Maybe Jin might not fail in the US after all

During an interview before his concert at the Budokan Akanishi Jin announced that his debut US single will be a collaboration with popular American singer Jason Derulo. In case you’re not familiar with Jason Derulo, last year he had the insanely popular songs Whatcha Say? and In My Head.

This is probably the most exciting Jin news I have come across in months. This means Jin might actually have a chance at becoming popular in the US. Just yesterday I was thinking for Jin to be popular in the US he has to not make music like Justin Timberlake. Because Jin totally wants to be the Japanese Justin Timberlake. Justin hasn’t made music in years, that music direction would be an absolute train wreck. To be popular in America Jin has to make music like Usher, Enrique Iglesias, Trey Songz, Taio Cruz, or Jason Derulo. And wouldn’t you know it, his debut single is going to be with Jason Derulo. And since the song itself was made by Jason Derulo that just adds to the chance of it becoming a hit. Even if the song isn’t that amazing just having Jason Derulo in it will automatically get the song some air play. I mean, because of this I’ll probably even get to see the music video on TV. Which is mucho exciting.
There have been a lot of Asian artists that failed in the US and I think a main problem with that is they are trying to do it on their own. They don’t realize to really get their name out there, they need to have their name attached to someone already popular in the US. Yes, BoA did collaborate with American artist Sean Garrett. But the problem with that was is Sean Garrett isn’t really popular at all. I mean, the first time I ever heard of him was in her song. Who ever is producing Jin or is handling his career in the US seriously knows what they are doing. I mean, I think Jin might actually be the first Asian artist to really make it here. I went from being extremely skeptical and had absolutely no faith in him, to actually being a little optimistic about his career now.

Let’s just hope the actual lyrics of the song are A LOT better than Yellow Gold. XD

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  1. I'm so glad someone agrees! I too was rather skeptical at first. I've never liked a singer more than Jin, so I absolutely would love for him to make it in the American market, especially after taking the risk of his lifetime. But it's brutal here, and as we know, his English is flawed and his music may come off as too JT influenced. I was really worried, and perhaps still am a little since it's tough for Asians to break the American music market. But collabing with Jason Derulo is probably the perfect level Jin needs to be at. I never expected him to get someone ridiculously up there, but Derulo is definitely a good shot at getting noticed because at least people know him. Jin himself said it "I'm a newbie", which he is. I feel like in the US industry, no matter how famous someone was in their country, they have to start from the beginning again. Realistically speaking, most unknown artists have to get a one hit wonder kind of song out (like Jay Sean's "Down") before climbing up in popularity. I feel like it's the only way to go, and if there's an already known name attached to the song and it's catchy enough, then your chances rise significantly. I respect Jin for working hard and doing this, and I hope he'll get a boost of luck on top of his dedication to his music so he can get a good start to his career, as well as possibly be the first from his background to succeed.

  2. That's interesting!

    I'm really not a Jin-fan in the first place, but I can see why other people would be. He's got the looks, he's definitely got the voice and apparently he's got something which at least resembles personality (I've been having trouble seeing past his general arrogance…)

    Anyhow, despite his advantages I, too, haven't been able to fathom how he is supposed to make it overseas. Japanese artists usually don't, and I don't see why he would be different. This collaboration, however, is a chance.

    I think the key here actually lies with Jin's present popularity in Japan. Due to this collaboration, Jason Derulo's single will unexpectedly sell well in Japan, and Jin's single will unexpectedly sell well in the us – or so the producer's think. Good ol' cross-promotion.

    I kind of hope it works, yet I also kind of hope it doesn't. If he someday manages to become a worldwide superstar and normal, average, mainstream people around me talk about him, I might have to hide underneath my bed for the rest of my life, agonizing over what the world is becoming.

    Anyhow, this is interesting. Can't wait to get my hands on the CD sales. For the CD, I'll pass.

  3. @Xinyi: I'm glad you agree with me. I seriously thought I was the only one who felt like this about Jin. Jin's not my favorite singer, but he has an incredible voice and it is pretty American sounding. I was thinking it might come off as too JT, but honestly it might come off as too Black Eyed Peas. Jin is a Black Eyed Peas fan already, and seems to be getting a lot of inspiration from them. He is copying their futuristic theme with his tour being called 3011 and not 2011. :/
    It is extremely hard for Asians, and it's honestly not fair. Because practically every other foreign race has been successful here.
    I know right! I never expected Jin would collab with anyone remotely famous here. It is going to help him greatly.
    But Jay Sean isn't really that popular here. 2012 hasn't really became a huge hit. And Down was only popular because of Lil' Wayne. But it didn't work for 2012. Nicki Minaj isn't much of a help for 2012. But I'd settle for Jin to just have one hit. XD
    I really want Jin to suceed here. I really want any Asian artsit to be sucessful here. But I feel like if Jin makes the right kind of music he could be insanely popular here. :]

