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I’ve finally given in. After years of saying how I would never get a twitter, I finally have. Mostly because all the cool kids are doing it. Except not really. XD I actually decided to get a twitter because after seeing some blogger’s twitters it actually looks like fun.

But you know, I was surprised by who’s on twitter. Twitter is supposed to be the coolest social network site for celebrities. But I looked up like 30 American celebrities that don’t have twitters. Makes me kinda angry actually. Now I have hardly anyone to follow.

I’ve officially joined the twitter revolution. You can following me by clicking here. Of course my twitter name is AimxAim. XD Eventually I’m going to add my twitter stream to my blog, but I’m too lazy to mess with coding now.
So, there you have it my twitter. Follow me, tweet me, tell me how much you hate my blog, or whatever. I’m going to use my twitter to post blog updates like posts. But since this is the only twitter I have, I’m also going to post random things as well.

4 thoughts on “Follow me on twitter!”

  1. It would be awesome. But I doubt that will ever happen. At least we have that Up-Front blog in English.

  2. Obviously the solution is to convince your favorite celebrities that they should get twitter XD

    Twitter is mostly useful for news though.

  3. I wish. XD But if I was close enough to my favorite celebrities, I wouldn't waste it by saying, "Hey, you should get a twitter." lol

    I suppose. But I'm mostly following pointless people. Half of which I can't even understand. XD

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