Maeda Atsuko-Flower PV preview

With less than a month until the release of Maeda Atsuko’s debut solo single, Flower, we finally have a preview of the PV. The preview itself is a mix of the actual preview of the PV and behind the scenes footage.

The PV actually looks like it’s going to be kinda sad. From what the PV preview shows it looks like Acchan is a single mother raising her daughter. But I kind of loose the storyline after that. The man featured in the PV leaves with a suitcase, which would obviously be her boyfriend or husband leaving her. But the man is like 20 years older than Acchan, and to me he seems more like her father than lover. The PV preview is also all over the place. It shows the man leaving, but then being a good father or grandfather to the child. It shows happy and fun times with Atsuko and her child and then it shows her struggling. And it also shows the man longing to be with the child. So, I’m not really sure in what order the actual PV is going to be shown in. But I think it’s going to be along the lines of the man leaving, then Atsuko struggling, then the man longing for the child, and then he comes back and everything is great. It will probably be that cliche. But it could also be the exact opposite, or just shown out of order. Kind of like remembering better times.

Regardless of how the actualy PV is set up, it looks like it’s going to be a sad PV. But also kind of heart warming. I like the PV so far. It makes me wish I knew what the lyrics of Flower where. I’m not much of a ballad person, but from the PV it seems like the song is really pretty.

5 thoughts on “Maeda Atsuko-Flower PV preview”

  1. Atsuko and that girl together are so cute!

    The guy is too old for her though O_O

  2. They really do. But they look more like sisters than mother and daughter. Lol.

    He is! That's why I'm not sure if he's supposed to be her lover or her father. o_O

  3. Atsuko is helping the little girl find her mother. I don't think that the either of the men are her lovers.

  4. Oh. Well that would make a lot more sense. XD
    Pretty much the only thing I understood in the preview clip was the word mother. Lol. ><

  5. I love this song so much… I really need a coby of the single, this song is great, also she. Hope is coming more from her.

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