Another 48 group to be formed, HKT48

Akimoto Yasushi announced he is planning to create yet another 48 group. This time the group will be called HKT48 and will be a based out of Fukuoka. Auditions are going on now until May 31st, with ages 11-22 being eligible. It it also planned for HKT48 to debut this year. Here’s their official website.

Apparently Aki-P has never heard the phrase, “Too much of a good thing.” Or how about, “Quality over quantity.” I guess those phrases just don’t translate right into Japanese. I don’t know about anyone else but I am getting sick of all these 48 groups. There’s too many, enough already! NMB48 hasn’t even released a single yet, and they are already making another one. Aki-P doesn’t seem to realize that eventually saturating the market with nothing but 48 groups is going to end badly. Pretty soon even the wota and casual fans are going to get sick of all these 48 groups. I mean, once you’ve reached the top the only other place to go is down. Eventually all of the 48 groups are going to fall into obscurity, because popularity doesn’t last forever. And honestly, the only 48 group anyone will really care about after the eventual collapse of them is AKB48.
I could see making so many 48 groups if each groups had their own specific theme. Like this one releases enka, or this exclusively releases anime openings, or releases nothing but techno, or Jrock. Or any actually theme. Aside from SDN48 with their mature sexy theme, every 48 group is exactly the same! The exact same image and costumes, and are releasing the exact same songs. Every single by a 48 group is interchangeable. Meaning I could see AKB48 singing Banzai Venus or GAGAGA. I could see SDN48 singing Heavy Rotation. And I could see SKE48 singing Chance no Junban. But since every 48 group is exactly the same, why even make them? I understand it’s only being done to make money. But at least try to make them interesting for the fans. At least try and give them their own separate identity. To this day I don’t know or see the actual difference between AKB48 and SKE48. If someone could explain the difference that would be awesome. However, things like their ages or the music is NOT a difference. Age is a give in why, and as far as music, it’s EXACTLY the same.

And the insanity doesn’t stop there. Don’t forget the foreign 48 groups are still in the works. It seems like Akimoto Yasushi isn’t going to stop until there are 48, 48 groups!

2 thoughts on “Another 48 group to be formed, HKT48”

  1. I think its a good idea, Getting Jpop known throughout the globe, giving hope to the fangirls that want to be a 48er

  2. But this isn't getting Jpop known around the globe. This is another 48 group in Japan.
    Unless you mean that foreigners can audition for this too. But the foreign auditioners have to be at least half Japanese. So, it's still focused on Japan.
    However, Taiwan48 is the start of making the 49 groups international.

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