AKB48 breaks a record, but do they deserve it?

AKB48’s new single, Everyday Kachuusha,  has just broken the record for a single’s best first week sales. They broke the record in just 5 days beating the previous number one single, Mr. Children’s Namonaki Uta. And I am actually really angry by all of this. I think AKB48 is completely undeserving to break the record and to hold such a high honor.

And don’t go thinking I’m bitter because AKB48 broke the record and not my favorite idol group, because that is absolutely not the case. I don’t think ANY idol group should break a record like this. Not Morning Musume, not NEWS, and certainly not AKB48. I think this coveted position should be held by a legit artsit who deserves it. Not an arist who was only picked because they danced around in bikinis and are the newsest flavor of the week. Yes, I realized their popularity is HUGE and has been for years. I simply mean that eventually people will move on to some other idol group. And that new idol group will be the “it” group and the new flash in the pan. And years from now when no one cares about AKB48 anymore people will be saying, “I can’t believe such and such established artist can’t beat that has been idol group. And sadly that’s most likely going to happen.

And to anyone out there who thinks AKB48, or any idol group, actually deserves to win you are lying to yourself. AKB48 didn’t win because the song is that amazing, beautiful, or meaningful. They won because they are insanely popular and they made a suggestive PV. (I can hear the people crying, “The PV is innocent. Bikinis aren’t suggestive. I can’t think of anything more innocent then dancing and parading around in bikinis.” Right, because only obvious sexual behavior is suggestive.)
It just makes me angry. I heard and read the translation for Mr. Children’s song today. It’s beautiful. The singing is actually kinda bad, but the lyrics are really pretty and sweet. And I can completely see why they held the top spot. It’s a song about being there for the person you love. No matter what happens, no matter how difficult things get, you’ll always be there for them. AKB48’s song on the other hand is a mediocore pop song about it being summer. And basically mundane things you do when it’s summer such as running in the seas breeze, having the sun beat on you, etc. And of course it’s the typical idol lyrics about loving someone from a far, and blah blah. The lyrics are just ok. They aren’t heartfelt, they aren’t even the best lyrics or best song by AKB48. If Beginner or Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou won, I still wouldn’t like it but I’d get it more. There was just absolutely no reason why this song won.

I would love to hear a fan try and defend this situation, because they can’t. And any fan that can’t realize that they are undeserving takes idol music and idols far too seriously.
If I’m being honest here I don’t think either songs were amazing enough to win. If I had it my way Uemura Kana’s Toilet no Kamisama would win. That song is so heartbreaking, it makes me cry every time I hear it.

I don’t know, I love idols and all but I don’t really like it  when they start beating legit artists for things. It kinda makes me angry.

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  1. I COMPLETLY agree with you. I haven't heard the new AKB48 song, and it's simply because I couldn't stand how stereotypically idol-ish it the preview was! The song wasn't heartfelt or meaningful, and the video was just like Ponytail to Shushu. Toilet no Kamisama is a beautiful song.

  2. The new song isn't bad, but I'm not really blown away by it either.
    All idols release stereotypical idol music though. I'm ok with that but it's basically just like Ponytail to ShuShu. The video was refrenced all their previosu PVs. But they basically did that so they could be in bikins again. It mainly focused on the Ponytail to ShuShu PV.
    It really is a beautiful song. One of my favorite Japanese songs I've heard in a while.

  3. I heard one of the reasons why it sold so much was that the CD came with the right to vote in the Senbatsu Election and that Wota were buying them like crazy to support their favourite member. That makes me even more angry. A clever selling technique but completely disastrous to the Japanese music industry.

  4. That's right. I forgot all about it being the senbatsu single. That definetly added to it selling so well.
    It completely is. :/

  5. I agree with you AimxAim, btw River was a song with amazing lyric but is just underrated.

  6. The fact that you are using "won" makes it clear you are looking at this with the eyes of a fangirl, angry because her own group couldn't do it.

