C-ute sparkles in new PV

While I was away with computer troubles it seems every single PV has come out, including the PV of C-ute’s new single Momoiro Sparkling. But it was pretty obvious that the PV would be out because it’s extremely close to the release date.

It seems like a lot of people really seem to dislike this PV. And I have to wonder, are they watching the same PV I am? Sure, the PV is actually pretty simple and does stick to the same old format. But I actually really love the PV. It is simple and cute. It has a very sweet and refreshing vibe to it. The main reason why I like this PV so much is the girls. Their outfits are incredible and they look absolutely amazing. This is seriously the best C-ute has ever looked. This is definitely the best Chisato has looked. Since they’ve been focusing on her more, she just keeps looking better and better. I mean, I never really noticed how beautiful she actually is. The PV as a whole for some reason reminds me a lot of Berryz Koubou’s Shining Power PV. It’s probably because of the solid pink background they are in front of in some shots. They did the same in Shining Power except there were like 5 different colors. In Shining Power they play ping pong, and in Momoiro Sparkling they play with water guns. The two PVs are also similar because how it’s set up. It’s hard to explain in words, but watch both PVs back to back and you’ll understand the vibe I’m talking about.

I think the dance is actually really cute. It’s one of the few occasions where totally simplistic dance moves don’t look completely ridiculous. Throughout the PV they try and actually pretend like they have something going on. With them jumping in the air, having balls thrown at them, and playing beach volleyball. But they kind of just phoned that in. Mostly because everything was filmed in the same 2 rooms. If they filmed in more than 2 places it wouldn’t appear to be so cheap looking. Like if they filmed some of it in an outside setting, people would probably complain less. But having them play volleyball the same place where they filmed the dance, makes it super obvious how small the budget was. I actually don’t mind how cheap the PV is or how cheap the overall PV was. The girls look great and they are acting pretty cute in the PV, that’s pretty much all that matters to me. Besides C-ute has always made the exact same PVs basically. Just think back at all their past PVs and you’ll see that they’ve always been pretty much the same. except for Campus Life and Aitai Lonely Christmas.

Ok, I could seriously do without the cabbage patch looking dance move.

I love how the dance area looks. I just wish the blocks didn’t remind me of Heroine ni Narou ka so much. :/

The bubbles kind of throw everything off. Mostly because they are so fake looking.

Now where have I seen something similar to this before?

Oh that’s right, in the Shining Power PV.

Maimi looks super pretty here.

I would kill for Chisa’s outfit. That skirt is amazing. *O*

For some reason this leg move is my favorite part of the dance.

Airi is insanely adorable.

Gorgeous, Chisa looks absolutely gorgeous.

Saki looks…well, at least her jewelry is cute.

I think my heart just skipped a beat. 

Little MaiMai has been looking really mature lately.


I don’t know what’s funnier: this dance move or the fact that I actually like it.

Mai looks really cute here.

These mid-air shots are actually a little weird.


The first time I’ve ever seen anyone make a K with their body was when Reina did it in the Cinderella musical. I’ve thought it was cute ever since.


Maimi is really cute.

This reminds me a lot of their limited edition cover.

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  1. A tad late, but Airi's bit in the end where she got one of those plastic balls stuck in the heel of her shoe was SO cute! She looked so accomplished there XD That was probably my favorite part of the whole PV.

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