Ultimate Wheels PV preview

There are 2 new commercials out to promote KAT-TUN’s new single Ultimate Wheels. The commercials are both 16 seconds, and nearly identical, but it’s enough time to give us a small preview of the PV.

And I am completely disappointed by the PV. If you can actually call it a PV. The PV itself is nothing but KAT-TUN in a room with lavender colored walls and floor. And basically the only thing they do is either dance or do flips/break dance moves. And of course the random close up scenes with them just standing there. But I have to admit Kame and Koki are looking pretty fine. (Someone seriously needs to make a gif of Kame biting his lip!) Ueda almost looks hot, but he still looks too pretty to be considered hot.
For me when there’s hot Japanese boys in the video there doesn’t have to be too many other elements going on for me to like the PV. But there has to be something to the PV. But there’s absolutely nothing going on in the PV! I mean to me this looks like they are showing the dance shot version. Except JE doesn’t make dance shot versions. I’m just really sad because the song was so amazing and meaningful, that I was expecting the PV to be amazing. JE really dropped the ball on this one.

Here are the PVs. Please note that these aren’t the best quality. It looks like the person literally filmed it off their TV. But I was not waiting hours for HD quality CMs to be uploaded. These are good enough quality to see what’s going on in the PV.

CM 1:

CM 2:

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Wheels PV preview”

  1. Aww…it's not that bad, plus if at the end of the second clip you can see this weird like black effect blossoming on the screen so maybe there's more to the pv than what we're seeing in the preview. You never know 🙂 !!! Anyways, I personally, think that the pv is pretty cool so far, but I think there were tons of better ways this pv could have been done, but I will reserve further judgement for when the full pv comes out 🙂

  2. It is though. So, far it looks pretty boring. :/ Sadly PV previews usually show a majority of the PV. I doubt there is much more going on in it. But I suppose I also should wait for the full PV before I judge it completely.

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