    This isn't the ranking of the best Japanese song, but the best-selling one. It is about mass penetration and marketing, not necessarily quality. The senbatsu, the limited editions, the pics, everything is marketing.

    But isn't that everything, nowadays?

    Why Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, etc, sell more than more "serious" artists? Why American Idol is the most viewed US TV program instead of, say, Dr. House? Why people eat in McDonalds instead of a restaurant? Why Harry Potter sells more copies than classical novels? Why Spider-Man movies get more attendees than war documentary movies? Why Facebook gets more visitants than the Encyclopædia Britannica?

    You don't need to be the best, you need to be the most popular. And a group that is planning 3 consecutive concerts in a dome (35k capacity) is popular.

    "AKB48 breaks a record, but do they deserve it?" Yes, they do. This record is about cold numbers, singles sold in a week. If it were subjective, as "AKB48 gets song selected as best ever written, but do they deserve it?" you could have sustained a good discussion.

  7. Well I think the above poster is absolutely right, the record just says who sold the most, an objective measure. I just wanted to comment on the notion that they only sell thanks to their bikini PV. There are five songs and four PVs in this single and only one of them has bikinis, there were no bikinis in any of the four PVs of the previous single and they sold more than a million, the same can be said of the 5 PV for the songs in Chance and the ones in Beginner, and again they both sold more than a million. the AKB staff are genius at marketing and fan service, and know how to keep the fan base happy and engaged(and willing to pay!), bikinis is just a very small part of it.

  8. Regardless how you feel, the single sold well especially in this new digital age.

    Back then, it was just the "album" or CD. Remember "albums"?

    Now, it's CD's and downloadable singles and different versions like Ltd Edition A+B and Normal Editions A+B.

    This is the world we live in!

    To NOT give credit to the AKB48 franchise for selling so much NOW is a Disservice to YOU and to the public.

    Who would have thought that people still buy so many "physical" CDs when it can be downloaded, either purchased or bootleg?

    The FACT of the matter is that the single SOLD over 1 million copies which is getting pretty RARE by TODAY'S standards!

    Congrats to AKB48 for selling so many copies of their new single!

    If you don't "like" it, that's fine, too!

    Just DON'T CLOUD your judgement on what this is… the FACT that the new single sold over 1 million copies, REGARDLESS what you or anyone think about the group or idol groups!

  9. I'm a AKB48 fan and honestly, I totally agree with you. I liked AKB48 because they weren't really popular at first and did great songs. Now that they're so popular, all that matters is to create as many single as possible so they can take advantage of the fact that everyone likes them and sell more. Like we say, quantity over quality, even though they're an idol group. Coz even if they were only idols, I thought they were cool compared to some others because they did songs like Keibetsu/RIVER/etc. Now it's just another idol group like all the others. I admire Mr.Children as one of the most influent Japanese group I know, and not only this song, so I'm sad they lost their statut.

  10. Whether you think they deserve it or not is besides the point. This isn't an awards show. It is not S/mileage winning best new artist. This is built purely on numbers. They sold more, thats it, done (until someone beats it). If you don't like it, complain to everyone who bought a copy. The marketing team and girls worked hard to promote and sell that single. Members are fainting while filming TV programs and fan events. They deserve the honor because they did it. Every other artist can try to do the same.

  11. Firstly, "Namonaki no Uta" isn't Mr. Children's best song, and secondly, they wouldn't have even sold that quantity without a pv, without promotion, without posters on the streets, without sounding on the radio, without a label…without any of the same factors that gave AKB the capacity to break that record. This is just an example.

    Let me introduce you the Rolling Stone list of the best 100 Japanese Albums: bit.ly/Yjarp

    Most of those artists have never sounded on the radio, or been on tv at all despite having 30+ year long careers. Do you see any of the artists in the top 10 of that list being present on the aforementioned top 10 of best weekly sales?? not at all. So that means Mr.Children, Utada, Kome Kome Club, etc. don't deserve that record either. Idol acts like Morning Musume or Arashi aren't there either. Does that mean MM didn't deserve to sell 1.7 millions of "Love Machine"?

