No3b-Answer PV preview

AKB48 sub-group no3b released a PV preview of their upcoming new single Answer. This is also the first time I’m hearing the song as well because I completely forgot about their new single. And also because a full radio rip was never released. I just listened to a preview for Not Yet’s debut single, hopefully they release a radio rip so I can make a post about that. XD

The PV preview itself is extremely short and most of the time it’s just Kojima Haruna and Takahashi Minami talking about the single. So we hardly see anything

The PV itself does look a little low budget and a tad simple. But they still manage to make the PV interesting to watch. I personally find the PV to be a little odd. The weird aspect to the PV is when their heads are just revolving around in a circle. PVs in the past have had people revolve around in a circle before. The only idol one that comes to mind is The Peace by Morning Musume. But that was their whole body, having just the heads makes it a little creepy to me. But that’s probably just me. And at the very end of the clip they show their whole bodies. But who knows how prominent those scenes are. XD
Also another chunk of the PV they seem to be singing behind what appear to be picture frames. The ironic thing is when they only need to show the head, in the picture frame scenes, they show their whole bodies. Which is kinda funny if you think about it.
I do think the dance looks like it might turn out to be good, but we literally only see it for maybe 10 seconds at the most. I have to say I absolutely hate the black dresses they wear during the dance. It looks a little too much like something Tine Turner would wear for my taste.

Since the song is used as the ending for the anime Beezlebub the song is extremely anime sounding. But that’s probably what I like most about the song. Because honestly the song is a little boring to listen to. The music during the verse is soft and slow. And the singing is consistently the same throughout the song. Having the song sung at the exact same level and tone is extremely boring. The only time the song gets exciting is when the chorus kicks in. The music amps up but hardly at all. And the singing hardly changes. There’s like one half hearted highish note.

Here’s the PV preview.

And also the song preview if you haven’t heard it either.