S/mileage goes hog wild in new PV

The PV for S/mileage’s upcoming single, Koi ni Booing Buu, has finally been released. Which is weird because the date on their youtube channel is April 6th. Which means they uploaded the video days ago, but then kept it on private for a few days. Which, if you ask me, is completely stupid.

While I am a little disappointed by the song itself, With it being lack luster during the verses and then adorable during the chorus. I am actually really impressed with the PV. I stand by my previous statement that this is the best H!P PV released this year. I mean, this is just S/mileage at it’s peak. Their goofy, cutesy, childish, and all around fun theme just shines through in the PV. I mean obviously S/mileage isn’t supposed to be a mature idol group expected to be taken seriously. Can you even take a group who wears pig snouts and has the word oink in their song title seriously? And that’s what I love about S/mileage. It’s actually really refreshing. When practically every other idol group out there is trying to be overly sexy, it’s nice to see S/mileage just being cute.
I also really love the overall theme of this PV. It’s like a cute comic book theme. So, there’s lots of random letters popping out, and action bubbles. There’s just a lot of comic book font and vibrant backgrounds. And I think it’s absolutely adorable. It makes the PV extremely intresting and unique.

  I love how with this one scene you can already tell how vivid and fun this PV is going to be.

  WTF does cyuiiiiin mean?

  Saki looks absolutely gorgeous. Lately she’s been looking better and standing out more to me than Yuuka.

  The dance is pretty boring. :/

  Adorable! I might be alone on this, but I absolutely love the pig ears and snouts.

  Saki looking too cute for words.

Yuuka is such a cutie.

  S/mileage’s surprise English lessons.


  I’m trying to figure out what they are doing here, but I just have no clue. XD

  I love the comic book bubbles.

  Saki just keeps looking cuter and cuter.

  I love Kanon. She looks super cute here.

  How can anyone not love Yuuka in here?

  Seriously the robot?

  This is cute, but I hate how they always have to shows idols with cake.

  Aww they are wearing tails too. I had no idea.


  Wow, look how incredible Ayaka looks.

  I have no words for this. XD