  12. lol…..yea….I'm lying 2 myself when I love this single. Glad your opinion is a fact. *rolls eyes*

    " the video was just like Ponytail to Shushu "

    The video was giving homage to past AKB videos so put 2 and 2 together.

  13. Yes, they do. Sales represent popularity, not quality. It's like saying the iPhone is the best cell phone in the world because it sells well (wait, some old bare nokia phone holds the title for best selling phone, you think that phone is the best?)

    All them are hardworking. Even if only media senbatsu gets all the movie/drama/cf deals. Undergirls sing the b-side of the single, while theater girls perform at their theater.

    This is not some contest, so why do you use the word won? They achieved the highest first week, and the week is not yet over. What do you think this is, a chart show? The highest selling single in japan is 4million+, so AKB48 has a lot to go before achieving that. Are idols prohibited to sell more than a million copies? Then all of H!P and JE talents are not deserving to sell because they are idols and a lot of other artists deserves more than them.

    And they are in bikinis because this single is about SUMMER. What do you want, dress them up in some nun costume? Yes, they wear bikinis in weekly playboy or other magazines, but are they sluts? No. Sex sells, and what do you think, in their houses they wear only underwear? If Kpop boy groups can flaunt their abs and amuse their fans with fanservice, why can't AKB48?

    And while this is not akb48s most meaningful single, it tackles the topic of summer,and I think this is just average, not that meaningful, but not rubbish. Do you think they will always do a beginner and always talk about society's issues?

    Sorry if I jump to conclusion but I think you are butthurt that AKB48 sold 1 million plus copies of this single. Don't worry, Love Machine is still 500k more, and JE talents sells consistently, even if it's not a million.

  14. Why is it a problem if AKB48 broke the record? Aren't they deserving like your precious H!P and JE talents? Some members fainted, got hospitalized, are exhausted. Even if they are not in senbatsu, they still have duties to do. Especially those young girls, they sacrifice their childhood for AKB48.

    They broke the record for the biggest first day, not the best single in all of japan. So shut up like this is some awards show. The sales reflects AKB48's popularity, though I wish they had as many fans now when Beginner was released. It's better than Everyday, Kachuusha.

    About the elections, the overall votes will still not reach a million, many buyers doesn't care for the election (unless wotas decided to use those codes to vote for their oshis)

    And that guy didn't buy all of those copies, he is from some delivery service, though I hate him since people will not vote for Yuko since they thought he will use them all for Yuko.

  15. I'm gonna agree with most of the people above. This isn't subjective and at the end of the day it's not about song quality it's about popularity. I personally think lady gaga's songs suck but I'm not about to say she doesn't deserve sales and a real band does because at the end of the day she's much bigger than that now. Same with AKB. They're popular and they're going to sell.
    Stop being butthurt.

  16. @Anonymous1: I am not looking at this through the eyes of I fangirl. I said in my post I wouldn't care if it was my favorite idol group or not. I used the word won simply for variety in my writting. I used the word won exactly twice, and the phrase broke the record 5 times. Excuse me for not wanted to keep using the same phrase over and over.

    Oh, I know that's it's all about markerting I never said it wasn't. However, that doesn't mean I have to embrace that they broke the record. Where is it written that I do?

    Yes, that's how everthing is nowadays. But that's because everyone is comforming to what everyone else is doing. And what they are told to do and like. I don't feed into anyone of that. Have here the phrase don't believe the hype?

    Oh, I know you don't need to be the best just the most popular. However, say Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers or Selena Gomez beat ththe Eagles's record for highest selling album of all time. ven though they rightfully won, do you think people in the US would like it? Do you think they'd accept it with open arms?Of course not. But by your logic they have to they can't for a second not like the outcome.

