YuiKaori-Shooting Smile preview

YuiKaori’s upcoming 4th single, Shooting Smile, isn’t being released until April 6th. But King Records has decided to give fans a short preview of the song a lot earlier than expected.

I don’t know about you, but I have been waiting for months for any sort of news on this single. Obviously since it was announced in December and wasn’t being released until April, the waiting has seemed like an eternity and pretty much has been torture. XD

This single follows suit of YuiKaori’s past singles. It’s super upbeat and super positive, with heavy anime music. Even though the preview is only 30 seconds of the chorus it’s enough to get the overall feel of the song. The style is extremely similar to their Vivivid Party song. Since the song is extremely happy and YuiKaori like, I’m really excited to see what the PV is going to be like. Since all of their PVs have strikingly different.

Click here to listen to the preview.

Also here’s a video of the always adorable YuiKaori talking about their upcoming single.

And of course you can purchase the single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

YuiKaori – Shooting Smile [w/DVD, Limited Edition]

YuiKaori – Shooting Smile [Regular Edition]