Morning Musume-Maji Desu ka Ska 2nd PV preview

With it getting extremely close to the release date of Morning Musume’s new single, Maji Desu ka Ska, CDTV has released a 12 second preview of the PV. It honestly looks like CDTV is just airing the commercial of Maji Desu ka Ska, but a preview is a preview.

This PV preview is a little bit different that the preview we saw on Bijo Gaku. This one shows the dance head on. And it also shows the girls and set more clearly. We also see the 9th gen in colored boxes in the beginning, which gives up a great hint at what the close ups are going to look like. It also shows the girls jacket colors better, which still makes me wonder if these are the new official colors. I would actually be happy if they were. Most of the colors are amazing. Only Risa’s and Reina’s suck. Reina has a white or cream color. And Risa has a auburn or light brown shade. Which I hope is supposed to be burnt orange. XD
The PV does look a little low budget, which makes me sad. But the energetic song and dance brings the PV up a bit.

4 thoughts on “Morning Musume-Maji Desu ka Ska 2nd PV preview”

  1. Riho!!!!!!! <3
    Mizuki looks amazing too in the beginning. Amazing flying hair is amazing.

    Can you read Japanese? Do you know what the words they're dancing in front of say? Is it just Maji Desuka Ska? I'm hopeless with Japanese words…

    I agree with you about Risa's outfit color.
    I mean, she looks gorgeous in it and everything, but it sorta sticks out compared to the other bright colors.
    I like Sayumi's though XD
    It's a nice color. Probably the only color in this PV I could actually wear in public.

  2. Riho really stood out to me, mostly because they showed her a lot. All of th 9th gen looked amazing.<3

    No, I can't read Japanese. But after looking up the title in Japanese, I'm pretty sure it says Maji Desu ka Ska. XD

    Risa's does really stick out a lot. Since when is brown an official color? Or white for that matter? Even when Momusu had 15 members, no one ever had those colors. XD
    But Sayumi's color has always been pink. Well, not always. But it's been pink since Kon Kon left.
    I would actually wear all the colors out in public. They are very vibrant and beautiful. Well, except Risa or Reina's. Or Riho's, I hate yellow. XD

  3. I wished we could actually see Zukki. Her face was blocked in the beginning. That was somewhat sad.

    Risa needs a real color =D Something that makes her look more genki.
    I remember reading somewhere that Sayumi had been fighting to get pink from the other girls. She really does look nice in pale pink.

    I wouldn't want to wear the other colors. I'll stand out too much.
    Agreed. Yellow is a weird color.

    Was yellow Koharu's color?

  4. Yeah it was sad. :/ But in the little that we can see of her she looks the most energetic, just like she was hoping for.<3

    She does. But this is just speculation. We have no way of knowing the official colors unil the tour merch is revealed.

    I never heard that. Fighting the other girls? I can't imagine why. She's meen pink for like 5 years or more.

    Really? I totally would. :] And standing out is awesome. XD

    Yes, I hate yello. ><

    No, yellow was Ai-chan's color. Koharu's was red.

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