Arashi become Lotus-Eaters

The PV for Arashi’s upcoming new single, Lotus, has just been released. In it what seems like a millennia to wait. Johnny’s loves to cut it close and make fans wait an unnecessarily long amount of time for the release of their PVs. Well it’s actually not that close to the release date. Since a lot of JE PVs are released with like 3 weeks until the release date. But when you take into consideration the first time you heard this song through a PV preview was over a month ago. That’s way too long to wait.

I didn’t really plan on reviewing this PV, because I don’t really have anything exciting or interesting to say about it. But I just realized, despite Arashi releasing 6 singles in 2010 I’ve only done like 2 Arashi reviews. 2/7 isn’t really a good statistic in my book. And not even that I’m thinking of doing a review of every idol PV that comes out from now on. Because if I’m not impressed with the song and/or PV I usually don’t review it, and that gives me a huge gap in between PV reviews. A couple of years back when this was just an H!P blog I used to review every single PV that came out whether I liked it or not, because I knew people would be interested in that. Lately I’ve been a little lazy when it comes to blogging. I haven’t been posting CMs, live performances, and still haven’t fixed up the appearance of my blog yet. Well, this has gone way off track. But I just wanted to let readers know what I intend to do from now on, now that I’m on the subject. XD

But anyway, back to the topic at hand: Arashi. The PV is nearly identical to the PV preview we saw nearly a month ago. Just like I feared would happened this PV has become nothing more than a giant dance shot. But Arashi only really has interesting PVs every once in a blue moon. That’s why I called them Lotus-eaters. Because apparently if you eat from the Lotus tree it causes drowsiness. And since they are drowsy, their PV sucks. Get it? Whatever, I just didn’t want my joke to be wasted because it’s a pretty obscure reference. XD
There are a couple of scenes that drift away from the dance scenes. Which makes it only 80% dance shot. But they aren’t really doing anything interesting in those scenes either. It’s just basically them standing in front of, what I’m going to assume is a lotus tree, and just standing in front of a wall. And despite this pretty average PV this single will probably sell a million copies. But the song is good, so I don’t mind too much.

If this was practically the only scene in the PV anyone was going to see, I don’t think I’d make the backdrop a giant half made wooden eagle. XD

Take a good look because this is basically the whole PV. Nice to see Aiba in the center of the dance though. But by the next single he’ll be on the side.

Oh my god, the whole PV is a dance shot and the dance isn’t even very good. O_O

Zombie move! But I’m sure the dance will eventually get better.

Or not. Lol.

I might be used to MatsuJun’s hair, but I still don’t like it.

For some reason I really like this random box dance move.

I literally cracked up during Nino’s ah~ line. It just sounded so girly and unexpected. How did I miss that during the radio rip?

Nino’s overall adorableness makes this PV a lot more watchable.

Arashi keeps doing all these overly girly female idol dance moves.

Nino is love.

Aiba looks less ugly in this PV for some reason.

Is this a lotus tree? They don’t look like the lotus flowers I’m familiar with.

Having a double of yourself in a PV, where have I seen this before?

Maybe it was a NEWS PV.

Or it could have been a Berryz Koubou PV.

Nino’s intense face is pretty hot.

See, Aiba almost looks attractive.

Obvious Nino bias is obvious.

Lol antler dance move.

I suggest you watch the PV before it gets taken down. :/

4 thoughts on “Arashi become Lotus-Eaters”

  1. i really think lotus is a beautiful song and they can dance i hate when you say the dance is bad.. are you really an arashi fan??? or just you love nino only

    1. Lotus is a great song I’m a big fan of it. Oh absolutely Arashi can dance. I think they are one of the best dancers in Johnny’s. I think Love Situation proves that. It’s just I don’t really like this dance. No big deal, I don’t have to like every dance they do.

      I am an Arashi fan. But I do think Nino is the best looking, so for a PV review I’m going to mention him a lot. However, he’s only my 3rd favorite Arashi member. My absolute favorite member of Arashi is Aiba. No one will ever trump him. He just has the best personality ever. Nino might be cute, but I judge all the idols I like, including Arashi, on personality.

      Since this is my blog I can admit that this isn’t one of my best written posts. But my writing has gotten better, so I would love if you read other Arashi reviews I’ve done that are better written. I’ve done reviews for Calling, Breathless, Wild at Heart, and Meikyuu Love Song. I really hope you’ll check those out. 😀 Because I am an Arashi fan and a big one.

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