KAT-TUN-White preview

A short radio rip for KAT-TUN’s upcoming single White has been released.

When I heard the short commercial previews of White and Perfect I was afraid that White would never be able to compare to Perfect. And than when I saw KAT-TUN’s performance of Perfect on Music Station, and how amazing the song was, I was completely worried about White. And after finally hearing more than 30 seconds of the song I can officially say all of my fears and worrys were 100% justifiable. White is a completely lack luster, mediocre, excuse for an A-side that is in every way, shape, and form far inferior to Perfect. Perfect is simple and laid back and yet at the same time has completely upbeat and dancable music. Not to mention Koki’s incredible rap section. I’ve never heard Koki rap that fast before. It was incredibly sexy. XD

At the end of White’s intro there are these soft chimes that would be much better suited for a Hey! Say! JUMP song. And that pretty much sets the tone for the entire song. The song reminds me a lot of Ultimate Wheels where the song is sung pretty much on the same level the entire song, even the chorus. The chorus in White tries to act like it’s actually picking up, but it’s not really. If you listen the chorus is sung exactly the same as the verse except in the chorus they are singing signifigantly louder. They try to trick you into thinking the song is picking up however it never does. And I don’t really want to settle for something like that. Yes, Perfect does basically do the same thing with their verse and chorus. However, there is a bridge thrown in there to make the song a little more interesting.
The only redeeming qualities about this song are the high notes at the end of the chorus and that it sounds like just after where the song cuts off it sounds like there’s a Koki rap solo. Which is always a nice addition to KAT-TUN songs.

Don’t let my harsh opinions keep you from loving the song. You can purchase this single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

KAT-TUN – White [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]

KAT-TUN – White [Regular Edition (First Press) ]

KAT-TUN – White [Regular Edition]

3 thoughts on “KAT-TUN-White preview”

  1. …..true to some degree i guess = =' but the product that this song ties in with is a suit. A SUIT. so no matter how hard kt may push for a rock song Aoki would never let them do it right? ^^' that would be such a ruined product image right there.

    White is ok and a nice change to what they normally do. (seriously, japan in these times do not want songs like NMP… can you imagine what would happen if NMP came out now? 'i don't wanna lose you but what a painful world…' hell that would kill their sales big time LOL)

  2. woops i stuffed up LOLOLOL i actually wrote 'suit' when White is advertising cosmetics hahaha *bricks self* i am getting perfect and white mixed up XD oh my gosh i am dumb!

  3. That's not necessarily true. I don't think a company would care if the song they used was soft sounding or rock sounding. They just care that KAT-TUN is popular and having their song in their CM will boost sales.

    White is ok. However, I don't think it's a nice change. XD If they are going to release a light song make a song that's like Signal again. That would be a nice change.
    (That's true. Obviously they can't have lyrics that could be interpreted as being insensitive. But songs like Change UR World and Going would be perfect. Lyrics wise they kind of fit Japan's situation. And those songs aren't really that calm. Going kinda is but Change UR World is not at all.)

    Lol. Don't feel bad about mixing up what song was used for what CM. I didn't even remeber what White was used for. I only remebered Perfect. I guess it's my obvious Perfect bias. XD Lol.

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