C-ute-Kiss Me Aishiteru preview

The radio rip for C-ute’s 15th single, Kiss Me Aishiteru, has just been released. About a week ago a low quality concert rip was available to listen to. But I have been resisting the urge to listen to it until a high quality version was available. Just like what I’m doing with Kikkawa Yuu’s other songs.

The music to this song is really intense sounding, it is literally almost hypnotic. It also sounds like when DJs make a techno remix of popular video game music. Which gives it this awesome danceable sound. I’m glad after releasing SHOCK and Dance de Bakoon they keep releasing dance music and aren’t just jumping from different style to different style.

I absolutely love the way they say ne a million times. It reminds me of Berryz Koubou’s Special Generation, except done a lot more. But I honestly think this effect would be better used on a group with more than 5 members. Because it’s a little boring to hear 15 nes split between 5 people. I also love how sultry the song sounds at the chorus. The kiss me and catch me etc parts remind me of Goto Maki’s Some Boys Touch. The song even has echo parts like Some Boys Touch. Granted Some Boys Touch is like a hundred times sexier sounding.
The song is also very Okai Chisato heavy. The song is basically Maimi, Airi, and Chisa lead. They seem to really be pushing Chisa lately. I guess after the success of her dance covers they realized she really does have popularity. Even though it is really cool to see someone else get pushed up front for a change Mai and Saki are getting shafted a bit. Maimi, Airi, and Chisato are singing practically double lines as them. But I guess this is Chisa’s answer to the Mai centered Bye Bye Bye. So, does this mean eventually we’ll get a Saki centered song? I completely hope not. XD