KAT-TUN-Ultimate Wheels preview

The radio rip for KAT-TUN’s upcoming single, Ultimate Wheels, has just been released.

And after hearing the full song I completely take back what I said. I said I was extremely under whelmed by the song and it sounds like a B-side. Hearing the full song doesn’t makes a huge difference. Or I should say listening to it more than once makes a difference. After listening to the song on loop for a while now, I am starting to really love the chorus.
The beginning of this song has a lot of violins which reminds me of Untouched by The Veronicas. But the only difference is The Veronicas went all out on their song, but KAT-TUN didn’t. The song would be so much better if they had the violins louder and more aggressive sounding. I really wish they did. :/
I am still not absolutely in love with the song yet. But I do like it. Which means a couple months from now I’ll probably absolutely love the song. But what can I say? I mean it was Fall Out Boy that said, “But the songs you grow to like never stick at first.” So i’m writing you a chorus and here is your verse. XD And that’s 100% true. I really like the song because the singing is really agressive. It nice to see them release another heavy sounding song.

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  1. I know! Koki's raps are my favorite part of KAT-TUN songs! 🙁
    It does really. I'm excited for the PV. :]

  2. and ueda gets his solo lines!
    and i can hear Koki's singing voice again. is that him with vibrato in the 2nd verse?
    i love the violins. the song from the CM pretty much lowered down the instruments so i thought it wasn't heavy sounding. But after hearing the radio rip, the song really rocks, literally.

  3. I guess it's cool that Ueda has solo lines. But I'm really sad that only Ueda and Kame have solo lines.
    I'm pretty sure that, that's Koki. It either sounds like Koki and Ueda or Koki and Taguchi. It is kinda hard to tell because of how blended their voices are.
    I love the violins too! The music for this is completely incredible!
    And I never even noticed but they really did lower the instrumental during the commercial.
    That's exactly how I felt after hearing the radio rip. I wasn't really impressed with the commercial. But now I'm in love with the song!<3 It does rock. :]

  4. the song's too rock for the CM i think. but i read that the music for both CUW and UW by the same composers- Anderz Wrethov and Andreas Johansson. So i kinda get why both songs have this similar feeling.

  5. Probably. But then why use it for the commercial at all then? Lol. XD
    Really? I had no idea it was composed by the same people. They should always hire them for their singles. Lol.

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