S/mileage 2nd gen audition footage!

Footage showing us a sneak peak of the auditions for the 2nd generation of S/mileage has been uploaded onto their official youtube channel. I first noticed the video last night, and I feel so stupid that I completely overlooked it because I can’t read Japanese and had no idea that’s what the video was. XD

I am actually really surpised by the turn out. I wasn’t really expecting so many girls to be lined up. But it just shows how everyone in Japan is becoming increasingly interested in S/mileage.
Most of the video just shows S/mileage and Tsunku talking, but there is still a decent preview of the girls. However, I wouldn’t get to attatched to these girls. Every girl that was featured in the Morning Musume 9th generation audition process sneak peak, didn’t make it to the final round. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the same thing happened here.

Here are the preview pictures of the girls. And just like with the Momusu 9th gen pictures, please click on each picture to make them bigger. Usually I resize every picture to be a near perfect size for my blog. But for these pictures I tried to do minimal resizing, to keep the pictures as large as possible.

This is a pretty long line. I wish they showed the line for Morning Musume’s 9th gen auditioners. By the way, the girl up front in the blue dress is a cutie. 

I love how that one girl is auditioning in her school uniform. Personally, I think she’s trying too hard to stand out. XD

I think this girl has potential. She seems cute, but she’s slightly nervous.

She’s not exactly easy on the eyes is she?

I want that girl who’s practically crying to be added! You can tell she really loves S/mileage. Kind of like the girl who cried over Morning Musume during the Taiwan auditons. She didn’t get added though. :/

Too bad under all these smiles, S/mileage most likely hates the idea of adding more members.

These girls are kinda cute too. The girl on the right is a stand out though.

Umm…these girls aren’t really my cup of tea. And that’s putting it nicely. XD

The girl on the left is kind of ugly. The girl on the right might be pretty if she wasn’t making that pouty/trying not to laugh face.

Twins! They would be a real life W. How amazing would that be?

This girl isn’t really pretty. But I just get this extremely upbeat, energetic vibe from her. I approve of her joining. XD

She’s obviously a cutie.

She’s cute too. She’s probably my favorite so far. *O*

See, I knew this chick would be cute if she wasn’t pouting.

Hula dancing totally made this girl stand out and become unforgetable. I like her.

I like this girl, but I think 16 is too old. :/

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