    Just because they fairly broke the record still doesn't mean they deserved to. I'm not disputting that they broke. Because they did and fairly. But don't confuse beating something with deserving to. All I'm saying is I don't like that they did. That's it, simple. I am not saying that YOU can't like it or be happy for them. But personally I never wil like it, and I don't have to like it. I acknowledge it happened, that's it. You know, I complain when my favorite movies or artist don't win at the grammys or the oscars too. There's nothing I can do about those things either. Yet I am still allowed to be unsastisfied with the outcome.

  17. @Anonymous2: I know what the record is about. However, everyone acts like I'm not allowed to not be pleased with the outcome. Which is ridiculous! That's true. But this PV focused on imitating the Ponytail to ShuShu PV. It had the most references out of any other PV. I also know that the management is a genius at selling them. And I know that the elections played a big part in why they sold so much. The reason they are so popular is mostly because they are a walking fanservice. With all their PVs, lrics, and photoshoots. And whatever, I don't care that works for them. I don't care if their next single sells 5 million because I'm a fan of them and sales don't matter to me. And have really nothing to do with tis post. All I basically said was even though there's nothing I can do about this, personally I would have liked if an idol group didn't break the record. (Oh wow, I just realized I used the wrong break in my previous comment. XD)

  18. @Anonymous3: I know they sold well. I don't care that they sold well. AKB48 always sells well.

    Woah, slow down there. When did I not give credit to them? I gave credit to them. I said they broke the record. Just because I didn't scream it from the roof of a building doesn't mean I didn't give them credit. I'm just saying I don't like that they broke the record. I'm not happy with that fact. I never said that they didn't sell over a million copies. When did I ever say that? When did I ever say they didn't break the record? Never, how is being unsastisfied with the results the same as not acknowledging them?

    Congrats to them selling so many singles. But they've been selling so much lately it doesn't even phase me when they sell over a million copies anymore. However, I will not be happy that they broke this record. And I never will. And by the way, I LOVE idol groups. Hence why I made this blog! >_<

  19. @Anonymous4: I'm AKB48 fan too. Not the biggest in history, because it's a little intimidating to get into them. With so many songs and history, it's pretty difficult to catch up on them and keep track of everyone else.

    In a sense that's what they are doing. That doesn't really bother me. It's smart, they are striking while the iron is hot.

    Any idol group is destined to become like all the rest. And in a sense they are all exactly the same.

    I've never listened to Mr. Children before. But the previous top song was really pretty.

  20. @Mina☆: I know it's built on numbers. I know it's completely fair. And they 100% rightfully broke the record. However, that's besides the point to. All of that may be so, but that doesn't mean I have to 100% love the fact that they beat it. I doesn't mean I have to praise them for their achievement/hard work. I'm allowed to be unsatisfied. And that's exactly what I am. I don't have to accept it because it happened.

  21. @Anonymous5: I don't listen to Mr. Children, so I wouldn't know. Of course he had to promote the song. Everyone promotes music. They promoted music even before they had music videos, obviously.

    I don't claim to be an expert on Japanese music. The only Japanese music I know a little about is the Japanese music I listen to currently. Since I am not from Japan I will never know as many Japanese songs as I do American. That is an absolutely great point. Are they more deseving per say. I honestly don't know. But I am judging this from a song stand point. And I did not think particular AKB48 song was strong enough. As I said, if a stronger AKB48 song won I wouldn't care nearly as much.

    I think the real reason Love Machine sold so much was because of the lyric about the world being jealous of Japan's future. But Morning Musume was still selling a lot back then. And Love Machine probably sold so much because of the lyrics and their own popularity. I mean, they were on Kohaku before Love Machine was even released. So yeah, popularity was a main part of Love Machine's success too. Was it deserving? The song is one of my personal favorites, so I guess.

  22. @dragon of dojima: I didn't say you are lying if you like the song. I never said that! My exact word were "And to anyone out there who thinks AKB48, or any idol group, actually deserves to win you are lying to yourself." I like this single myself. It's not my favorite. And the reason that is, is because the lyrics aren't strong enough for my taste.

