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The lovely Sarahxx909 from twitter asked me if I would review Kanjani8’s T.W.L. PV. Which should have been done nearly 2 months ago. But my overall lack of twitter knowledge made me miss her tweet for a month. Apparently you can click and see tweets that you are mentioned in, who knew? Then my computer crashed making this post even more overdue.

I am always super excited when people ask me to write about something in my blog. However, it’s only happened on 2 occasions. And both times I was asked to review a Kanjnai8 PV. And that’s mostly because I hardly ever write about them. I have sort of a love hate relationship with Kanjani8. There are only like 4 singles I like by them, and because of that I never really listened to any more of their music. You’d think because I love Ryo-chan that by default I’d love Kanjani8 more. But that’s just not really the case.They are apparently supposed to have the most personality out of any JE group, but I’ve only seen them on Heyx3 twice. I’m getting way off topic though.

A while ago Kanjani8 released a double A-side as part of them releasing 3 consecutive singles. And I didn’t really bother listening to either song. Mostly because, as I said, I’m not the biggest K8 fan. That and the fact that it was for Shin-chan I figured the song would be pretty awful. T.W.L. as a song is actually better than I expected it to be. The song is actually pretty catchy and fun. Of course the chorus is my absolute favorite part. Mostly because the verse is pretty tame compared to the chorus. I also really love Subaru’s solo at the end. The echo effect is completely amazing. But the only thing I don’t like about the song is, I do not for the life of me know what T.W.L. is actually supposed to mean. I swear it’s Deco motion all over again.

I was expecting Kanjani8 to go all out for this PV. But it’s actually a lot more low key then I expected. Of course,  there is still the over the topness that makes Kanjani8, Kanjani8. But there’s only like a touch of craziness here and there. It’s almost like a perfect balance of low key and over the top. I’m actually kinda dissapointed by that. I’m still waiting for a PV as weird, crazy, and slightly embarassing as It’s My Soul. The T.W.L. PV is mostly just them standing around in painter’s outfits singing, with the occasional weird face in the background. The only time the PV gets laughable and WTF worthy are the scenes where they are with the cartoon screens. And pretty much only Ryuhei actually tried to make stupid faces.

Let the insanity begin.

I really love the scenes with their names. The background is really awesome.

You looks cuter everytime I see him.

Ok, maybe it’s not cool in red.

Mostly because it reminds me of this. XD

Ryo looks great as always.

Lolz at random butt shake.

All these Shin-chans are annoying me.

Lolz. Ryuhei always makes the best faces.

Ryo is love.

There’s just no words for this.

Ryuhei’s face is priceless, but I don’t get why Subaru is trying to look cool.

Incredible. Ryhuei is the only one worth watching in this PV.

It’s like no one else is even trying.

Doragon ga hi wo fuita.

The hearts makes ttis really cute.

This is both hilarious and kinda hot. XD

Can I just laugh at the fact that like at this moment it sounds like they are singing the word blowing. XP

Tacchon’s closeups might be just as weird as Ryuhei’s.

Like I said, no one else is trying nearly as hard as Ryuhei. XD


Oh Ryuhei, never stop making weird faces.


For some reason this made me laugh. I don’t even know why. XD

2 thoughts on “Kanjani8’s animated new video”

  1. This PV is so cool. One of my favorite Johnny´s PV and really You get so more sexy every year.
    I really Kanjani8 because their so funny always it´s make fun to watch them because you get happy. Often when I´m sad I watch their PVs and feel better because their have so much energie.

  2. The PV is ok. It's hardly one of my favorite Johnny's PVs. It's not even my favorite Kanjani8 PV.
    Kanjani8 is definitely always fun to watch. But that's because it's their theme to be over the top.

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