9th gen official member colors revealed!

After being part of Morning Musume for 3 months now, the 9th generation’s official member colors are finally revealed. Obviously because the 9th gen’s debut concert tour is starting up we finally get to see their shirts and see their colors. I had my suspicions and hopes of what each member’s colors might be, but I was completely off.

The colors are as follows:

Mizuki is hot pink, Erina is dark purple, Riho is red, and Kanon is dark green. I’m a little dissapointed by the color choices. As it is now every member besides Ai, Reina, and Riho share a color. They should have seriously gave someone orange. I don’t know why Eri’s color was basically off limits, but they jumped to give Koharu’s and LinLin’s away. Also, because of this I guess Sayumi shifts to being just pale pink, Aika shifts to lavender, and Risa stays at her regular green. I know there are a limited amount of colors and obviously some member’s colors are going to overlap. But they didn’t have to overlap so much. If they made Kanon orange and changed Mizuki from hot pink to peach, only the two purples would overlap.
But I actually don’t expect these official colors to last for long. This fall when Ai-chan graduates her yellow will be up for grabs. And because of that I think the whole color scheme will change.

2 thoughts on “9th gen official member colors revealed!”

  1. But they didn't give away Linlin's color, did they? They did give Koharu's though, OH KOHA I MISS YOU.

    I don't get why Kanon can't be orange, IMO it fits her, though the dark green color looks nice when she wears it.

    I love how Fukuchan is hot pink, that way Sayumi won't be the only pink XD yay we now don't have different tones of blue like the previous 9-nin musume -_- it was boring.

    At least nobody is gray like back in 2005 Koharu was oh it was terrible XD

  2. LinLin's color was green. It was a light green, and Kanon's is dark green. But green is green. So, it's basically the same. XD

    I miss Koha too! TOT Riho has some huge shoes to fill! And at least Koha is in Dream Morning Musume.<3

    It does fit her. She look ok in the dark green, much better in orange though. And she could totally fill Eri's shoes. XD

    Lol. I love pink, but Mizuki should have been peach. I hate all the overlapping! XD Yeah but now we have different tones of pink and purple. >< Which is also boring.

    Wait Koharu was gray? I had no idea. That sounds hideous! O_O

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