    I know the PV was giving an homage to past PVs. I wrote a review of the PV on this blog! It seems that everyone commenting this post has never even read this blog before. But is calling me a hypocrite and a hater, for absolutely no reason at all. They don't know anything about me or my opinions to make that statement. It's sad. :/

  23. @Anonymous6: I know sales represent popularity. Because without popularity this single wouldn't have broken the record. I never let somebody else determine if I like something. Just because someone says something is the best I don't blindly believe it. Instead I form my own opinion on it. Much like I am doing now. Just because AKB48's single is the best selling, doesn't make it the best.

    I made the mistake of saying won. I used the word won 2 times, and record breaking 5. I was for varitey. Apparently know one will frogive that folly. Wow, 4 million, that's pretty intense. XD
    Why does everyone think I'm saying AKB48 is not allowed to sell so much? I don't care how much they sell. All idols sell a lot! This post has nothing to do with me hating their sales. It's me hating they broke this record. It's not the same thing! H!P and JE could sell 500 copies or 500 million, I don't care about that either!

    I know it's fanservice. I never said they were sluts. And I am very aware that sex sells. I live in the United States, which is way more extreme than Japan. EVERY idol group does fanservice because if they didn't they wouldn't have that big of a following. I don't care about fanservice. It's just a little disheartening that AKB48 does it so much. A lot more than other idol groups. But whatever, c'est la vie.

    That's my exact opinion on the single. It's average. I don't love it and I don't hate it. No, of course they can't always do amazing songs about society. But those aren't the only songs I like by AKB48. I LOVE idol music. So, I lvoe all of AKB48's fluffy, happy, idol music. It's my favorite kind of idol music. Ironically songs like Everyday Kachuusha are my favorite types of idol music. But for them to be my favorite songs, I like lyrics that are still good.

    I'm not butthurt. Why is everyone making this out to be about my love of H!P and JE. When that is irrelevant. They can outsell Love Machine I don't care. Just because it sells more about Love Machine wouldn't change my opinion on either songs. I'm used to liking idol groups that sell practically nothing, so obviously sales mean nothing to me. The music and idols are what I care about. If AKB48's next single sold 5 copies and it was an amazing song, I would of course love it.

  24. @Anonymous7: Why is everyone making this about H!P and JE? I don't think ANY idol should have broken this record. If an H!P or JE act broke this I'd be just as angry.
    Every idol works hard and sacrifices their childhood to be an idol. Because it's their choice and their dream. The reason all this happens to AKB48 is because they are the most popular idol group and are severely over worked. Which is actually pretty sad. :/

    They broke the biggest first week record. It might actually be the biggest first day record too, but I haven't heard about that. I too Wsih they had more fans around Beginner. First of all don't tell me to shut up. It's rude, arrogant, and disrespectful. I have not silenced anyone else. And second of all, this is MY blog. A place for MY opinions. Not YOURS. And if you don't like either you don't have to read it.

    Be that as it may, the elections still does help the sales somewhat.

    And I know that guy is from a delivery service. I never said he wasn't. I actually didn't mention how many copies one person buys in this post at all.

  25. @Anonymous8: I know it's about popularity and not song quality. And that's why I dislike them breaking the record. I hate that it's just a popularity contest.
    Lady Gaga's songs are terrible. I wanted to like her because her singles are catchy. But after watching her concert I don't understand why everyone likes her so much.
    It's mostly because of hype and peopel liking her just because she's popular and it's the cool thing to do.

    I'm sorry I don't think Lady Gaga deserves it either, because her lyrics are terrible. The way the media treats her like she is this god and is above everything and everyone it's sickening.

    Of course they are going to sell. And I don't care if they do. I've saiud that like 8 times now.
    I'm not butthurt, are you kidding me? Just because I dislike one aspect of what AKB48 has achieved. I get all this backlash. And for what? People to basically tell me that my opinion doesn't matter, only theirs does. ANd basically how dare I not love AKB48 and praise them for this. Even if I don't like it I have to praise them. Well, I'm not going to. People send me as much "hurtful" and "bashing" comments as you want. It is NOT going to change my opinion. I am entitled to MY opinion, just as YOU are entitled to YOURS.

