Morning Musume 10th gen auditions announced!

Probably the absolutely most exciting news to have been released when I was away was the Morning Musume 10th generation auditions. The auditions announced by Tsunku during Morning Musume’s spring concert tour. The criteria is the same as the 9th gen auditions. Girls ages 10-17. The application deadline is June 13th and the girls will be added after Ai-chan’s graduation this fall. You can click here for the audition website.

I cannot contain my absolute joy and excitement for this announcement. A lot of fan are whining complaining that it’s too soon to have auditions, that the 9th gen just joined. But I don’t think it’s too soon at all. I think I’m like one of the only fans who wants yearly auditions and Momusu to have 15 members again. Which will never happen because Tsunku doesn’t want them to be more than 10. But a girl can dream, right?

This is obviously an incredibly smart move to have them audition for new members so soon. Not only because Ai-chan, the real ace of Morning Musume, is leaving, but because the rest of the 5th and 6th gen are getting old and are going to have to leave soon too.

Here’s how I see Morning Musume’s future. December Ai-chan graduates. Then at that concert the 10th gen are announced. I was thinking there’s no way they would take off any focus from Ai-chan because it’s her graduation concert, her last hurrah. So, the 10th gen might be announced a concert to two before Ai-chan’s graduation. Or they might juts wait until the start of the H!P winter concert like they did with the 9th gen. Then Risa and Sayumi receive their leader and sub-leader positions.
Early winter January or February Risa announces her graduation. Let’s be realistic it has to happen, and it has to happen soon. Risa has been a member as long as Ai-chan and has to leave soon. They release one single or album with Risa as a leader.
Then in May at the end of the spring concert tour she graduates. Sayumi and Reina take over their leader and sub-leader positions.
Early summer probably June the 11th gen auditions are announced. Shortly after Sayumi, Reina, or both graduate. Mostly likely early winter There might even be another gen thrown in there. And then the line up will be 8-11 or 12. Or the one remaining 6th gen with gens 8-11 or 12.

Please note that this is just my speculation for what I think Morning Musume’s future in a year and half times will look like, and I have absolutely no way of knowing if all of this will really happen. However, it will most likely happen somewhere along these lines. Because it’s just obvious that the 5th and 6th gen have to leave within a year or 2. The 6th gen might actually be able to squeeze another 3 year. Which I personally think it pushing it a bit, but Reina and Sayumi are only 21 and Ai-chan is 24. I do realize that Risa is only 22 but she’s been a member for 10 years, it’s too long.

Anyway, going back to the auditions themselves, I’m really excited for them. I really love all the fresh blood that’s going to be in Morning Musume. I can’t wait to see the auditions and pick which girls I want to join. I can’t wait to see if my favorite gets added. I can’t wait to see what the new members are going to be like. I can’t wait to hear them sing. I just can’t wait fot all of it!

2 thoughts on “Morning Musume 10th gen auditions announced!”

  1. I have pretty similar predictions to yours, except I feel like Risa wont graduate as quickly as you think. She's been in Morning Musume for 10 years and when she gets the leadership position I feel like she's not going to give it up easily. Also, Sayumi has always talked about how much she loves Morning Musume, so once she is the leader, I have the feeling she'll want to be there for a while.

    It'll be exciting to see the 10th generation though!

  2. You might be right on Risa because she is young still. And It feels like Risa wants nothing more then to be the leader. She's been a Morning Musume fan since she was a little kid. Maybe'll she'll stay for 2 more years, until she's Ai-chan's age.

    It's true that Sayiumi will probably want to be there for a while, but that doesn't mean she can be. The the 6th gen could graduate anytime between now and 3 years from now. The oldest member graduated at 27 and the youngest members graduated at 16. But that's only because Yuko was older when she joined.
    Since Sayumi is really popular and Reina still carries the group vocally they are probably going to hang on to them for the full 3 years. But no one can ever really know for sure.

    I'm excited to see the 10th gen too. It's making the age gap pretty big again. But it makes me think of how close in age the 5th and 6th gen were when they joined.

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