Kikkawa You-Kikkake wa YOU PV preview

A PV preview for H!P’s newest soloist Kikkawa You’s debut single, Kikkake wa YOU, has been released. The PV is 2 minutes long so it’s really more of a short version than a PV preview. But whatever. I really didn’t want to watch the PV because this long of a preview spoils the whole PV. But this is the first time us fans are the song (beyond the chorus), so I just had to watch it. XD

As a person who strongly hates the color yellow, I have to say I absolutely hate the color scheme for this PV. But beyond that I do enjoy what I see of the PV. Some aspects of the PV have this retro feel to it. Since this is only Kikka’s debut single the PV isn’t the most exciting thing too what. There’s only about 2 different scenes in the whole PV. But that’s to be expected. There are still figuring out what to do with Kikka and how to make her different from ManoEri.
There is another thing I love about this PV. I can’t be the only one who noticed this, but the whole time watching this PV I felt like I was watching and Matsuura Aya PV! Kikka does have an extremely similar style voice as Ayaya and her songs do have the same vibe as hers. I mean, this PV looks identical to something Aya released a few years back. You is even doing some of the hand moves Aya does when she songs! This has got to be what H!P is going for. In a way it kind of feels like the happy upbeat Aya never left. Even though the PV is very Aya like, Kikka still manages to do it in her own style, and with a type of song that I don’t thing Ayaya would sing.

I do really like the song. Even though it’s a little too slow for my taste, the song is still super upbeat and positive. And I like the unique sounds that they are giving You. Of course, the chorus is my favorite part of the song. Mostly because it’s the only time the music and PV picks up in anyway.

And of course you can buy the always lovely Kikkawa You’s debut single at CDJapan by clicking below.

Kikkawa You – Kikkake wa YOU! [Limited Edtion / Type A / Jacket A]

Kikkawa You – Kikkake wa YOU! [Limited Edition / Type B / Jacket B]

Kikkawa YOU! – Kikkake wa YOU! [Limited Edition / Type C / Jacket C]

Kikkawa You – Kikkake wa YOU! [Regular Edition / Jacket D]

4 thoughts on “Kikkawa You-Kikkake wa YOU PV preview”

  1. Awesomeee!
    She's actually doing it alone, not like Erina and her group of eggs dancing behind her…

    Not that I don't like Erina.

    Album covers look somewhat better than Erina's too, in my opinion. Remember in the beginning, Erina had only one expression and pose on each album cover?

    Not that I don't like Erina…

    Last thing: Has H!P recently won the lottery? The music videos suddenly feel like they have a higher budget right now.
    I think I started noticing it around C-ute's Aitai Lonely Christmas, then Kiss Me Aishiteru and Berryz's Lady Gaga thing.
    All those props and lights feel very high-budget indeed.

    Makes me excited to see Momusu's PV!

  2. I know!
    Lol. Erina only has Eggs dancing behind her because she is one of the worst dancers in H!P.

    I like Erina too. To a degree. She's not my favorite, but I'm getting more used to her now.

    They look identical to ManoEri's. XD But I think they are cute.<3 What do you mean in the beginning. Erina's covers have never stopped looking like that. The only cover that is different is her More Friends album. Lol. XD

    It kind of seems that way doesn't it? I have no idea what's up with that. Maybe they started hiring better directors? Momusu's PVs haven't really been better though. Let's hope Maji Desu ka Ska is amazing.

    OMG me too!<3

  3. Erina and her hand/arm movements…
    Do you think she'll ever get PVs without eggs?
    I don't mind her having eggs, as long as one of them is Saho Akari =D

    Really? I'd like to hope that Erina has gotten better with her poses. I remember her beginning ones were the same facial expression, and the only difference would be the background color and the angle that her head is tilted. Yuu has the same expression, but at least her poses are a bit more original XD

    Yeah, it seems Momusu has missed the initial lottery prize. The outfits for Maji Desuka Ska makes me think they're probably using more budget on this one compared to Lullaby Game. At least they have different outfits…
    Maybe Tsunku found a lucky 1000000 dollar bill on the ground on the way to work or something XD

  4. Lol.

    I have no idea. I actually like that the Eggs are in the video. It makes them more interesting. OMG YES!<3 I love Saho Akari. :]

    Oh that's what you meant. XD I thought you meant the covers were just nothing but her face. XD But I think Matsuura Aya and Goto Maki had more interesting covers. You's covers are a bit simple too, but it's her first single so her covers will probably get better.

    I really love the outfits for Maji Desu ka Ska. But then again I loved the Naichau Kamo outfits. XD
    Lol. Tsunku probably realized he needs to start making better PVs. A bad PV hurts the promotion of the single. :/

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