AKB48 announces new single and gears up for Senbatsu elections

Despite AKB48’s debut album being released in June, AKB48 just continues to pop out releases. I believe the reason for that is the expression, “strike while the irons hot.” I’m kidding of course. AKB48 has announced that they will be releasing their 21st single on May 25th. Not only that but they also announced they will be doing Senbatsu elections for their 22nd single.

Of course, since their single is being released nearly 2 months from now nothing about the single is know. But as always I’ll update as soon as the news comes out.
I’m actually really excited for the Senbatsu elections. This will mark my first election as an actual fan. I’ve seen 2 elections before, but I was a casual fan then and didn’t really even know who the girls were then. I don’t really have anything to worry about with the elections since Mayuyu was 5th last time, so obviously she’ll place again. (Let’s hope it’s higher. :P) I would like to see Sayaka make it in the A-side this time. Hopefully DiVA will help her get there.