Kikka’s new video is full of opportunities

The PV for H!P’s newest soloist Kikkawa Yuu’s debut single, Kikkake wa YOU, was released recently.

I absolutely love Kikka and I absolutely love this PV. Even though we’ve already seen half of the PV through the last preview. I still find this PV to incredibly fresh and adorable. The PV itself is insanely simple and cheap looking. However, that aspect is completely overlooked because of Kikka herself. She is so energetic, happy, and absolutely charming throughout the entire PV that you can help but love her. She has this quirky cuteness that is reminiscent of Ayaya’s early days. The PV itself, and her facial extpressions remind me so much of Aya. However Kikka doesn’t seem nearly as eccentric as Aya is.
The PV really only has two scenes. The dance scene where Kikka is dancing in front of very 60’s inspired dots. And the scene where she’s in a room surrounded by a giant clock and multi colored ballons. There’s also a random scene at the end where she walks into a fun house type of room with mirrors. Which doesn’t really fit in the PV at all, and kind of throws everything off for a bit. But luckily that scene only lasts for a few seconds.

I really love this dot  background.

Kikka is super pretty.

I love how energetic the dance is.

I’m not sure why there’s a million balloons around.

It’s a little lame that most of the PV is about her putting the balloons back on the shelf. At least I think they’re balloons. XD That white dress is gorgeous by the way.


I think Kikka looks even prettier with her hair up like this.

This makes me think of Koha’s Koi Kana PV.


Such a cutie.

If Yuu was sleeping how did the clock hands disappear in the first place?

This my favorite part of the dance.

I still don’t see the point of this part.

This is adorable, sending a message on a heart shaped balloon.

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