  26. @AimxAim Just ignore the haters. They are obviously ABK fanatics who have googled AKB48 breaks record found your blog and assumed that all you care about is H!P and JE and are targeting you with their hate. If they'd taken a few minutes to read your blog or even this post properly they'd see that you are a AKB fan too. You are completely entitled to your opinion. That is what blogging is about. 🙂

  27. @Travelling Girl: It really seems like that's how they found my blog. Because everyone commenting knows nothing about my blog. XD And my about me says shameless H!P and JE fangirl. So everyone is assuming I only like them. XD
    Lol. I don't think they care that I'm an AKB48 fan.
    I am! And that's exacty what blogs are for. >_<

  28. As many people have stated, it'a not the BEST single ever, but the best SELLING.

    Of course, all the extras and votings must have helped, but in saying there artists who deserve it more, which there probably is, why haven't they? Why hasn't the record been broken in the span of 15 years if it's that easy?
    AKB48 have enough fans who love them enough, that is the reason they sold this much.
    Everyday Kachuusha is maybe not the greatest song ever, but the things that are technically the best, aren't always the best sellers.

    We'll have to see how long it'll take before the record is broken next time (next time AKB releases the next elections single, they'll break it again), and if the ones who break it deserve it either.

    I think any artist who manages to break such a record deserves it, it takes allot of blood, sweat, and tears to become that popular.

    And personally, I love all the songs from this single, generic or not, I am proud to say I bought to copies, which contributed to the sales, which AKB totally deserve.

  29. I like the Anonymous1 name, so I am keeping it for now.

    Someone posted a link to your post in the Stage48 forums, and I wanted to preemptively cover every point to prevent an AKB48 fan flooding which, unfortunately, couldn't. (^.^;)

    Just because they fairly broke the record still doesn't mean they deserved to. I'm not disputting that they broke. Because they did and fairly. But don't confuse beating something with deserving to.
    Again, you fall in the fallacy of applying a subjective argument to an objective fact. You cannot dispute if they deserve breaking a record with their lyrics or style, because some people may like the lyrics, some may like the style, some both, and some neither. It is like winning a match (in any sport), and then having commentaries about whether the team that won deserved it or not. Yes, you can explain why you think they should have not win, but at the end of the day, the team won (even regardless of logic).

    I am not going to tell you how to write posts. But with a different approach, you could have gotten a better essay. For example, "Why AKB48 sells enough to break a 15 year old record", giving a subjective point of view and backing it with objective information. You could even have just posted a post titled "I don't like AKB48 breaking Mr. Children's record" which is what you feel. But the way you titled it, the way you wrote it in the first paragraph makes clear your point of view: And I am actually really angry by all of this. I think AKB48 is completely undeserving to break the record and to hold such a high honor. I already demonstrated (and you accepted) that better sales don't necessary imply better quality, but that was your point: they are not qualified to hold such honor, therefore they are not qualified to those sales.

    If it makes you feel better, I don't like that they broke it with this single (and not with some other). In that we agree.

    @Travelling Girl, I am not saying she cannot give an opinion, by the way. I am just pointing out she started with a false concept: that you first "deserve" to later "obtain".

    Besides, if she were to ignore the haters, why post this post at all?

  30. Sorry if I said shut up.

    If you can say your opinion then can I say mine to?

    Then if you don't care about Everyday, Kachuusha breaking the sales record, then I think you should have rephrased your post and changed it to (like) this:
    Does Everyday, Kachuusha deserves to be AKB48s best selling single?

    (me and anonymous 6 are the same, I thought I deleted the post so I made another one)

    Sorry if I accused you of some butthurt fangirl, your description is really confusing

    The elections is just a small part of the driving force behind this single. If you deduct the ones who voted, its still 900k+

    And I know that you know anout this guy. But I still hate him.

