Meet the new 9th generation!

The new that just about every Hello!Project fan, and non fan alike, have been waiting for has been announced. At the start of that H!P 2011 Winter concert, Morning Musume’s 9th gen was announced. The new 9th generation members are H!P 9th gen auditioners Sayashi Riho, Suzuki Kanon, Ikuta Erina, and Hello!Project Egg member Fukumura Mizuki.

I am 100% thrilled with the results. The 9th gen is the 4 members in total like I was hoping for, and my top 3 9th gen finalists made it. And one of the Egg members I predicted could have joined here made it in. Even though I would have preferred my beloved Saho Akari I am extremely happy with Mizuki. Thank god Tsunku didn’t make yet another mistake. He grabbed Riho up before anyone else could!

So right now here’s how the 9th generation stands.

You have the exceptional dancing, singing, and beauty of Sayashi Riho and Fukumura Mizuki. Then you have the quirkyness, less than perfect singing, high energy, endearing members Suzuki Kanon and Ikuta Erina. Which I’m really ok with. All Morning Musume needed was about 1 or 2 more girls to be able to handle solo lines/take over solos. Mostly because the current 5 members are all pretty capable of solo lines.

I do feel really bad for Otsuka Aina because she was a good singer and dancer, I hope she gets added to the Eggs or something. As for Mogi Minami I’m not really upset about her. She was nowhere near ready to debut.
I am totally looking forward to the first single featuring the new members. I’m also looking forward to seeing them on TV, to see their personalities and how they interact with the other Morning Musume members. (I’m writing this sentence as I’m singing the verse about Eri from Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari. XD)

4 thoughts on “Meet the new 9th generation!”

  1. Riho! <3
    I'm looking forward to seeing the newest Morning Musume song with the newest members.

    If only Saho Akari got in…then I could die happy…sometimes, I wish I had Tsunku's job

    And yes, Mogi is not ready at all. Maybe in a few years?

    Riho! <3

  2. I know. Riho is amazing!<3
    Me too but I'm betting the new members will only get one solo line. And Riho and Mizuki might get 2. The 7th and 8th gens got one solo line on their debut. But gens 4 and 5 didn't even get one. So, who knows really. XD

    YES! I wanted Akari to be added so bad. I just want her to do something. :/ Me too. If I had Tsunku's job Momusu would be way more popular. lol.

    Yeah, maybe a few years for Mogi. But she needs to really work on her singing and confidence.


  3. Riho! <3 <3 <3
    Thats true, but I'm really looking forward to seeing the Making Of for the next single. See how the new generation is like!

    Hmms, maybe Akari is planning solo too? I will be happy with that too =D

    I can't really imagine Mogi as an idol at all…

    Riho! <3
    How interesting, she hasn't even begun her Momusu career yet, and I already feel like she's gonna be my favorite MM member of all time XD

  4. Yeah me too. We barely got to see what the girls were like during the auditions.

    I wish Akrai was planning solo. I think she's popular enough for it. But it's not up to her. She has to wait until H!P thinks she could do it. Look, it took Kikka 5 years! :/

    I can't right now. But a few years can change a lot. Remember the girl is only 11.

    I think it's too early to judge if Riho is going to be my favorite member. She comes off a little as thinking she's so great. Which makes me think she might have a similar personality to Reina. Which would make me dislike her. XD

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