Arashi-Lotus PV preview

A PV preview of Arashi’s new single, Lotus, was just released. The single being released on February 23rd, is being used as the theme for Aiba Masaki’s new drama Bartender. I’m also pretty sure this is the first preview of the song as well because I can’t find a radio rip anywhere.

After releasing an insane amount of singles in 2010 Arashi jumps early on into the new year to release their first single of the year. It almost seems like they are going to keep up the same release pace as last year because this single is being released a month before their first single of 2010 was!

There isn’t really much going on in the PV. Pretty much all we see Arashi doing is dancing in white outfits. And MatsuJun still sporting the hair I used to despise, but is slowly growing on me. It kinda seems like this whole PV will be a giant dance shot. Which is absolutely boring. But Arashi has been releasing boring PVs lately, no doubt because they’ve been stretching their yearly budget thin with all these releases recently.

The absolutely beginning of the song reminds me of Truth mixed with Monster for some reason. Which doesn’t even make sense because both songs have extremely heavy music, and this song doesn’t really. XD The song is pretty much an Arashi standard. It’s extremely pleasant to listen too, but not overly amazing. The chorus does sound really great, but it’s the only part that really stand out. Kind of like how Hatenai Sora was. If though we only hear a tiny bit of the lyrics, I already think they are really awesome. And actually kinda have similar lyrics to Truth. Weird, huh?

2 thoughts on “Arashi-Lotus PV preview”

  1. Yeah, Arashi's PVs are so boring. But, I think Lotus is better than Love Rainbow and Hatenai Sora.

  2. They are. :/ Every once in a while they'll have a gem, but it's not too often. XD
    Lotus completely was. At least it had a little bit going on.

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