    And about the fanservice, it dosen't bug me at all, I dont know why, maybe because I a boy. I dont care about girl fanservice, but I hate Super Junior when they are the ones who fanservice.

    It's sad if some members are hospitalized, but a part of me still says they're not all overworked. Maybe because I got used to the over-exaggerated-ness in Kpop.

  31. I think their don´t deserve it. Because their songs since 2010 boring. I love Iwake Maybe and Namida Surprise, but the songs from 2010 and 2011 are all the same… not really other. It´s really boring, so and in my opposition their just become the 1Mio. Because of the bikins, I mean when Mr.Children or Johnnys are girls in the age von 13 – 18 an wear bikins their would have 1 Mio. Singles, maybe, too.

    Yeah Sex Sales, but I think this girls not really all talent. I mean by so much girls it´s to much. To much is to much. A group with more then 15 Members is really to much, when Morning Musume was so much Members I think this was a problem. So I don´t deserve them this. I say Congratulations to them but don´t deserve it.

  32. @KuroiTori: I know it's the best selling. And I know they rightfully broke the record. All I'm saying is I'm dissatisfied with it. That's it. And people are jumping down my throat!

    I think there are artists that deserve it more. I never said it was an easy record to break. It's an extremely difficult one to break. That's why an idol group broke it.

    You know, that's most likely going to happen. I bet AKB48's next senbatsu single is going to break it again. Will they deserve it then? It depends on the SONG. But you know if I don't like the song again, I'll write an entry like this again. Basically 15 bashing comments isn't going to silence my opinion on things.

    It does take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to be that popular. But not always. (I'm not saying this is what happened to AKB48 because it didn't. This is merely to suggest another idol group could do this.) All fame is fleeting, and all you need is the right image and song at the right moment and you can become an overnight sensation. Just look at the American artists who have done it.

    Good for you. If you love the song and artist you go ahead and it's awesome you supported them. I didn't buy the single. Even if I had the money to buy it I wouldn't have because the song isn't my favorite. But I like AKB48 and want to support them too. But supporting doesn't mean I have to love absolutely everthing they do.

  33. @Anonymous: It's perfectly ok. People say a lot of mean things in the heat of the moment.

    Of course you can say your opinion. I made this blog so I can not along post all my own opinions, but so discuss things with fans as well. Even if we don't agree on something.

    My description? My about me that says I'm a shameless H!P and JE fangirl? I've had that about me since I first made this blog nearly 3 years ago. Back then I only followed H!P and JE. Recently I've been following nearly every idol group. I left the about me the same because I don't know enough about the other idol groups yet to add them as well.

    That is true. But I am sure there are a lot of fans and wota who don't vote. Not only that AKB48 has a lot of casual fans and teenage fans. They are very popular. I never said they weren't. I know they are on top now.

    I don't hate him. He was just trying to impress people. It's kinda funny actually. XD

    I don't hate fanservice either. But I'm a girl, so obviously I'm the opposite. I love SuJu's fanservice. XD I've been a female idol group fan for so long that their fanservice doesn't phase me anymore. I know it's a part of idol culture and I usually just ignore it.

    Then why else would they be hospitalized? Yeah, I'm not really a big enough Kpop fan to know how exaggerated it is. XD

  34. @Natalie: I don't think all of their songs from 2010 were boring. I did think half of them were though. XD

    Fanservice always adds to sales. Johnny's never get 1 million sales. Arashi does but that's about it. And I have no idea about Mr. Children. XD

    I think ABK48 has a lot of talent. Most of the girls are incredible singers. And I personally think Akimoto Sayaka is a better singer than H!P's best singer Takahashi Ai. Now, that's talent ritght there. There are kinda too many members. It's really difficult for me to keep track of all of thema nd their names. It was my favorite era when Morning Musume had 15 members, I want them to go back to that. But sadly, Tsunku doesn't want them to ahve more than 10. :/

    That's what I'm saying. XD

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