Yamapi bares his naked soul

The PV for Yamapi’s 4th solo single, Hadakanbo, was just released.

And I gotta say for a song called naked figure I was expecting a slightly hotter PV. Instead the PV follows the style of the song, which I guess makes it a better PV. I do really like the old 1930s jazz club/cabaret setting it has. It makes the PV actually really classy. Which is something new for Yamapi. He seems to be really showing variety lately. But the PV also has a clubbing storyline to keep it youthful. But I absolutley hate that the whole magic sunglasses part is a rip off of Mike Posner’s Cooler Than Me music video. How unoriginal. :/

Horrible outfit choice.

  Why do the lights say KDVEN?

  I was actually kinda mesmerized by this. Mostly because of how bright the lights are and they way his outfit glitters. XD

  How in the world does he manage to look so charming in such a ridiculous outfit?

  Fist pumping? He was around Jin too long. XD

  Yamapi must think he’s cooler than me.

  Well, actually cooler than Mike Posner because he uses almost the same effect.

  I actually think Yamapi looks gross in sunglasses.


  This fast picture changing part made my head hurt a little.

  Look at that, it says naked not KDVEN. Lol.

  Lol at the geisha dancers.

  Hot. The black glove makes me think of Byou from ScReW.

Yamapi looks so hot in that outfit.

Wow. So sexy.

Magic sunglasses really? So now it’s just a full on Mike Posner rip off.

Yamapi’s magic naked sunglasses.

VS Mike Posner’s underwear sunglasses.

I love this part. But it reminds me of NEWS’s Live Diamond concert.

Awesome! But I wish it wasn’t in the shadows. XD

I hate how everyone looks Lady Gaga like. :/

Cool effect!

4 thoughts on “Yamapi bares his naked soul”

  1. Ah Johnny sure does love his sparkles~* LOL! Hehe all the pink sparkles and pink flashing lights reminds me a bit of Sharpay in HSM. I think the weird clubbing shots were filmed in a really cool way so it added a nice effect and of course Yamapi being his gourgeous self helped alot too <3 Hehe I actually still like Loveless the most out of his Single releases, but the pv for this was actually pretty good! Heh and your screen cap commentary was really funny too (and totally true)!!! But I don't get the whole Naked theme is that what the lyrics refer to???

  2. Lol. They sure do. It just wouldn't feel like Johnny's if someone wasn't wearing feathers, sequins, or glitter at some point. XD
    I don't really like HSM. Lol.
    Yeah the clubbing scenes were cool. But like I said they reminded me too much of another music video. :/
    Wow really? I love Loveless, but this is probably my favorite single release. Daite Senorita being a close second. XD
    The PV was really amazing. I was actually suprised by how good it was.
    Glad you liked the commentary. :]
    Hadakanbo translates to naked person. But the lyrics are basically saying reveal your naked figure to show your true self.

    Someone on LJ translated the song. Here's the link:



  3. Loveless also is my fave single from him. But this song is good too and the PV is nice. Why Yamapi/ JE so conservative? For a person like Yamapi, he doesn't show his hot body too much. LOL!

  4. Everyone seems to love Loveless. The song is good, but it's just too slow to be my favorite. XD
    I know right! We only get to see it in occasional magazine shoots and live performances. I was completely expecting to see him shirtless in a PV for a song called naked figure! :/

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