C-ute to release new single!

C-ute seems to be extremely busy these days. Kiss Me Aishiteru is only a little over a month old, and their 6th album is being released in 5 days. You’d think that would be enough for a while. But of course you’d be wrong. C-ute just announced they will be releasing their 16th single. The single is entitled Momoiro Sparkling and will be released on May 25th.

The name of the single is pretty much all we know about it for now. The title automatically makes me think of Momoiro Kataomoi by Ayaya. However, since C-ute has been releasing more mature singles lately I think the name is going to be the only similarity.
I’m actually really looking forward to this single. C-ute’s single’s lately have been incredible. Seriously, each single is better than the last. Except Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~. I just try to forget that single exists. XD