Buono to release 12th single

It was announced that Buono will be releasing their 12th single. For now the single is untitled, but it will be released on July 20th. This is another single that was announced a few months ago but I am just mentioning now.

I am really excited to see Buono releasing another single. Not only this quickly after their last single, but really at all. Last year Buono only released one single, and there was even some rumors of them breaking up. But I’m glad to see Buono going strong and releasing more frequently than last year. Buono is one of those groups who basically does no wrong. Nearly every single is amazing, and even the one or two that aren’t the greatest are still pretty decent. There last single was pretty amazing, so hopefully this one will be too. Though this is Buono we’re talking about, it’s most likely going to.

You can of course buy this single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

Buono – TBA [Type A, w/ DVD / Limited Edition]

Buono – TBA [Type B, w/ DVD/ Limited Edition]

Buono – TBA [Regular Edition]