Kikkawa Yuu-Kikkake wa YOU radio rip + live performance

Despite Kikkawa Yuu’s debut single Kikkake wa YOU being pushed back due to the earthquake, Kikka is pushing forward with her single’s promotions. About a week ago the full radio rip for Kikkake wa YOU was released and a few days ago Kikka performed her song live for the first time and Uta no Rakuen.

I honestly thought I would have enough time to make a post about Kikkake wa YOU’s radio rip before anything else happened with this song. But apparently not, and now this post is going to be about both. XD

Since we’ve already heard half the song when the short version of her PV was released a few weeks back, there’s not really anything going on in the radio rip that we haven’t heard before. The only actually new part of the song is toward the end Kikka sings it just a tad softer then the rest of the song. But since the song is sung relatively slow and soft to begin with it’s hardly noticeable. However, I just keep liking the song more and more each time I hear it. Kikka is absolutely incredible and I can see her surpassing ManoEri really soon.

I thought her performance on Uta no Rakuen was amazing. Kikka was absolutely charming through the whole performance. With her simple yet completely adorable dance. I was also really impressed that she sang live and sounded almost exactly like she does on the recording. It just shows how her years of Egg training has paid off. And just the fact that she’s singing live she’s that H!P is sure of Kikka and are confident with her singing. I mean, despite Berryz Koubou being around for 7 years they still lip synched Heroine ni Narou ka when they performed it on Happy Music.
I still can’t get over how much Kikka reminds me of a young Ayaya. Let’s hope that means her and ManoEri will make a duo similar to GAM one day.

Also, let me just say that I am completely confused by what to call Kikka. At first Kikka’s promo photos said Kikkawa You instead of Yuu, meaning she changed the spelling from now on. But during her performance her name is still written as Kikkawa Yuu. I’m completely confused! I guess I’ll just stick to calling her Yuu from now on. XD

Here’s the radio rip:

And here’s her live performance:

6 thoughts on “Kikkawa Yuu-Kikkake wa YOU radio rip + live performance”

  1. I LOVE HER <3 she's so energetic and natural 😀
    and about the name, in romaji, I'm sure it doesn't matter how you spell it, as long as the pronounciation stays the same 🙂 But Japanese wiki gives her name in kana as きっかわ ゆう, which is Yuu 🙂

  2. I love her too.<3 She really is. But I'm sure being in Milky Way helped with that, since she's already done the whole PV filming and live performances before.
    I guess you're right about the spelling. But I just want it to before the correct way regardless. XD Oh ok. I can't read Japanese so thanks for clarifying that for me. :]

  3. I have all versions of her single on order as I have been a fan of hers since 2009, she really was awesome on uta no rakuen, very smooth and elegant, while the radio rip is awesome too, I love the synth solo, really works well

  4. She's a much better singer than Mano imo, and more likeable and natural. (Sorry Mano fans xD) She can definately only get better!!

  5. @sswishbone: That's awesome. It's good to have all the versions now you'll have the 4 or 5 different B-sides. :]
    She was great. I was pretty surprised how she wasn't even a little nervous. I think the whole song works. <3

    @Anonymous: She is a better singer than ManoEri. But I've been liking Mano a lot more lately. Her songs have been really catchy. Her and Kikka seem to have a completely different style already. She can only get better. Look how much better S/mileage got since their debut.

  6. @ aimxaim: – yeah I love every song she has done so far so that was a key thing in me ordering all of them lol she was all that you said when performing, if you've watched the Kikka channel videos though, you'll see how much the producer pushed for her to bring her own style to it and I think that pushed her confidence up somewhat 🙂

    Also you may now know this but Kikka is getting a regular tv show appearance soon, every tuesday 🙂

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