Best Album Songs of 2010

Continuing in my 2010 countdown extravaganza, (every time I use the word extravaganza I can’t help but think of RuPaul) this post is dedicated to the best album songs of 2010. 2010 was an extremely great year for idol albums. Nearly every main group in idol agencies released albums. Not to mention the subgroups that released albums. There was tons of songs to pick through. Which made picking my main ten songs super difficult. And since there are so many songs, you know I had to add some honorable mentions as well. ;] Also, I tried to make every song a group song, solos just wouldn’t have seemed right.

10. Shigatsu Sengen – C-ute

I remember when I first saw the PV for this song. I was so under whelmed by it I decided to skip the whole Shocking 5 album all together. And for a while I did. But after another listen, and actually giving the song a chance, I actually do like this song. I love that the music is soft and light, but still pleasant to listen to. I love that the lyrics are very nostalgic. About not forgetting precious memories, and living the present to the fullest. I also love that every member gets a chance to shine in this song.

9. Neko Damashi – Watarirouka Hashiritai

I absolutely love this song because it’s so adorable. Especially all of the talking in the background. I also really love how the music sounds like drama music.

However, everyone seems to hate Watarirouka Hashiritai and there are no English translations of the song. So honestly a song called cat soul could be about anything. XD

8. Okii Hitomi – Morning Musume

When I first heard this song I immediately hated it just because Sayumi was in it. I mean come on, her voice is so bad that ALL of her lines are auto tuned. But after I watched the powerful performance of this song at Morning Musume’s spring concert, I feel in love with it. And ironically, Sayumi’s lines are my favorite. I think they are really perfect for the song and add a nice touch. I absolutely love the heavy dance background music. And I absolutely love the flawless way the 6th gens voices blend together. I love that the whole song is about innocently falling in love for the first time. I mean staring with big eyes means that you’re innocent and are unsure what to do.

7. Faraway – KAT-TUN

Usually I really dislike songs that are this slow. But after reading the translation I couldn’t help but love it. The songs are so beautiful and touching I could cry. I literally almost cried reading the lyrics. They still choke me up now! It’s all about lost love. Regretting letting someone go, then realizing you can’t undo what’s been done, and having to live with the pain and holding onto the sweet memories. The song is really incredible. And from just listening to it, you’d never be able to tell the lyrics are so sad and touching. The song is also sung so light and beautiful.

6. Kataomoi – Buono

Because my love life is always bittersweet I always love a good song about unrequited love, one sided love, or love from a far. Songs about that are usually my favorite idol songs. Maybe I should like more varieties? XD So of course I love Buono’s song about unrequited love. This song is also really sad. But I can’t help loving it because I relate to it. The lyrics are also about loving someone but not telling your friends about it. Which I’ve done when I liked my friend’s boyfriend. XD But the lyrics aside, I love this song because it is so catchy. The upbeat chorus gets stuck in my head for days.

5. Shinku – Hey! Say! JUMP

This has been my favorite JUMP No. 1 song for months now. I first fell in love with this song because the music is incredibly amazing. It’s strong and danceable, and insanely catchy. I also love the chorus. It’s hands down the absolute best part of the song. Of course I love the lyrics too. It’s another song about love slipping away. Except this song is about love so strong that even though you’re gone I can still feel you and your warmth. Which as I girl I think is incredibly sweet and appealing.

4. Everything – Arashi

Arashi makes some of the catchiest music ever! I mean, try listening to the chorus and not instantly loving it! The song itself is incredibly amazing to listen to. You have Arashi’s voices that blend insanely well, and you have upbeat piano infused music. The only real fault about this song is MatsuJun’s semi long solo with his terrible voice. XD The lyrics are pretty much on par with everything Arashi releases. It’s pretty much about missing someone and being alone, but trying to live on strongly.

3. Grand Demo Rouka Demo Medatsu Kimi – Berryz Koubou

I was completely not expecting to like this song when I first heard it. Since I like cutesy idol voices, and this song is sung by the 2 deepest voices in Berryz. But I absolutely love this song! I love the almost anime sounding music. And I love the how Yurina’s and Maasa’s harmony lines sound. That’s easily the best part of the whole song. Especially Yurina’s she sounds so adorable. And of course I love the lyrics because they are all about longing for someone. And I think it’s cute because it’s also about not wanting your crush to stand out so the only one who notices them is you.

2. Futari/130000000 no Kiseki – NEWS

This is another one of those songs that I love because it’s so touching. I guess I’m a sap when it comes to music. Or maybe it’s just that I like the idea of pretty boys singing about heartbreak, while being all sad and sensitive. The lyrics are so sweet because they are about losing someone you love but not being able to get over it. And now all your left with is sadness and the feeling of I still want you. And wondering what went wrong. You have to be made out of stone for this song not to touch your heart.

1. Namidacchi – Morning Musume

Of course the best album song of 2010 had to go to Morning Musume. It’s really sad that all of their best songs are wasted on album tracks. I mean, this album is so good I wanted to put 4 tracks in the top ten! What’s so great about this song is it’s the best of both worlds. It’s starts out really pretty and slow, and then picks up to be insanely upbeat and happy. It even has an incredible rap part. This song has everything. But what makes this song number 1 for me are the lyrics. The song is so inspiring that it’s beautiful. That no matter how strong you act it’s ok to cry, in sad or happy times. You should always give yourself over to your emotions.

Honorable mentions:

1. Aa Koi – C-ute
2. Wonderland – NEWS
3. Summer Splash – Arashi
4. Moonlight night ~Tsukiyo no Ban da yo~ – Morning Musume
5. Yakimochi wo Kudasai! – Berryz Koubou
6. Ai Scream – Hey! Say! JUMP
8. Right Now – KAT-TUN
9. Kossetsu Romance – Watarirouka Hashiritai
10. Independent Girl ~ Dokuritsu Joshi de Aru Tame ni – Buono

2 thoughts on “Best Album Songs of 2010”

  1. Ahh SHINKU and NAMIDACHII, from the MoMosu Album is the best Song…. how good this ALBUM was and then Fantasy Juuichi… and SHINKU, I like this song so much…. now is it in my head again, the song!!!

  2. Namidacchi really is the best from 10 My Me. But a lot of other songs from that album were great too. Famtasy Juuichi was ok, but I liked 10 My Me better.

    I love Shinku too! It always gets stuck in my head as well. :]

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