I spent my Valentine’s Day with Akimoto Yasushi

The title of this blog post is of course misleading. But I did indeed spend a fraction of my Valentine’s Day with Aki-P. If you remotely care you can read on, and find out how. It’s a lot more mundane then you’re probably expecting. XD

It was pretty much the end of Valentine’s Day and I was sitting on my couch watching TV with my mom. Since everything else was already half over, she decided to put on an old episode of Iron Chef. Mostly because a couple of years ago we used to watch Iron Chef all the time, and it was also the Valentine’s Day episode. Well, that and my mom, despite refusing to admit it, totally has the hots for Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. Which is both disgusting and hilarious.

I was only half paying attention to the episode because I was getting pretty tried and I didn’t really feel like watching Iron Chef. So, it got to the best part judging. But since I wasn’t paying attention I missed who the first judge was. Of course it had to be the first judge. Because when it got to the second judge I commented how she was only half Japanese. XD

So, I was watching the judging pretty oblivious the first half. And then it hit me. I started to think that looks a lot like Aki-P. So I asked my mom what the male judges name was. Of course she didn’t know because she could probably barely pronounce it let alone remember the name. So I said to her if his last name is Akimoto I totally know who it is. I then had to wait until the end of the episode to see the judge’s scores to see their names, and if it was him. But the Cooking Channel hates me and right after the winner was announced they cut the ending. So I had to jump up and rewind it all the way back to when the judges were introduced.

And of course it was him. And because it was him I got WAY more excited then I should have. I literally jumped up and down and said to my mom, “OMG it’s him! I knew it! It’s him!” And then I said for about 5-10 minutes about how, “I didn’t think it was really him. I can’t believe it’s him. And he’s only on the Valentine’s episode because of the song he wrote about Valentine’s Day.” Yeah I take my idol fandom pretty seriously. XD
And it’s also really funny because when my mom first put Iron Chef on my exact words were, “I really wish they made Iron Chef today, because if they did I would know who the judges were. I bet they’d have some former Morning Musume as judges.” Which is pretty funny because I actually knew someone on the episode.

I also wasn’t 100% sure it was Aki-P because I have only seen a picture of him maybe 3 times. But after googling him he looks exactly the same. XD Also, I think because I made such a big deal about recognizing him that my mom thinks I’m like in love with him or something. Which is whatever, I don’t really care too much if she thinks that. But she obviously doesn’t think I have eyes. XD I’m sure there are people reading this going, “Of course Akimoto was a judge on Iron Chef. I totally already knew that.” But I had absolutely no idea he ever did. And why would I? That show is 16 years old, and he’s just the songwriter and producer he doesn’t really matter that much. I mean, I don’t know anything about Tsunku or Johnny Kitagawa either.

Yeah, believe it or not that was the highlight of my Valentine’s Day. Yes, Aki-P made my Valentine’s Day because I’m alone this year. But I still think seeing him on Iron Chef was pretty awesome regardless. XD