  4. @Annah: I'm not reallly a Jin fan either. I am in the exact same boat as you! Jin is an amazing singer, and seriously good looking, but I can't stand the way he acts. He's just too arrogant. And most of the time acts like he's too great to even make appearances. :/
    Exactly. I have been extremely skeptical since day one. I thought it was so impossible that it was even laughable at first. But after I heard about the collab, I thought oh man it's serious now. XD
    That doesn't make sense to me. The collab will of course help Jason Derulo a lot in Japan. But Jin's popularity in Japan won't have any effect on his American single. Only Jason'e presence will help the American single. Jin probably only has about I'll be generous andd say 50,000 American fans.
    Why would you have to hide under your bed? I don't understand what you mean. I want my favorite Japanese and Asian artists to be popular here so everyone will know who they are and talk about them. So, I don't have to be the weird girl who likes Asian people they've never heard of. And also so their Japanese or other Asian music will get out there.
    I'm curious to see the sales as well. As for the CD itself, I'll have to hear the actual songs to see if they are any good. Because the songs he was performing at his American concerts were just not good. If he uses those songs he'll probably fail. :/

  5. Ah I guess what I meant with Jay Sean was, he is relatively known here now. It’s not that he’s Usher or anything, but he’s around. lol If Jin can achieve that level of fame, it will satisfy me, though to be honest, it will still surprise. I did think it was a bit of a stretch what Jin was trying to reach in the US, despite being his fan, but I just wish him luck. Derulo could be his lucky break if they are very careful in their steps.

    Yeah that’s his weakness, that he is easily influenced by other artists to such a degree. There needs to be a certain amount of uniqueness to where he doesn’t come off as a copycat. (People flipped out over Whatcha Say because it was based off Hide and Seek. Imagine what they’d say about Love Juice.) I admit I like the songs Jin wrote in Japanese a lot more. Eternal just melts my heart, and I adore Murasaki along with Care. They all have deep lyrics, while the Americanized ones are just about partying, though I do like Wonder and its message. Overall I think Jin’s quite good at communicating his feelings through songs (even if he kinda sucks at it with words), he just needs to produce better Americanized songs (and lose the dirty lyrics). As for his voice, it’s better than most the other JE's but I don't find it to be incredibly consistent…I loved the live version of Eternal the first time he sang it, but the released recording disappointed me, ah…It just didn’t sound as smooth or glowy like the live. I guess he really has to be living in the moment to truly deliver.

    Lol I can understand why some people might dislike Jin. He’s a hit or miss, love or hate kinda guy. 🙂 I actually like him mostly for his personality since he goes with his feelings and never fakes them. I don’t find him to be arrogant either, but I admit I had a wavering first impression of him. After a bit I simply adored his bakaness and honesty, though I know a first impression is hard to overturn. But a lot of adults who have worked with him said he actually has a really ‘pure’ personality despite his image. The “Americanized Jin” did shock me at first, but I soon realized he’s essentially still the same inside. He knows his weaknesses and has never denied them, but nothing has ever stopped him from trying to reach his dreams. That’s mostly the reason I want to see him achieve some degree of acknowledgment here, no matter how difficult it may be. Plus, who knows, he might be able to open a door for other deserving Asian artists in the US. 🙂 That’d be a good day and perhaps closer than we think.

  6. @Xinyi: Oh ok. XD Yeah, I guess he is pretty well know here. And I kept forgetting that he's foreign too. Even though it's just England that still counts. Lol. XD I thought it was a stretch too. And I honestly thought it was just an excuse for him to leave KAT-TUN. I thought he was going to put minimal effort in the US and just have the solo career in Japan he's always wanted. But now that I see he legitimately cares, I hope he has some sort of sucess.

    Exactly. But for that reason I doubt Love Juice will ever make it past Japan. Warmer Music probably wouldn't want the heart ache it would case. (And I had no idea about Watcha Say sampling from Imogen Heap. I'm not a big fan of them. When you said Hide and Seek I literally thought, "OMG Jason Derulo stole from Amuro Namie?" Obviously not. Lol.)
    I actually like both songs. I just can't help but love Love Juice for some reason. XD And I absolutely love Wonder. That would seriously be a hit in America! Just replace a Crystal Kay with an American singer. XD
    I agree with you saying he's not that consistant. Some of the songs he can't hit the high notes during a concert. But he does hot a majority of him. But the funny thing is, being a good singer doesn't really matter too much in America. I mean have you heard Katy Perry live? She can't sing. Gwen Stefani was in No Doubt for over 10 years or so and even she can't sing. I heard a live performance of Hollaback Girl and wanted to rip my ears off! XD And was also a little dissapointed by the recored version on Eternal. He toned it down for some reason.
    To me Jin most of the time looked uniterested. But he did have his moments where he was charming and etertaining. But I just couldn't get past that to me deep down Jin felt he was too good for KAT-TUN. I mean Ryo acts sort of the same way at times. But you can tell that he really does enjoy being in NEWS and Kanjani8. I don't know, I don't really know all that much about Jin anyway. KAT-TUN is one of my least favorite JE groups. And I usually only pay attention to Koki when I'm watching KAT-TUN stuff. XD
    Eventually an Asian artsit is going to make it here, and just wish that day would come already! But I honestly don't expect it to be anytime soon. People in the US seem to have the most stereotypes for and make fun of Asians the most of any foreign race. That's why there's only a handful of Asian actors. And they are never in the lead romantic role or anything. (Especially male Asians. You actually kinda see female Asians a lot.) The first hint of Jin's accent and people will be making fun of him. And sadly, that's how most of America really are. :/ I know people will be like that because it's the same stupid jokes my parents make about them because I like Asian music. XD

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