Morning Musume-Maji Desu ka Ska full rip and PV preview

The full radio rip for Morning Musume’s upcoming single, Maji Desu ka Ska, was just released.

Hearing the full song, just makes me love the song even more. The beat, the singing, the lyrics, theirs just absolutely nothing I don’t love about this song. I have absolutely no complaints about the song. I have been waiting an eternity for Momusu to be upbeat again, and now that they are I am completely thrilled about it.
I am also really surprised by how fair the line distribution is. I was expecting the 9th gen to only get 1 solo line. But every single Morning Musume member has 2 solo lines. Expect for Ai-chan and Reina who have 4 lines. Which is a huge step from their last single where basically only Ai, Reina, Risa, and Eri got the solo lines. It really feels like Morning Musume is going back to my favorite Morning Musume era. The era right after the 5th gen joined and right before the 7th joined. Where the songs were super upbeat and the line distribution was extremely fair.

On yesterday’s episode of Bijou Gaku, they continued their focus on the 9th gen and aired a short PV preview.

Most of the segment focused on th 9th generation learning the song, but half way through they were joined by the other Morning Musume members. And in that time we get to see nearly the entire dance. And I gotta say the dance look really amazing. The moves are simple, but the dance itself is high energy and a lot of fun. Watching the 9th gen dance Riho, Mizuki, and Erina are at an extremely high level in their dancing. They are nearly perfect. Kanon not so much. Even though she has improved so much since the auditions, her dancing is noticeably worse then the other girls. She can only kick half as high as the other members. But of course over time she will improve. Koharu went from being one of the worst dancer to one of the best, in my opinion. I am just really impressed by the dance. After the dissapointing Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game dance, I’m glad that this one is actually really cute.
It was really nice to see how the other members interact with the 9th gen. Despite Ai-chan being the leader, Risa and Aika were looking over the girls the most.
The best part of the whole dance was Aika and Kanon dancing together.

They are totally my top 2 in Morning Musume now. Mittsi has always been one of my favorites and Zuki is starting to be one of my favorites. She’s like my Koharu and LinLin replacement.

The PV preview is literally only 8 seconds long. And in that time we only see them dancing in nearly identical outfits as in the Naichau Kamo PV. And we see a close up of Erina wearing and outfit similar to the one Miyabi wore in the Maji Bomber PV. I can’t really judge the PV so quickly, but so far it does look cute.

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    The outfits!
    The outfits!

    I'm speechless…

    They're so colorful and genki-looking. Gotta be one of Tsunku's best decisions in a while…

    What I don't like is how these behind-the-scenes things seem to center mostly on Zukki. I mean, I know you're a huge fan of her and all, but I feel like they're constantly going back to how she's struggling with singing/dancing. I wish they would show more Riho, or at least spread the time around better. Riho and Mizuki get very little time on these videos, in my opinion…

  2. Oh yes, and another thing:

    The dance, especially the line dance part, looks very very tiring…

    I have a feeling H!P is going into a Line-Dance era. It seems to be popping up more often

  3. I know! The outfits are amazing.<3 Even the outfits on the covers are amazing.

    I have noticed that too. But they could be doing that for 2 reasons. 1. Because Zuki is the only one who is really struggling. She's the only one who can't pick up the dances quickly. And if the other's aren't struggling, what else are they going to focus on? These
    segments are about training, and Kanon needs the most. So, she gets the most time.
    2. Because Riho and Mizuki are popular already, so they are trying to get more focus on the least popular girls. If you look at the member intro vidoes on Morning Musume's youtube channel, Riho's and Mizuki's are viewed the most.40-60 thousand times more.

  4. The line dance does look tiring. But the rest of the dance doesn't. It has to be less intense for the new members, that's why it's relatively simple.

    I haven't noticed line dances in any other dances. Which ones? XD

  5. I suppose you're right about Zukki, but still.
    I want to see more Riho!

    Well, it could be just me, but having the members form a line seems to be a lot more common recently. Like the beginning to Aitai Lonely Christmas, Momusu's Lullaby Game, and Berryz's Heroine thing as well (I think…)
    Of course, it could be just me. I don't usually pay attention to their dances.

  6. Lol. I'm sure we'll see more Riho in the future. Riho is really popular already, she'll probably be like Ai and Reina in the future. Then you'll see so much of her, you'll be sick of her! XD

    Oh ok, I get what you mean now. I guess that has been happening a lot, I just didn't reeally notice. Lol.

  7. Riho XD
    I could see her as the future Reina.

    Reina was the first girl I learned to recognize from Morning Musume. I want a Riho+Reina duet sometime in the future.

  8. She'll totally be another Reina. She has the voice for it. Well, not yet but once it develops she will.

    I don't know if a Reina and Riho duet will ever happen, because the 6th gen probably only has another 3years tops. :/

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