch during concerts and live performances. As for doing extra moves during those scenes, I think Yuto and Yabu as doing just as much. But I do admit besides them and Ryosuke, everyone else is kinda just standing or sitting there. XD
    He does deserve screentime. I'm glad he's getting more of it and becoming more popular.

  7. is it just me or I've seen the longest keitai commercial ever….

    that cell phone does not even look nice… like it could transform into a car or something *_*

    but you ARE right yamada is sooo freaking gorgeous, except his damp hair

  8. Lol. The beginning is supposed to ser up the some sort of stroyline for the PV. Or at least explain the lyrics of the song a bit. XD

    Lol. XD JE couldn't even afford to have the Ai ing Aishiteru PV not be horribly cheap looking. There's no way they could have sprung for a transformer. Lol.

    He is.<3 Yeah, his hair could have been better. But whatever.

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